How to make the input of electricity in private house with his own hands

Connecting private buildings to the electricity network requires the observance of some rules of safety, and utilities need to coordinate with regulatory authorities. Special precautions need to implement the input of electricity in a wooden house: to avoid unfortunate situations, the transaction is isolated. Common materials and methods for this will not work, because the wires must not come into contact with wooden structures. Also difficulties may arise at the stage when you need to stretch the wire to enter the electricity in the house and connect it to the switchboard.

How to make the input of electricity in private house with his own hands

Preparation works for creation of wiring ↑

Administrative regulation ↑

Before starting work, you need to deal with administrative and legal issues. Required to prepare the project of arrangement transaction and reconcile it to the local distribution or management company. The project is provided together with pre-project development.

It is important! For a wrong input of electricity to the house there is a fine imposed on the owner of the property. In addition, the wiring will have to be repaired at your expense.

The project called supply technical documentation where, in addition to the wiring diagram contains information about the plans for routing cables, placing of lighting and equipment, the characteristics of the materials used. In technical terms there is a requirement to comply with the rules of the input electricity in a wooden house, as well as to coordinate the project in all listed in the document instances.

Cable selection ↑

To prepare the project in advance to determine the opening cross section of the wire, which depends on the load. First, we need to calculate the total capacity of all installed in home electrical appliances subject to the special loads occurring when starting the motors. The obtained number is multiplied by the coefficient, to input of electricity in private house consistent with the needs of the household.

To determine current, you need to divide the total capacity of the devices на220 – voltage network. Knowing the current, it is easy to choose a wire with a suitable cross-section, to use reference materials about long-term allowable current of the cable.

Enter the electric wire in the construction ↑

Ways to connect property to the network ↑

Before the input electricity in a wooden house is necessary to decide how the wiring. There are three options:

  • connecting with a wire through the air;

  • connecting with the cable through the air;

  • connection via underground cable.

The first two methods are technically from each other do not differ, except that the cable has better shielding. In order to realize the input of electricity into the house from the post, it is better to buy self-supporting insulated wire. When laying underground cables is Wbsv having a higher degree of protection from mechanical damage.

Connecting homes to the network using overhead lines is the easiest way from the point of view of technical implementation. However, overhanging cables spoil the aesthetic appearance of the surrounding area, and if loose – can not withstand the vagaries of the weather. Underground wiring is better protected from breakage, and has excellent fire resistance, but costs more due to make the cable you need in an armored shell.

Installation of overhead wires ↑

Typically, the input of electricity in the house-insulated wires involves the use of a cable cross section of 16 square millimeters, because less is not allowed, and wiring with a large value of the cross section developed for industrial facilities and households are not useful. The number of strands in the wire depends on how much is provided of phases: two wires for single phase and four for three-phase.

How to make the input of electricity in private house with his own hands

The arrangement of the branches from the trunk line is performed with piercing clips. The number of clips is determined by the number of strands of wire. On the outer wall of the mounting of the input electricity to the house is by using anchor clamp with bracket. The cable is not in contact with the wood, it lay in gofrotruba or plastic box.

It is important! In accordance with the technical standards of the span length of the attachment wires must not exceed 25 meters. If the distance between the building and overhead power lines greater than this value, then set an additional support.

Laying of underground cable ↑

If you’re planning to enter the electricity in the house under the ground, to take care of the cabling you need at the stage of construction, namely to identify the Foundation of the place of its penetration inside the building. If desired, the transaction can be displayed on a wall or on a pole, from which it will be attached to the wall using anchor clamp.

How to make the input of electricity in private house with his own hands

It is important! Cable hanging between the pole and the house, we need to tighten the cable. Unlike the CIP, he will not be able to withstand your weight. The cable is attached to the eyebolt. In addition, the part of the wiring that comes out of the ground, must be protected from mechanical damages with a metal pipe.

The depth of the cable under the ground is 0.7 meters. Throughout the length of the posting needs to have no appreciable slack. In place of passing through the wall, the deflection of the cable should be below the through hole to the inside of the building has not penetrated moisture. The question of how to make the input electricity to the house to the cable coming out of the ground and attached to the wall, is easily solved: switching transaction is performed on the circuit breaker in the panel or opening machine.

Wiring leads inside the building ↑

The wooden structures are always mounted wiring open. This is done to ensure fire safety. It is necessary to isolate and protect the wires from rodents, accidental mechanical damage, contact with moisture and wood dust. The best way is to use a wiring of a metal pipe. It is advisable to enter the electricity in the house was immediately provided for the wiring inside the pipes and not plastic boxes.

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