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Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

In many regions of our country is not enough sunlight to enjoy year-round flowering exotic plants and flowers. Is it possible to solve this problem on their own, without spending significant funds?

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

Small greenhouse on the balcony, hand made, will help transform your apartment into a real flower Paradise. The detailed algorithm of your actions look in the video

Any owner of a city apartment, decided to make its own mini greenhouse for balcony, can enjoy the area forever green of summer all year round.

What is required to create their own mini-greenhouse for seedlings ↑

Gardeners are convinced that for a good harvest it is important to plant the plants in a permanent place, and it is desirable to do it in early spring. With the help of home greenhouses for seedlings on the balcony, you can grow strong seedlings, to increase the vegetation period for plants that will allow you to obtain a great harvest.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

Currently offers a variety of engineering solutions for a construction of a mini greenhouse for balcony with their hands, the choice depends on:

  • plant varieties that will be grown on the balcony;
  • the size of the balcony;
  • material resources, skills of the master

About the requirements to the balcony mini – greenhouses ↑

No matter what kind of mini – greenhouse you choose, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. The seedlings in the mini greenhouse should be in a comfortable environment. For plants provided ideal conditions: specified humidity, light exposure, optimal temperature.
  2. Access for watering, weeding should be easy and convenient.
    Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands
  3. Appearance mini greenhouses should be aesthetic, not to spoil the interior of the balcony (loggia).
  4. Mini greenhouse on the balcony, hand made, must be durable to withstand several cycles of growing plants and flowers.
Attention! You don’t have to do on your balcony major greenhouse glass or building bricks, you can use a lightweight polycarbonate, saving time and money.

Option mini – greenhouse with a frame made of metal pipes ↑

If you want to make on their balconies a real greenhouse, you can consider the option involving the creation of a metal frame. You can attach the frame to the wall of the loggia, then close the finished design polycarbonate film.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

This variant is ideal for creating a non-insulated greenhouse on the balcony. The film of polymeric material protects plants from wind, precipitation, humidity drops. In addition, this greenhouse will receive adequate amount of sunlight, without which plants are unable to develop fully.

Such a greenhouse on the balcony can have different sizes, depending on the free area of the loggia. The algorithm of creation of such greenhouse greenhouses for balcony involves the following steps:

  • the layout of the balcony;
  • the installation of the frame;
  • stretching of the film
The Council! To film in the greenhouse did not get cold air, fixing the foil to the frame by double-sided duct tape or is recorded by placing additional strips. It is undesirable to make the greenhouse more than three meters in length.

Want to find out how to make a greenhouse on the balcony to enjoy the year-round greenery, to enjoy the flowers? The Internet offers a lot of different options, analyze the most common types of greenhouses for balconies.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

The sequence of actions

  1. First you need to make room for the greenhouse, if necessary, align the floor on the balcony.
  2. Next the area is covered by mesh, a film, or a special fiber.
  3. Don’t forget about the organization inside the path of a special drainage layer to avoid water stagnation, otherwise plant roots will rot.
  4. Ready drainage layer is placed fertile soil.
  5. In hot weather instead of tape, you can use the grid, growing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers on their balconies all year round.
  6. For climbing plants, for example, for growing on balcony stock-roses need special support.

?Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

If desired, you can choose from several organization options in the greenhouse some of the most suitable for you part. For greenhouse you can come up with a folding canopy film, make closing the lid, to create a rising window.

The Council! To prevent corrosion of the metal arc can be replaced with plastic pipes, and reducing the total weight of the structure.

Film mini greenhouses ↑

If your plans do not include creating additional heating in the greenhouse, done on the balcony with your hands, you can pick up wooden blocks, cover them with plastic or film. To ensure complete heating of air in this greenhouse, it is desirable to put the greenhouse from East to West (if possible).

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

What materials will you need for a greenhouse on the balcony, where year-round summer?

  1. The timber for the frame and the greenhouse frame different sections.
  2. Impregnation to protect the natural wood.
  3. Nails, screws.
  4. Polymer material (foil, plastic).
  5. Hinges for fixing to the frame the finished greenhouse frame.

The advantages of such designs:

  • low price get design;
  • the possibility of growing seedlings all year round;
  • the ease and speed of installation;
  • easy maintenance

Start planting plants in a similar greenhouse in March – April. If the loggia is insulated with mineral wool, there is extra heating, it is possible to grow seedlings, even in the winter.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

The greenhouse, leaning against the wall ^ the

If the loggia is not glazed, but located on the Sunny side, it can be used.

To the main wall attach special racks, cover them with foil. On the shelves you can put the boxes with soil to grow seedlings of flowers and plants.

Design improvised ↑

Building material can be a simple plastic bottle, the rest of the summer. They can be cut, put on the rack, cover with foil. If desired, you can connect several bottles to create one design. In addition to plastic bottles for mini greenhouses suitable plastic containers that grocery stores offer prepared foods, cakes, pastries. A good option for balcony mini greenhouse – plastic packaging from under the eggs.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

To package not accumulate excess moisture, placed inside the peat pill.

A vegetable garden on the balcony ↑

The window sill on the loggia narrow? It is impossible to deliver the flowers and seedlings? Do not despair, the problem can be solved with the help of shelving units, cabinets, cabinets with glazing or film coating. Relevant on the balcony will мини0теплицы that are made from old window frames. Seedlings need 12-14 hours must obtain the sun’s rays, otherwise it will die.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

The Council! For mini – greenhouses it is desirable to put a fluorescent lamp, the plant will not get burn, will receive sufficient light.

The stages of preparation of balcony mini greenhouse ↑

  1. Warming of the balcony (for year round growing seedlings). When the orientation of the balcony to the North, will have to take care of additional insulation. For owners of loggias oriented to the East, before lunch much sunlight, overheating the seedlings are not threatened. Perfect for a mini-garden on the balcony – southern exposure balcony, and to eliminate overheating, you will need artificial ventilation.
    Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands
  2. When forming a mini-garden on the balcony don’t forget to pay attention to the floor. The most economical and sensible option is to lay on the balcony floor ceramic tiles. It is not necessary to spend money on a designer, you can draw a corner of Paradise on their balconies. An additional element of your garden will become a small decorative table, rocking chair, electric fireplace.
  3. At the organization of balcony garden you need to consider the placement of plants so they don’t Eclipse each other, not to create problems with watering. In the center of the host plants of large size which bloom beautifully. The edges of such a composition appropriate to the light undemanding plants.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands


Balcony mini Paradise made with your own hands, will be a great place for cold winters «treat» your body with vitamins and minerals. Planted special varieties of strawberries, strawberry, you can impress your friends by submitting a fragrant and ripe berries for the Christmas table.

Greenhouse on the balcony with his hands

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