Balcony and loggia

Sliding balcony window

Today it has become fashionable and useful to use the balconies and loggias to increase the living space, creating rooms and places for rest. And that would elevate such a spatial area, the owners were effectively equip such premises. Sliding balcony Windows allow to create comfortable conditions for living and effective functioning of this space.

Sliding balcony window

Feature sliding designs ↑

For small floor space hinged Windows on the balcony will take a lot of space, and to create a comfortable environment when driving. Therefore it will be beneficial and appropriate to put a sliding window sash which motion will not take a single extra inch of free space.

Especially handy is an aluminum construction that will not miss the wind and the chill in the room and create optimal conditions for growing flowers and other plants. This balcony glazing will ensure free movement of the occupants of the room and the convenient arrangement of furniture.

Important: if you want you can open the window sash in any width, special mesh not to miss in house insects and various objects, and window lock for sliding Windows completely eliminates the penetration into the living room and street dust, dirt, wind gust, and rain drop.

Sliding balcony window

Modern balcony plastic Windows sliding perfectly hold heat, are waterproof, sealed and ideal for insulated balconies.

What are the types of sliding plastic Windows ↑

  1. Parallel – sliding. So called Windows, where one or two leaves move along the rails in one direction they are like the doors of the wardrobe. The valves move smooth and easy movement mechanism are rollers, which do not require special conditions, in winter is not subjected to strong frost and moisture resistant.
    Sliding balcony window
  2. Rotary or inclined sliding. Such sliding balcony Windows are made according to the following principles of movement: folds recline first, then move on and begin the process of movement parallel to the profile.
    Sliding balcony window
    This system is used in the door mechanism of an Ikarus bus. The sash can be layered, combined fixed window beams. Windows are sealed and contain high heat protection. The sash can be opened in any time of the year for top ventilation.
  3. Vertically-sliding. These Windows are most often seen in American movies, we have such products new. Very rarely do owners go for these English adaptations. Rama goes up to the counterweight, where is fixed. They are large in size and often completely transparent, which is not always aesthetically pleasing looks great in small living spaces.
    Sliding balcony window
Attention: choosing the type of Windows should take into account not only the designer wishes, but the size of the premises and conditions of operation. In the first place, such sliding devices must be safe for all members of the family, including small children and carry functional protection, rather than to simply be a pretty picture for the neighbors.

Advantages of aluminium sliding devices ↑

  • Light weight window systems allow you to install sliding doors in any room, even in very old houses and not too fortified balconies.
  • Long service life, which depends on the initial quality of the sliding window frames, and conditions.
  • to save on material and installation cost of such products is not recommended.
  • Best prices on plastic sliding design. Metal systems will be much more expensive.
  • The narrow frame of aluminum profile, allowing you to effectively illuminate the room in the daylight, even if the natural lighting is impeded by huge trees or other outdoor items.
  • Elegant and stylish appearance, regardless of the previous interior design. Sliding Windows allow you to maximize the space, visually expand the boundaries of the room, select the room from the street, much improving the comfort of building.
Warning: these plastic designs will be inappropriate for balconies and loggias, which is planned to create a full separate room in the apartment. Because the use of e in the winter is not possible, the insulation of the window system is too low, and to keep the heat in the room will be impossible.

Sliding balcony window

Aluminium sliding balcony window PVC profile can reliably retain heat in the room, to create favorable conditions for visiting any time of the year.

Fold this design closes very firmly and extraneous outside noises do not penetrate into the room. High sealing helps to eliminate the appearance of drafts, wind blow, entry into the apartment of the dust and moisture off the street.

Design is not deformed from the sudden drop in room temperature, reliability and aesthetics of the product is guaranteed. Such high rates are possible with high-quality internal reinforcement and a modern high-tech production processes that are used in the creation of balcony sliding Windows.

Plastic sliding balcony design low maintenance, require no special maintenance, the profile did not fade in the sun and do not peel off, like, say, wood frame.

It is highly technical and very effective protective balcony system for each user.

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