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Planting of trees and proper care after transplanting

Planting of trees and proper care after transplanting

Through the planting of trees on any land in a short time can be transformed into a beautiful garden. Gone are the days when you had to plant saplings and half of my life to wait until they turn into Mature trees with lush foliage. Now at any time of the year to plant a plot of trees – trees, which reach heights of four meters or more. Developed by the mechanized technology of transplanting trees, allowing adult trees with minimal losses to settle down in a new place. The use of such specialized boarding-wicomoco technology greatly facilitates the process of landscaping the site. Trees are transported from the nursery together with a lump of earth, which manages to keep intact a large part of the root system.

Earlier this operation was done only in winter because the frozen earth com make it easier to take to the destination in its original form. At present, the planting of trees is all year round, as the experts have come up with ways to deliver trees with a solid lump of the earth to the object. Besides in a warm season the owners of suburban areas can recognise the species brought instance and also appreciate the splendor of his crown and the beauty of the color of leaves.

The contents

Planting trees do landscape companies (studios), as these planting activities require special equipment and specialists with knowledge in biology and ecology.

The most popular trees for landscaping

Landscaping in private suburban areas are used both deciduous and coniferous large trees. Among the deciduous trees are especially popular in landscape gardening use the following types:

  • red oak and pedunculate;
  • Linden serdtselistnaya and small-leaved;
  • Sorbus aucuparia;
  • Norway maple;
  • elm smooth and rough;
  • ash;
  • birch weeping and fluffy.

Among conifers in high demand for spruce, pine (for pine and sylvestris), and larch (European and Siberian). All of these trees grow on Russian territory. Exclusive types include Japanese larch, walnut, grey and Manchuria, the Amur velvet. These trees are perfectly adapted to the conditions characteristic of Central Russia. Fruit trees should allocate in a separate category. This includes different varieties of apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots and other fruit trees.

Planting material is acquired not only in the Russian forest nurseries, but also in abroad. Most often trees are imported from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Of course, that imported planting material is more expensive for the customer. However, the incurred costs are compensated for by better survival of imported trees, has a strong immune system and a compact, specially formed for the transplant root system. Besides decorative qualities of European trees ahead of domestic instances. Most often in landscaping suburban areas, the following trees are introduced species:

  • the Colorado fir;
  • Lipa European;
  • birch of Jackman;
  • mountain ash Thuringian and intermediate;
  • pine pine Korean;
  • Weymouth pine and Macedonian;
  • the Eastern Hemlock tree;
  • several types of maples.
The planting area of evergreen coniferous trees

Landscaping suburban area of evergreen coniferous trees allows not only to decorate the area, but to fill the air, the amazing and useful aroma of pine needles

How to dig out of planting material?

Krupnomer dig with extreme caution, trying not to harm the root system and the lower branches of a tree. This branch is located below, before digging the tree tie. If selected for transplanting woody plants are diseased, broken or dry branches, they are not in a hurry to cut. These branches play the role of a buffer for reliable protection of the crown of an adult tree during transport. Remove damaged branches after the tree was secured in the landing pit.

Determine the optimal size of the earth coma

Diameter earthen coma round shape is calculated from the magnitude of the diameter of the trunk (the trunk portion of a tree located at a distance of one meter from the root collar). Diameter of coma of the land shall be 10-12 times the diameter of the trunk. The exact data received in the international community, you can see from the table, which shows also the height of the earth coma. The dimensions of a clod of earth, cubic shape for the transplant of Mature trees varies: length, width from 1 m to 2.5 m; height from 0.7 m to 1 m. the Small height trees, you can dig up by hand. It is recommended to slightly increase the standard size earthen coma.

The digging depth is determined by the species of wood. This necessarily takes into account the characteristics of the root system krupnomery and conditions of its growth. By digging fir-trees growing in wet soils, earthen coma diameter is 1.5 m and height 0.4 m. Much deeper you have to dig on light loamy soils. When digging oak height clod of earth should be between 1 m to 1.2 m. it is best to take planting material, grown on medium to heavy loam soils. Earthen have dug krupnomery on these soil types become dense and very stable. It is also important that small capillaries loamy earthen coma freely drags water from the surrounding soil to the roots of the large tree placed in the landing pit.

