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How to plant a hedge of iris

Furnished garden paths around the garden, you need to consider architectural style, technical specifications, taste preferences of the owners of the land. Green fence blends with any garden style, in perfect harmony with all coatings garden paths.

How to plant a hedge of iris

The front living fence ↑

A carpet of irises, Kabisov, pink coreopsis will make the garden an element of tenderness and surprising ease.

The Council! The combination of the irises with decorative poppies you will get a great result. Irises are in harmony with any shrub perennial flowers (chrysanthemum Bush, cloves Chinese).

Decorative hedge of irises suitable for many regions of our country. When holding small adjustments of farming, you can make a beautiful fence of irises, even in the North of the Russian Federation. Siberian iris blooms beautifully even in the Arkhangelsk region, delighting northerners beautiful color and fragrant scent.

How to plant a hedge of iris

The rules of growing hedges ↑

Hedge of irises does not require careful constant care, irises will delight their owners with large bright flowers and dense green foliage. The division of colors is possible after 1,5 months after the start of their flowering until late autumn. Before digging the leaves are pruned twice.

Features landing:

  1. Planting the hedge of irises in the southern regions are in the shadow in the North the flowers are planted in a Sunny, open areas of the garden.
  2. The plant is hygrophilous, but excessive soil moisture iris will die.
  3. When planting flowers in 2-5 years on a single site, perform a systematic thinning, leaving between plants for 0,7-1 m.

How to plant a hedge of iris

Features iris ↑

  • The plant is undemanding to temperature extremes, perfectly withstands strong frosts, blooms in wet soil, developing in mixed borders;
  • Siberian irises are distinguished by plasticity, have the amazing beauty of the leaves, the original shape of the Bush, many colors;
  • the number of stems have 5-7 year old iris reaches 200 pieces.

Characteristic varieties ↑

Currently, the iris presented a 1500-mi different varieties. Among the latest achievements is the emergence of Terry irises.

Iris is similar to the rainbow, in our country this flower called the iris. The plant is overwintering, perennial, has a thick creeping erect leaves, bulbous roots. Growing iris in the southwest, Central Asia, Mediterranean countries. The constellation Cepheus has a nebula named after this mysterious flower Iris.

The Council! To divide irises better in the autumn so the plant has time to settle down for the winter. And to plant these flowers best in a location protected from wind.

How to plant a hedge of iris

The rules of growing a living hedge iris ↑

The care of hedges of irises includes three basic operations:

  • systematic loosening the soil;
  • removal of weeds;
  • feeding and watering

The benefits of the hedge of irises:

  • winter hardiness. Flowers can be planted in the open ground;
  • unpretentious to the soil. 5-7 years it is possible to transplant these flowers, they bloom at the same will not stop.

How to plant a hedge of iris

The Council! Optimal for the hedge of irises would be loamy soil that has a neutral reaction medium. Irises need full coverage. When planting the hedge in the shade flowering will be scarce.

In the case of a close arrangement of ground waters, the roots podgniet flowers, the plant dies. To recognize the process of decay of the iris it is possible to appearance on the leaves small brown spots.

Feeding ↑

The first feeding performed in early spring. To do this, make the soil of easily soluble mineral fertilizers. One flower in the fence requires only 10 to 15 grams.

The second feeding carried out during flowering, the percentage of minerals 10-20 grams.

The third feeding held in August, during the second phase of the growing season. With this feeding increases the immunity of irises, the plant can survive cold winters.

How to plant a hedge of iris

The Council! Feeding is carried out in mineral phosphate fertilizers (1-2 times during the whole season).

Transplant, reproduction ↑

The frequency of transplant – every 3-5 years. Such actions are performed at the end of flowering to winter in new colors rooted root system.

Reproduction is assumed in two ways: by seeds and vegetatively. Selected developed shrub, rhizome divided into separate parts. The leaves are cut in half, remove the diseased and dry leaves, rotten parts of the plant. Planting material is dipped for 20-30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, dried in the sun. The size of the hole under the irises does not exceed 30-40 cm.

The Council! Reproduction vegetative method is easier on agricultural. After 1-2 years after planting, the plants will bloom profusely.

Gardeners appreciate the simplicity of caring for irises, they are beautiful appearance, a simplicity to the soil. You can pick up the flowers two or three colors, creating a real colorful fence at his summer cottage.

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