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Does not close the balcony door: causes, ways of elimination

It often happens that the popular plastic balcony Windows damaged and not closed. As a rule, brings it the door itself, which because of its gravity leads to a failure mechanism. It happens, it ceases to function well and the wooden balcony door. In both cases, do not despair. The fault can be eliminated and achieve a tighter fit of the door leaf to the frame to prevent the penetration of cold and dust in the room.

Causes of failure of wooden doors can be:

  • Broken or old hinges.
  • Swelling of the tree;
  • Misalignment of the door leaf or frame.

Does not close the balcony door: causes, ways of elimination

Important: wooden door to be repaired only if the wood itself is still serviceable. If the tree has undergone a temporary change and became truhlar, in this case it is better to replace the frame, and the canvas.

Ways to repair wooden patio doors ↑

  1. If out of order the mechanism of the hinges, you first need to remove the door and inspect the attachment. If the hinges are just loose or did the screws, in this case, it is sufficient to replace the fasteners on new or harder to spin the old.
  2. In case the hinges balcony doors fully SAG and no way to secure them to the old place, then you just need to shift the retention mechanism above or below.

To do this you have to remove loops and to prepare them for new places on the frame, Stripping them with a chisel. Mandatory loop are twisted and the door in accordance with the location of parts on the frame. Here you come to the aid of a tape measure for accurate measurements works.

Does not close the balcony door: causes, ways of elimination

In the case of swelling of the wooden doors, wait until it is completely dry and try then to drive it tightly into the door frame. If the door is tight, then just let it get wet and watch out for the correct closing.

If, however, skewed the frame itself, in this case, it is necessary to make a complete repair of the door or jamb. You need to remove it (the frame) and bring it to a usable condition by all the rules of the joinery.

It is important: repair of wooden balcony door is best done in dry Sunny weather, to avoid the new strain of tree.

The types of faulty plastic balcony door ↑

In the case of breakage or gapping plastic balcony doors reasons may be several:

  • Sagging balcony doors;
  • The extension leaf;
  • The failure of the locking mechanism.

So, if your plastic balcony door tight against door frame or does not close, try to identify one of the causes of the problem. After correct diagnose you easily cope with self-repair.

Does not close the balcony door: causes, ways of elimination

Important: if you find it difficult to determine the type of fault the door leaf, it is better to invite the master.

Methods of repair of plastic balcony door ↑

For renovations you will need:

  • Flat screwdriver with a wide tip;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • Pliers;
  • Set the adjusting keys;

If you notice that the plastic touches the door threshold when closing, then it subsided and it needs to be lifted. This throws open the door and fix in the half-open position.

On the sash, near the top hinge there screw which rotate clockwise until the canvas snaps to the correct position. Once the door is pulled, it is necessary to raise it. For this you need to tighten up the screw on the bottom of the loop. To do all this by key 4 mm.

Does not close the balcony door: causes, ways of elimination
The adjustment loops

If the door touches the frame width ↑

In this case, the door leaf need to draw closer to the hinges. To do this, in the bottom of the loop finds the side screw and use the key to tighten up his until the door snaps to the correct position. The same is done with the upper loop. Check on closing. Everything should be in its place.

If the door frame is a gap, it is necessary to adjust the locking system. To do this, rotate the axle using pliers to debug the mechanism.

It is important during self-repair, don’t overdo the tightening of the fittings, so as not to strip the threads in the mechanism.

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