Balcony and loggia

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balcony

Even if Your home is not on the ground floor of the house, it is still completely eliminate the possibility of the ingress of a stranger through the door to the balcony or loggia, unfortunately, impossible. And from the pranks of their young children, you can expect anything. That is why the bars on the balcony are a necessity.

Types of metal gratings ↑

Metal bars on the balcony almost do not have much difference from the window since they are produced by the same technology. The greatest demand is welded and forged fences. They are also divided into several types.

Removable grating ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balconyThis version of the fencing can be removed if the need arose, since they are fixed to walls for anchor bolts, and any such design can be removed without damage. But on the other hand this kind of lattice is not very safe since in case of prolonged absence of the house owners, the attacker has the ability, no noise to remove them and get inside. And, in any emergency situation you will not be able to quickly remove the fence, because the unscrewing of the bolts requires a lot of time. Installing such protection, one can only hope that the presence of gratings will scare away enemies.

Deaf lattice ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balcony

And this option lattices to dismantle without causing damage to them will fail as they are fastened by welding to put in the wall with metal pins. Such protection is effectively protecting your home from thieves, because of this design silently delete will not work. But the fire will be impossible to get out of the apartment.

Sliding grilles ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balcony

Sliding bars on the Windows are installed from inside the room and do not affect the appearance of the facade of the building. It is quite mobile and reliable form of protection — if necessary, they can push the type screen. But they also have their disadvantages:

  • The complete absence of rigidity, as this fence is only on one side of the wall.
  • The necessity of permanent care of moving the protection mechanism to maintain its functioning.
  • During emergency opening, it encloses part of the window.

Hinged grates ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balconyThis variant is the most optimal. Swing bars on the Windows can be single and double.

If you find the correct castle, the protection of Windows and the entire apartment will be guaranteed. In addition, in the event of evacuation, by means of a lock, to ensure the safety of all residents inside. And the secret is that the shutter is that it is indoors, and from one turn of the fixing bars of the lever, it will be unlocked. This lock not affected by weather conditions, because its mechanism is completely protected from them.

Welded balcony railings ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balcony

Welded metal bars on the loggia is made from a special steel rods, which are joined together in the desired design by means of welding. The technology of their production is not so sophisticated, therefore the price is not so great, but nevertheless, this in no way affects their protective potential. By clicking on the link you can watch a video that make installation of grilles on the balcony with the help of modern welding fixtures, and note that the area of alignment remain completely invisible. This enables manufacturing of a multitude of steel parts of various songs that the people called artistic welding. Such lattices on loggia decorative features no way inferior to the forged designs. And their positive qualities is the short production time and the ability to make them on the spot.

Wrought iron lattice ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balconyWrought iron railings come in various types. Their production can be used as a traditional instrument «hot » forging and modern technology, which are widely used today in artistic production.

This type of fencing is more expensive, as the entire process of their manufacture is quite complex. Steel must be heated to a high temperature, until it becomes softer, then it can be given the desired shape and size. With this technology you can achieve a exclusive design and in addition, wrought iron railings on the balcony have good moisture resistance. The only drawback is the long production time, it can last up to two to three weeks, depending on complexity of production.

The right choice ↑

Wrought iron and metallic grilles on the balconyIf You wish to install grilles on the balcony, you should take into account the fact that there is a huge variety of balconies and not all will suit a particular kind of lattices. For example, for the French balconies, the area which is quite narrow and they calculated that it was only possible to stand, the most appropriate option will be wrought iron French balcony, they will look better than a welded metal rods.

And if we talk about window fences, bars on the Windows of the balcony, you should choose welded, as it is much cheaper and for a minimal cost can also be reliably to protect their property from bad people. Especially to think about it, the owners of suburban cottages and private household plots, because according to statistics, homes with installed grates, hacked much less often than those with Windows or balconies there is no protective fencing. Quite simply — by seeing welded or forged bars, the thief will prefer more structure and will not waste time to penetrate the well-protected building.

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