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Garden lighting solar powered: unnecessary luxury or necessity?

Garden lighting solar powered: unnecessary luxury or necessity?

Did you have to touch to get at their garden plot in twilight? If so, you will surely agree that this is not very convenient. Lighting should be on any area, in addition to its direct functions, it also is a great decoration. The skillful illumination of the garden, which in the twilight is losing its paint, could live a new life and its beauty would be no less fine than it was during the day, but more mysterious. Arrange the lighting in the garden in two ways – to use electricity or street lighting solar. Let us consider the characteristics of each type of lighting.

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What is the lighting?

Traditional electric lighting is domestic in nature, lanterns and lamps are installed in places where they are needed – in the garage, on the porch, near the gate. Utilitarian lighting provides safe movement through the area at night. Practical lamp should have a metal body and a solid ceiling, in home lighting uses incandescent bulbs.


Externally, electric lights and solar lights are no different, but the principle of operation at them absolutely different. In order to create a beautiful fence solar lights, you do not need to think about how best to do the wiring

Decorative lighting created for the transformation of the garden in the twilight and at night. Spectacular lighting – the result of skillful actions of the designer or owners of the site. It is able to provide as a separate zone and a specific element in the garden beautiful flower bed, walkway, water area, fountain, tree.

Decorative lighting

With the help of decorative lighting successfully highlighted the fragile beauty of flowers, glowing orbs form with the colors together and create a fantastic evening song

As a decorative use different lamps and lights scattering light, built-in lamps that can be used on the track, flowerbed, gazebo.

The lamp in the form of an owl

Decorative lamp can be used not only for highlighting specific areas, but also to carry an independent load, making even the most inconspicuous corner of the garden

The lighting system of the garden can be automated by installing sensors. In this case, the lamps will light up when a person approaches.

A lot of gardeners have difficulties with organization lighting – you need to follow special rules to have experience with electricity, otherwise you may endanger yourself and loved ones. Such work must engage a specialist. Especially if you want to make an interesting decorative lighting, because lighting of home owners tend to manage themselves. Moreover, in a well maintained and beautiful garden you do not want to dig the ground for laying of wiring, unless you want to damage a flowerbed, the roots of the plants hold the wires under objects.

Solar panels as a worthy alternative

If you are not familiar with electricity and not have the funds to hire for the device of garden lighting professional, you can use the solar-powered lighting. More recently, this method of illumination seemed impossible, but nowadays, the stuff of science fiction often become reality.

Tile solar

Exists and garden tiles solar powered, it is enough to place in the desired location and it will delight you after dark, do highlight built-in lights is much more complicated

Common «solar lantern» for many gardeners today is a good decision, besides, by installing these lamps, it will be possible to reduce electricity expenses because they work from the energy of the sun offline.

Backlight composition of stones

Solar lights can be used to create original compositions. For example, this improvised Stonehenge, full of unsolved mysteries

These devices works on a simple principle – at the base of the lamp is a battery that charges by day from solar panels located at the top. Night, a lamp illuminates the area due to the energy which has been accumulated during the day. With the onset of a new day, the system again changes the mode of operation begins to store energy.

No special difficulties in the use of these devices not, just that the battery is not polluted and was constantly under the influence of the sun in the daytime.

Kind of lamps

Varieties of solar lights, there are many, you can choose a lamp in the shape of a flower, or colour blends well with the lawn. To longer illuminated, it is advisable to place them in the sun

The time required for charging of such a lamp depends on the weather. The brighter the sun, the faster it will charge the battery. Some models can store a large charge and work within the ten hours. Lamp on the solar batteries can take many years to operate without interruption, while it is not required to change anything. There are lamps with a solar panel that is embedded inside the device and with a remote solar panel.

Examples of use of solar lanterns

Examples of the use of solar lights depending on the specifics of design, you can find them on the style of the garden to highlight paths or separate tracks

For the installation of lighting devices, solar-powered, do not need to have special knowledge, is a great resource for garden lighting is absolutely safe.

Led bulb

Decorative lamps led solar cell can be installed in any places of the garden, to move to different areas

Led lighting solar is interesting because energy is consumed only for lighting, the lamp itself remains cold, not heated. Bulb when the work generates heat, wasting a considerable part of the energy.

Led lighting will soon cease to be a rarity in our gardens due to its convenience, diversity of devices and independence from mains power. Your electricity costs for the garden with solar led lights will be zero.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the decorative properties of solar-powered lights. There are large devices in the form of lights to illuminate paths, garden areas, and a miniature decorative lamps in the form of various figurines – fairy-tale characters, insects, animals, geometrical figures. There are also beautiful garlands to decorate the trees and bushes, floating lanterns in colors that will make a magical night surface of the reservoir.

lamp elf

Miniature lamps on solar batteries are often made in the form of figurines of fairy tale characters. For children it is a miracle to see a glowing pixie, butterflies, birds


The original festoon butterfly, illuminated by solar panels, will make fabulous any small tree or Bush in the garden

The solar lights

Large solar lights — a real decoration of the garden for them does not require special care, and to please the owners, they are capable of for many years

Outdoor solar-powered lighting will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the garden. The garden will be transformed even by the use of 2-3 solar lights, and if you use both large and miniature lamps, their soft, steady light will give the opportunity to experience silence, peace and harmony, poured into the nature, and city life will seem unreal and distant this corner of Paradise.

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