How to make grounding in a private house

Private house — is an opportunity every week to relax with friends or family in the countryside. Even the machine have optional. Trains, taxis and buses ply from cities to nearby towns and villages constantly.

How to make grounding in a private house

But to have a small house somewhere out of town — that’s not all. You need to take care about security of every person there. To avoid the possibility of electric shock, should make grounding.

How to make grounding in a private house

Grounding ensures the safe operation of appliances. Moreover, if you have an electric stove or washing machine, without it just can not do. In the latter case, the failure of the appliance can lead to very unfortunate consequences.

It is important! If you live in a private house without grounding it create a dangerous situation inside the building for their friends and relatives.

To make the grounding in a private house with your own hands is not so very difficult. Most importantly, follow the rules and use high quality components and materials. Many people try to save money and make zeroing in on the grounds of such action by the fact that the network 220 To ground is optional.

However, it is not so. Indeed, to do a ground network 220 is not a mandatory security standard in a private home. But such a step allows a significant way to protect every occupant from the shock.

It is important! When the power is supplied from the network 380 In, the ground will have to do. This will allow every person residing in a private home, to feel safe.

Why you need a ground loop ↑

How to make grounding in a private house

Let’s start with a school course of biology. People of the 70% consists of water. That is why the shock is able to cause us significant harm. Get a huge damage to internal organs. Body starts to writhe in spasms. Therefore, it is important to quickly remove the victim from the power source. In the worst case scenario after the electric shock stops heart.

Certainly, no one will go to the bare wire, to experience new sensations. But in case of failure of the housings of some devices become full-fledged electrical conductors. One touch long enough to grab discharge. That doesn’t happen enough to make the ground. In this case, every person living in a private home will be protected.

Consider the real-world situation. From long life heating element inside the boiler collapsed. As a result, the electricity was transmitted through a spiral of nichrome in water. Now every touch of the body of the boiler is deadly.

To eliminate the risk of electrical shock, all the parts of the device that can pass current are grounded. In this case, the voltage appearing at the damage, will leave it in the ground, not carrying any threat.

To better understand how to make grounding in a private house. Consider an example of such protection against electric shock in industrial facilities. The ground conductor is connected to the housing of each of the machine and the flaps control. Such a measure enables to insure each worker from possible electrocution.

How to make grounding in a private house

To make a ground connection for household appliances in a private home will need to connect a protective conductor. It connects to the wall socket into which you insert the plug a certain device.

At break of the zero conductor disappears not only electricity, cut off the protection circuit. If this happens, the ground will be zero conductor. The performance of each device will remain as protection.

Attention! The main role of grounding in a private house — security when you touch the housings of household appliances.

Make the ground connection in the country ^ the

What should be high-quality grounding ↑

How to make grounding in a private house

Before making a quality and reliable grounding in a private house, you must know the basic technical requirements for structures of this type. To begin, consider the value of the concept. In fact this electrical circuit, ensure safe output of electricity by breakdowns of household equipment.

How to make grounding in a private house

Structurally, the grounding can be divided into three components:

  1. Earthing. This part is a set of conductors. Each of them is in constant contact with the ground.
  2. Grounding conductor. This design element connects the device, which must be earthed with the earthing.
  3. Grounding device or grounding — earthing + grounding conductors.

If you look in detail, the grounding in a private house is a set of metal wires that go in the ground. Any high-quality grounding should have a corresponding indicator of the spreading resistance. This parameter indicates how easily current goes into the earth.

It is important! The resistance is something like a valve. It stops the flow of current. The smaller it is, the better grounding in a private house.

On the strength of the resistance in the grounding of a private home is influenced by many parameters. So before making the system safe from electrical shock in your home, they need to know.

How to make grounding in a private house

The first thing you need to pay attention — to what depth lies earthing. Also the resistance is affected by soil moisture and number of conductors. It is best to make a loop around the perimeter of the house. If this is not possible — stop your choice on the North side. It was there that the soil moisture maximum.

Specific requirements are to the earth. That they were made from high-quality steel. The conductor thickness should not be less than four millimeters. The minimum pipe diameter 32 mm; vertical bars 16 mm, horizontal 10.

Installation ↑

How to make grounding in a private house

To make the system of protection against electric shock with damage to household appliances, you should select the place where you will login guides. Here you will need to score the vertical rods.

It is important! Before mounting the device with their hands in a private home, make sure that the place where you will lay the ground loop, there is no communication.

Ideally, you need to pre-coordinate works with the relevant services, such as heat and gas supplying organizations. Note that restoring damaged thermal or gas network costs are extremely expensive.

The easiest way to make a linear contour, and position it parallel to the deck. Some builders go to various tricks, making the ground in the form of a triangle or polyhedron. Ideally you should encircle the building perimeter. However, this would require a lot of materials and time.

The Council! The main plus linear editing is that if necessary the design can always increase.

To start the installation of the security system in a private house with the cutting angle or rod. Its length should be two meters. The end should be pointed. For drilling holes you can use a hand drill. If such accessory in the household, use a normal shovel.

How to make grounding in a private house

After a pit near a private home dug out, you need to get a grounding. If the first rod went into the ground easily. Second, you can make two feet long. It is important not to overdo it. Three meters is the maximum length.

Five grounding enough to make reliable protection for private homes. The trim rod is not below ground level. Roughly, it is somewhere 20-30 cm Between earthing by digging the ditch that will connect them.

The elements of grounding in a private house can be joined by welding. If there is no welding machine, you can do the same thing, but using conventional bolts. Welding is preferable, as it provides a high level of reliability. Also increases the life of the whole structure.

It is important! The bolt needs to be tighten.

How to make grounding in a private house

Take measurements ↑

After you make the ground loop installation in a private house with your own hands you will need to carry out the corresponding measurements. The first thing you should test is the resistance. Standard indicators are the following:

  • The network 220 is the resistance in the range of 30 Ohms.
  • The network 380 To a resistance of 5-10 Ohms.
  • Rare breed of the soil, for example, rocky — 100 Ohm.

How to make grounding in a private house

The highest quality ground loop should be from a network 380 V. in addition, for three phase wiring grounding connection in private house. Fortunately, you can do it yourself.

Build earthing ↑

How to make grounding in a private house

After testing is completed and the indicators conform to the norm, should the ground wire be laid from the circuit to the panel. Conductor diameter may not be less than 8 mm.

Steel conduit is put inside through the wall of the house. Place can choose yourself, as long as you feel comfortable to work with. Then grounding in a private house will be done efficiently and reliably.

At the end of the steel conduit that is part of the slowdown, it is necessary to form a bolted connection. Possible to thread or weld the bolt. Tip you must press in the copper wire. The diameter of the last 4 mm. It is best to hide in the skirting Board.

Attention! To break ground conductors of switching devices is prohibited.

The results ↑

As you can see, to make a ground loop with your own hands is not so very difficult. Moreover, to cope with this work without using any special equipment. The effect from such a protection system is more than useful and can protect tenants from household injuries.

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