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How can glaze the balcony in a small apartment

During the industrialization the Soviet government actively address the issue of moving people. For this we decided to build so-called “small apartments” – prefabricated houses, in which the lack of architectural excesses kompensiruet the vastness of inner space.

Such thing as a window, at that time did not exist. Accordingly, the balcony can glaze or with a conventional wood frame or not to glaze at all. Thanks to the development of the popularity of plastic Windows, there is a need to carry out glazing of balconies in a small apartment. With the proper observance of technology of repair can significantly improve the functionality of a balcony as a whole.

What kind of glazing to give preference to? ↑

The choice of a particular type of glass depends on two factors – financial and operational. Regardless of the ratio of the wishes and financial possibilities, the landlord can glaze your balcony with the help of the following frames:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • aluminium.

Each of materials has its own positive and negative sides:

  • Wood has a small coefficient of thermal conductivity, and also provides a good appearance. But the temperature difference will certainly lead to difficulties closing the doors. Thus, the glazing of balconies does not always ensure effective protection of inner space against penetration of cool air.
  • Plastic frames allow you to create a frame of any size and shape capable of resisting to ultraviolet radiation, extreme cold and heat. Despite the reliability and durability, the weight of the plastic frame is very large. Thus, open canopies may crack.
  • The requirements to the greatest extent corresponds to the aluminum profile. He has a solid margin of safety, while its weight is much less than plastic or wood. Aluminium frame has a small thickness of the structure that provides the minimum weight of the structure as a whole.

What appearance has osteklenie balconies in a small apartment you can see in the photo below:

How can glaze the balcony in a small apartment
Aluminum glazing without a frame

How can glaze the balcony in a small apartment
Glazing wood

How can glaze the balcony in a small apartment
Glazing plastic

Glazing “warm” and “cold” type – what variant to prefer? ↑

Cold method usually involves the use of light but durable aluminum construction that allows you to create huge Windows of any shape. At the end of their installation to further insulate the room not necessary. However, the design is not able to retain heat for a long period of time. The fully furnished balcony, the air mass temperature is 8-10 degrees higher than outside.

As a rule, the cost of the balcony glazing in this way is much smaller. Cold glazing provides good protection from the weather and can be operated for a long time. For these reasons, some owners prefer to from home that is the glazing.

If necessary, expand the interior space through the arrangement of the loggias, the best way is to warm glass.

Please note compared to the installation of glazing, dry-type, warm glazing of balconies provides for the mandatory insulation of balconies from the inside. Another prerequisite is the installation of high quality window designs. They should not only protect against penetration of cool air, but also extraneous noise.

Warm option involves the application of a window profile from PVC. It is able to provide good performance of heat and sound insulation. He gave his preference this way, the residents will be pleased the beautiful appearance design and durability. Operating margin is quite large – at least 30 years from the date of installation.

How to strengthen the balcony? ↑

According to the generally accepted rules, ignore the strengthening of the balcony in front of the glass is possible only in one case – if you recently underwent extensive renovations. But this procedure is carried out only in two cases out of a hundred, when a major overhaul is really needed.

Initially we have to deal with the old frame of half a century ago. It cannot be applied even during the installation of the aluminum frame. It is therefore imperative to get rid of the old frame, using an ordinary grinder.

It is important! Leave a small ledge of metal railing length up to 5 cm – it will be the basis for attaching metal parts.

The base frame is strengthened with new parts. On the market are one variety of parts of steel. They best lend themselves to correction when creating a particular design.

How to glaze a balcony
New frame for balcony

Features warming ↑

If the window with the door to the balcony cannot withstand exposure to low temperature, it is necessary to insulate the balcony from the inside. Hardware stores offer a large number of materials that can be useful. However, experts recommend the use of heat insulation material is laid. Why is it?

Heat insulation material is laid allows to provide a sufficient level of thermal insulation of the room. For the balcony it is useful only because it has a relatively low weight. Thus, the design will get a minimal increase in weight. As the insulator can also be use other materials, of an analog of the heat insulation material is laid. Having a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, these materials can protect you from cold winter.

The glazing on the top floor ↑

To glaze the balcony, located below the upper floor, is not difficult. Completely different is the situation when the glazing is held on the top floor. For this, you may have to take care about the arrangement of the roof. To hold fast glazing balcony flat in this case, it will not. You have to install a metal framework on the upper part of which installs roofing material. This process is quite complex, because there are complex calculations.

How to glaze a balcony

Correctly removing the size, determines the angle of the roof. Do not forget also about the weight of the structure, preventing the collapse of the balcony from the excessive load.

Conclusions ↑

Glazed balcony will allow you to get rid need to dress warmly home. A beautiful balcony can become your business card both inside and out. Given the advice presented in this article, you can be sure that the glazing will be successful.

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