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Uprooting of the stumps of the trees: a review of 8 effective ways to remove the remnants of the tree

Uprooting of the stumps of the trees: a review of 8 effective ways to remove the remnants of the tree

Uprooting of stumps on the site in the following cases: if you purchased a plot with old trees and want to replace them with new ones or to do alterations; if it fell the old tree, or the tree is in poor condition; if the stump or tree prevented to create a landscape composition, which was conceived by the owners, or are a nuisance at the breakdown of the vegetable garden and planning for the local area. Dragging the logs in several ways — with the assistance of machinery, using chemicals or on their own manually. I should say that if the stump is away from other trees and not hurt you, it can be left to decay naturally and turn it into a landscaping element. If the stump is in close proximity to healthy trees, it is better to get rid of, since the bacteria that destroy the stump, fungus, borers can move to other trees.

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Removing tree stumps mechanically

In this case, you can use gasoline or rent special equipment. This method is quite expensive because it will have to involve the organization that has established appropriate technology.

The use of a chainsaw

It is a simple method that anyone can master – the stump is cut with a chainsaw as low as possible to ground level. If you call for felling of wood sawyers, they can cut and stump. But this method is suitable if you do not plan to arrange the scene of the dumped tree garden or flowerbed.

The use of a chainsaw

To cut the stump to ground level with a chainsaw is one of the easiest ways to get rid of it, but this option can be used on lawn or garden area where you are planning any work on the arrangement and the remains of the stump will not interfere with the

The use of heavy equipment

For Korchevaya stump, you can hire a tractor, bulldozer or backhoe. You must have access to the site and place where machines will be able to work. This method is suitable if you want to clear the area for construction when you want to uproot some stumps. Heavy machinery damages the top layer of soil, and if you want to protect the lawn and fruit trees, this method will not work.

Heavy equipment

Heavy machinery will help in the preliminary clearing of land of roots and stumps before the beginning of the construction works and the layout

Use of stump grinder

This has plenty of advantages: the lawn remain in almost its original form, to timber mills need a small area. Stump to mill for solid depth up to 30 cm below ground level. But the mill to remove stumps is expensive, and it makes no sense to buy to remove only one stump.

Crushing the stump

In this case, to remove the stump used mini tractor and crushing apparatus. So you can remove the stump, nestled among the trees without fear of damage to their roots

Video shows the removal of the stump in forest mill:

Services market, offering the grubbing of stumps, replete with suggestions of this kind, so you can always hire professionals working with forest mills.

Methods Korchevaya manually

Axe, shovel and saw to help

Uprooting stumps can be carried out manually, using axes, shovels, saws, ropes and winches. Although no material costs, this method does not require, you’ll need to spend a lot of time and energy, especially if you need to uproot a large tree stump. So it is better to weigh all «for» and «against».

First, we need to examine the stump, to detect the thick roots, dig around them and cut with an axe or use a hacksaw. Then you need to dig around the stump to the depth of half and pull it with a winch. So convenient to uproot high-stumps – the remainder of the trunk acts as a lever when the stump is inverted.

Root treatment

Pre-processing of roots before removing the tree stump — all large roots digging, cut with a hacksaw or removed with an axe

Uprooting manually

The stump is ready for uprooting the roots are separated, the cable is fixed. The small size of the stump allow you to extract it using rope and winches

The method of erosion of soil

This method can be used in areas with sandy or clay soil, the soil is eroded by a stream from the hose so will need a large amount of the water supplied under pressure. Dig next to the stump hole to the dripping water and spray from the hose dilute the soil around the stump. When the soil is well eroded, the roots freed from the soil. The thicker parts of the roots need to be cut and then the stump can be pulled out from the earth.

The use of chemicals

The use of nitrate

Chemical uprooting of stumps is often done with the use of nitrate. The method consists in the following: in the stump need to drill holes to the maximum possible depth with a diameter of about 1 cm, the more holes the better.

The hole is filled with ammonium nitrate, and filled with water, and then the stump is covered with polyethylene that deposits are not washed nitrate. To do so, preferably in the fall to stump in this state he continued all winter until spring. This is sufficient time to impregnate the wood and roots of nitrate. With the onset of spring stump set fire to a it will be well lit and will burn out almost completely. This method is suitable for clay and sandy soils, but it is extremely dangerous if you will resort to it on the site with peat soil.


After impregnation of wood with urea, it begins to decompose. The technique is almost the same as in the above case, the ammonium nitrate is poured into drilled holes, filled with water and the stump is covered with cellophane.

Urea is a good fertilizer, so you can not remove the remains of the stump. Leave it for a year or more under the soil, and then in its place will be a land with fertile soil where you can make a flower garden or vegetable garden.

Salt as a means of dealing with the stumps

The use of salt coarse is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the stump. In the holes filled with salt, and the stump covered with sod. After a while, the stump will be only trash.

What better way to choose?

Each of the methods mentioned above in its own way is effective:

  • Uprooting trees mechanically useful if you need to clear the land for building a house or doing the layout of the site.
  • Stump in the area where there are already objects that will be more comfortable with using chemicals. This is an inexpensive and easy method.
  • If you plan to place the stump to break the bed, it is recommended to uproot the stumps manually, or use a grinder: crusher machine, or forest mill.

If you wish, you can even take the stump home to edible mushrooms, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

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