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How to insulate a balcony alone

We traditionally term «balcony» designated two types of areas. The first of these is the balcony, which is an enclosed platform projecting from the wall, and we want to insulate. The second type is a built – in room that with 2-3 sides by walls and open on the outside, but to insulate the balcony all too necessary. It so happened that «loggia» stuck much worse «balcony», therefore, for convenience, in this article we all these two types of premises will be called «balcony». So, to answer the question of how to insulate the balcony with his hands.

How to insulate a balcony alone

Insulation of balconies is best done in the warm season. While it is best to start with the glass because it’s going to take a lot of time, and allow building materials «freezing» not.

Glazing for thermal insulation of the balcony ↑

To begin it is recommended that glazing with a choice of what you install Windows. The need for any additional work should not arise, if for balcony parapet used concrete construction. In that case, when it is based on metal rods, you will need a parapet – masonry of concrete blocks or ceramic bricks, the width of which does not exceed 10 see Also masonry work is needed then when the construction of the wall with adjacent balcony was used asbestos cement sheet.

Attention! After the correct glazing can be considered that the insulation of the balcony to 75%, remaining 25% the next step.

How to insulate a balcony alone

As for the Windows, it is recommended to choose PVC profiles with flaps and double-glass. On top of the frame and along its sides you can install the expansion profiles, the size of which will depend on what thickness is used, the insulation and interior finish of the balcony.

To get rid of the various gaps that remain between the walls, floor and parapet of the balcony to warm does not work, you can make use of mastics and sealants, for example, has Germanytel or Permaflex. In the process of drying, the sealant is not moved to the neighbors below, before the procedure, fill the joints with seals, foam polyethylene or foam. At the end fill the remaining cavity using foam.

Also there are other types of glazing, for example, frameless. It is very aesthetically pleasing, because it creates the impression that there are no glass, and the balcony becomes lighter at times. But such a type exists and a serious drawback: the slightest wind glass begins to vibrate and make noise because of the rigidity of its fixing in the profile is reduced. Besides the price of frameless glass is quite high.

How to insulate a balcony alone

Thermal insulation works on the balcony ↑

After you can start the insulation work. Consider two ways – with high-quality insulation and a more modest version when the insulation of the balcony is limited money. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of one or another depends on several factors.

Insulation of balcony with quality insulation ↑

If you live in the cold latitudes, it is necessary to insulate balconies on the ceiling, wall, floor and parapet. To determine characteristics of a material is the thermal conductivity. The result depends on what thickness is the insulation. The average ratio is about 0.03 W/m*With.

It is IMPORTANT! Remember that when wet, the thermal conductivity may be reduced – for example, in the case when from the kitchen to the balcony permeates the dampened air. The temperature will start to decrease, air – cooled, and starts the condensation of the steam which it contains. So trim insulated balcony can alternately freeze, then thaw, and this in most cases leads to fungus.

To avoid this, you can spread on the walls non-insulated balcony another layer of insulation, more massive. In addition, you need to choose those materials that do not contribute to the accumulation of moisture. Also consider a good steam-and waterproofing.

The most suitable for the insulation material is extruded polystyrene (e.g., POLYSTYRENE, TECHNOPLEX, URSA XPS). However, you can use other types of foam – for example, PSB-S50. Popular and mineral wool – Rockwool, Knauf. However, remember that wool is very elastic, therefore, for the thermal insulation of the balcony laying must hold between wooden bars.

Talk about extruded polystyrene. It is delivered by the sheet size 120 by 60 cm, which have a thickness of 2-10 see If you want to combine the balcony with the other rooms, purchase the Styrofoam with a thickness not more than 80mm.

How to insulate a balcony alone

Where to start winterizing the balcony!? Laying should start from the floor, as this will help to prevent the formation of cracks. Of course, if, when the floors have severe bumps or the surface is not horizontal, it is necessary to align them.

To mount the plates, you can use either glue, or dowels. In the first case, choose a glue that is compatible with polystyrene, because otherwise it can corrode the material. Fit ISALAMI 3104/11, Kreps PPP and other.

Using notched trowel, apply around the perimeter of the selected plate glue. Indent from the edges of the sheet should be a few inches – this will help to avoid a situation when the glue is squeezed out on the tile joints. On the side of bonding, where there is the free area, apply some more glue dots.

If you chose dowels, then mention that they need to have a large cap – sometimes, these plugs are the characteristic name «mushroom». The size of dowels depends on the thickness of the insulation is what made the wall.

Purchasing heat insulating material and the second components in order to insulate your balcony, check with your consultant about the appropriate dowels. Usually fixing heater 40 mm foam block or concrete masonry buy such plugs, the length of which is 90 mm, diameter 10 mm. per square meter of insulation total number of attachment points must be from 5 to 7.