To tear the earth com from the underlying soil helps hydraulic Jack, load capacity which should be in the range of 15-20 tons.

Packing earthen coma

Earthen with krupnomer extracted from the parent soil is Packed in a special metal basket container. In this capacity small tree is transported to the place of new dislocation. Upon arrival at the site, the basket tree, lowered by machinery into the previously prepared planting hole. Then split the container is pulled out to the surface, and the tree remains in the place of landing.

Larger coma of the earth is Packed in a metal mesh or burlap. These materials allow the root system of an adult tree to remain in the parent soil during transport. In winter, the dug trees may be transported without packing earthen coma. We only need to give a few days (1 to 10) extracted soil to freezing. The number of days depends on the size of the earth coma and ambient air temperature. In a frozen state, a clod of earth with wood delivered to the facility in complete safety.

Requirements for transportation of large-sized

For loading and transporting large trees may require the following types of machinery:

  • cranes;
  • vandebrooke cars equipped with powerful manipulators;
  • trucks side;
  • peresadki trees based on tractors;
  • miniloaders;
  • shovel loaders front wheel, etc.

For gripping and fastening of large-sized used steel and textile straps, buckles, carabiners, and other devices. When working on the mooring (consolidation) large tree on the vehicle, try not to damage the bark. This is possible only in the case if you zachovat krupnomer for earthen or used packaging. The trunk of a tree placed along the body of the truck, propped up a special wooden spacers. This technique allows to keep the crown of the tree.

The eight-meter tree with this method of delivery towering over the road, making them difficult to transport under bridges, power lines, under the arches of the tunnels. Therefore, the selection of planting material trying to ignore the too high trees (more than 10-12 m) as their transport complicated and costly. Requires not only powerful machinery to extract krupnomery, but long car to transport it. In addition, shipping such bulky cargo is impossible without SOPROVOZHDENIJA traffic police.

Choose a time to transport the planting material in winter given the weather forecast. Prohibited trees at temperatures below minus 18 degrees, as in such conditions their branches become brittle and break.

Technology proper landing krupnomerov

To plant on a plot of Mature trees, it is necessary, first, to clear of the work area. Then, in accordance with the centreplane digging holes for planting trees. The pits are prepared in advance or directly before lowering them native trees. In the latter case, holes of the required size are dug out with the help of special equipment. If necessary, is soil compaction using imported land in the field planting trees. After installation krupnomery in the planting hole is backfilled with earth coma to the level of the ground surface.

Landing krupnomerov to a new location

Landing on the site krupnomery brought from the nursery is in a hole, the size of which must correspond to excavated this land

In winter, root collar of the tree should be slightly above this line. In the spring the ground has thawed, will settle and the root collar will snap into place. The last stage is associated with the installation rope holders, which will provide the balance of a tree during its rooting in a new place.

When placing a coniferous tree in the planting hole is recommended to observe the orientation to the cardinal points. This means that the branches oriented to the North at the same place of growth krupnomery must be located on a new site in the same position.

Strengthening of planted trees stretching

Strengthening of planted trees stretching of the ropes is carried out in order to provide a stable position krupnomery during its rooting in a new place

Basic rules of care for a transplanted tree

The organization is the proper care of a transplanted krupnomer ensures survival on the land, as well as to accelerate beginning growth and development of the tree.

Pollination of large-sized special equipment

One of the main stages of the care of transplanted trees is the processing of their trunks and crowns of chemicals, to prevent pests and diseases from getting accustomed trees

Specialists serving the transplanted trees produce:

  • watering at the roots;
  • crown pruning and irrigation;
  • the introduction of root and foliar nutrition;
  • aeration of the root zone;
  • improvement of mechanical composition of the soil;
  • the deoxidation of the soil;
  • loosening the soil and mulching, both surface and deep;
  • the alignment of the anchored tree in the spring;
  • processing of trunks special means of protecting the trees from pests and diseases.

With Mature trees you can create on the site any song. Professionals enough «wave a magic wand», to the wasteland grew a forest, there was a grove of trees lined up in neat alleys, leaped skyward the tops of the pine trees. The result will not take long if the planting of trees to entrust specialized companies known in the market for gardening and landscaping suburban areas.

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