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Step-by-step creation of mixborders of perennials + collection of ready-made schemes

Step-by-step creation of mixborders of perennials + collection of ready-made schemes

Flower gardens are combinations that are known to most gardeners called the mixed borders are some of the most popular elements of landscape design. The wide distribution they received due to the fact that the form mixborders from perennials the power of even a novice gardener and enjoy a favorite flowering plants will be in the next few years. Device mixborders of perennials includes several basic stages by doing that you can get a picturesque area of natural harmony, which perfectly fit any landscape style.

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The layout of the mixed border

Equip mixborders of perennials as on the internal and external boundaries and the edges of lawns or along garden paths. Outwardly, this plant composition is reminiscent of the winding broad ridges, which at first sight consists of randomly planted greenery and flowers.

The picturesque tiered plant composition

Thanks to the proper combination given the color combinations of plants, their shape and height create a composition is just a delight

Thinking through the arrangement of mixborders with their hands should be based on a number of factors, the main among which are:

  • Meaning of song. Mixed border can be a decoration of the porch and the main entrance to the site, give a special charm to the ponds and stairs, to stress fractures numerous tracks of land.
  • The height of the plants. The principle of stacked or «ladders» will allow each of the elements of composition to show their beauty to the full, not drowning each other. Among the variety of plants and flowers for mixborders, to include in the composition in addition to perennials and bulbs can povorotnyi, flowering annuals and biennials, and grasses and ornamental varieties of conifers and deciduous plants.
  • The angle of mixborders:
Unilateral mixborders

The most common type of flower — one-way mixborders, which ends on tall plants and often used in the decoration of the walls and fences

Bilateral mixborders

A possible arrangement of the two-way mixed border, the borders of which issued from medium – or low-growing shrubs and flowers

With this placement of plants to enjoy flower garden conveniently from any corner of the plot.

What to consider while selecting the color?

Wanting to create a flower garden that will attract the eyes of lush blooms from the first days of spring until late autumn, it is important to choose plants so that the flowering process they gradually succeeded each other. Posted by free groups culture that bloom at the same time, will form color spots, gradually interspersed with foliage plants that have already bloomed, or who only have to please others with their blooms.

When selecting plants, it is necessary to consider not only the blooms but also the soil type, moisture, and light. Due to the proper selection of crop mixborders continuous flowering will have elegant appearance not only in the flowering season, but even in the winter months, when the snow-white background with bright strokes, will be performing perennial grasses and evergreen conifers.

The design of miksbordera seasonal potted plants

To provide an attractive continuously blooming appearance to the flower garden help garden planters with seasonal plants at the time of flowering will make a bright accent in the song

The main stages in the development of mixed borders

Step one: the landing «skeletal» plants

The backbone of any flower garden free combinations are shrubs — the so-called «skeletal» plants that define the height of the curb and are the fillers. They are planted on a small, but not the same distance from each other so that between the groups there was a free space. This significantly enlivens the flower garden and allows us to give the composition a more natural look.

Tip! Choosing plants for mixborders, you should focus on the volume of the adult plant and its anticipated height.

Conifers – a generic framework for curb

The ideal basis for mixborders can be evergreen shrubs, the clear favorite of which is boxwood

As «skeletal» plants are good dwarf varieties of conifers: cypress Lawson, conical spruce, pine, Bergman, yew columnar, juniper scaly, weeping larch.

Ornamental varieties of flowering shrubs

Among the flowering shrubs that do not grow and do not lose their attractive appearance over the next few years, we can distinguish different varieties of spirea, lilacs Meyer, a cinquefoil shrub and some varieties of mock orange

No less effective addition to songs that will enrich the picture of the flower garden, there may be red plum, Magnolia, Jasmine, elderberry, hibiscus, hydrangea and dogwood white. However, when planting, consider that these trees have a tendency with time to grow, and therefore they cannot be planted too close to each other. To prolong flowering shrubs will help timely pruning and rejuvenation of plants.

Step two: fill the flower bed with perennials

One of the principles of arrangement of mixed borders is layering. Therefore, in the foreground, covering the long stems of the shrubs, put medium perennials.

Handsome long blooming perennials

When constructing a small flower beds, better to give preference to long blooming handsome men, for example, Lavater, mnogokolesny, coreopsis, Echinacea

To dilute the composition and help dekorativnolistvennye culture. Extremely gently look at the background of motley flowers silvery cineraria leaves and wormwood. Contrast against the bright colors will make the decorative foliage of geranium majestic or Burgundy leaves and plant thunbergii.

“Cloud” from perennial grasses

Perennial grasses are good that contribute to the composition of the bright spots of saturated clean color palette which may be extensive, ranging from pale yellow and bronze and finishing with Burgundy and purple shades

Among medium most ornamental perennial grasses: feather grass, perlovich, sedge, lugovik, sitehost, ojika.

Step three: picture supplemented by annuals and bulbs

Colorful annuals planted in a vacant «pockets» perennial plants decorate the composition with colorful blooms and give it more elegance and conviviality. With the first spring rays awaken primroses: Scilla, Muscari, snowdrops and crocuses.

Replaced the spring, the tulips, the Narciso and primrose, sparkle the riot of colors of annuals and subsequently will pass the baton for autumn flowering plants. To enhance the decorative effect of annuals also need to be planted in small groups. When selecting plants for the flower garden avoid planting invasive species, which tend to the rapid increase of green mass and displacement of neighboring plants.

Primroses and spring flowering bulbs

Planted in small groups of bulbous create colorful strokes on the still half-naked flower

Examples of schemes of arrangement mixborders

Options ready schemes of arrangement mixborders there are so many. It can be delicious plain or bold colored floral compositions.

Scheme contrast mixborders of perennials

Such a complex multi-colored mixborders based on a harmonious combination and smooth transitions of shades and colors. Contrasting composition would be best to look for a large open area in the garden

A motley composition with the plants long flowering

Bright yellow-purple mixborders will hide an unattractive wall buildings and fence. In the background of the composition is located undersized Kalina (1), Oriental poppy (2), bonarka verbena (3) and targowy yarrow (4). The middle tier is a shrub rose (5), Larkspur Ajax (6) and lisodoslidna perisomatic (7). The foreground is decorated with Pentstemon (8) Astra (9). Motley pillow at the foot of mixborders form tobacco, pimento (10), calendula (11), sage (12) and chernobrivtsy (13)

Mixborders along leading to the house track

Background a along leading to the house track of mixborders, decorated with mock orange (1), Phlox paniculata (2) and peony(3). As decoration the foreground are Lily (4), ageratum (5), lobularia (6) and stud (7)

With the right planning and proper arrangement of the flower garden, even an ordinary vegetative composition can turn into a real decoration of the garden.

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