Not often used any particular method of attachment, and combinations thereof. First of all, apply insulation adhesive. The second step on warming balcony – secure the sheet to the wall, and then drill out the holes using a drill. In these holes insert dowels. Fixation is done with screws or plastic nails.

To cut the Styrofoam, you can use a sharp knife or hacksaw. Styling sheets used in the chess order. The joints that occur between the insulation and the wall, treat, applying the foam. A great option is to purchase dosing gun, to use that you will be much more convenient than with conventional cylinders. Oh, and this is not an easy task is to insulate the balcony with his hands.

Choosing the foam, keep in mind that its composition should include toluene, because it destroys the Styrofoam. Please note summer model pins, even if insulated balcony in the winter, because toluene is usually found in a universal or winter models. Similarly, is the laying of insulation on the walls and ceiling of the room.

On top of the layer of foam lay a layer of foamed polyethylene foil, which serves as additional insulation and a vapor barrier layer, and whose thickness is 3-10 mm. You can find the coils having width from 90 to 120 cm under such names as IZOFLEKS, IZOLON, heat insulation material is laid and other.

To consolidate this layer, use polyurethane glue. It must be laid butt joint and seal construction tape. Docked adjacent to each other leaves have small indents from corners, because the corners of the balcony are often formed «bridges» cold. And remember that the vapor barrier of the insulation depends largely on the quality of the work performed.

Finally, proceed to the finishing of the balcony, which we insulate your hands from the floor up. Since the tree perfectly saves heat, install a layer of insulation 2-3 pine bar and top – floorboards, which thickness should be 30-50 mm.

For the walls you need to use materials which have good insulating properties such as wood paneling, moisture-proof plasterboard, PVC panels. The latter will be able to stand on a hot Sunny day, and the drywall you will be able to plaster and paint to your taste. For finishing you can apply the wooden blocks they are mounted on top of the insulating layer. After that it is recommended to fasten wood paneling or drywall. However if you plan to illuminate the room, do work on the wiring. Wire position directly under the finishing coating. And so, we insulate the balcony, let’s try differently.

How to insulate a balcony alone

How to insulate a balcony in a budget option ↑

The first method for insulation of balcony there are some drawbacks – for example, you will have to spend money on materials plus insulation will occupy a lot of space. Therefore, many people prefer the second method, easier, which we now describe.

Remember that leveling floors, sealing joints and glazing are still required works, and as for insulation, you can use foamed polyethylene, foamed plastic, mineral wool and in any case the insulation of the balcony will be at the proper level.

If you chose the latter option, the thickness of the wool should be 0.5-1 cm Wool are very susceptible to moisture, resulting in a first layer on a concrete base needs to be waterproofing, for example, polyethylene film. Then comes the turn of the sheathing of wooden bars, and then to the frame of the bars to be installed in a very thermal insulation.

It is important! Any mineral wool – and especially one that has a low density after time shrinks. For this reason it is necessary that the size of the cavity block of the frame should be slightly smaller than chopped leaves.

Top shoot using a staple gun, vapor barrier film. Then nail the finish. It can be PVC panel and wooden wall paneling.

The advantages of this method include the fact that materials will cost you less. In addition, the insulation will occupy less space. However, there are drawbacks:

  • mineral wool, as it was said elastic, whereby the foaming of joints will not be effective;
  • the appearance of cold bridges to prevent fail, since the properties of the insulating material and the bars are different.

However, this method is justified in cases when you do not plan to put a balcony high loads.

How to insulate a balcony alone

There is a happy medium, where you use the first method, but used the material thickness varies. For example, on the adjacent wall that are adjacent to the insulated balcony, put this insulating material is thinner, and attached to the rooms wall not insulated.

Heated important for insulation of balcony ↑

Insulation for insulation of the balcony is designed to conserve heat and to maintain a comfortable temperature, you need to consider Parking. As heating can be «warm floor», air conditioning, electric heater and much more.

How to insulate a balcony alone

How much is the insulation of the balcony ↑

Choose a warming of a loggia – the cost of the work, therefore, plays an important role. Glazing a small area of the balcony will require 500$. The same will be required to finish the insulation of the balcony with his hands. In the end, you will get extra warm and cozy room that can be used as a mini-office, nursery or a gym. So, if you still doubt whether you want to do this, we would say definitely worth it! The advantages of this solution are undeniable, and the results you can enjoy for many years.

We have considered 2 ways of how to insulate a balcony alone. Hopefully, these tips will help you.

How to insulate a balcony alone

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