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The best ideas on the landscaping of the paved and concreted yards

The best ideas on the landscaping of the paved and concreted yards

A modern infield is already less likely to function as the breadwinner of the family. To countryside was the most serene, most area of our yards is paved or concreted. Indeed, the deck looks neater, in bad weather you can walk around and not to stain the legs, and the snow from the flat surface to clean much easier. On the other hand, going out of town, we traditionally believe that closer to nature. Where is she, this nature, if everyone just rocks and concrete? Our task is to intelligently combine the concreting and paving of the area with its landscaping.

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Options for «recovery» your site

Concreted yard and turn it into sterile, but absolutely lifeless space is a bad idea. Of course, this is not something to aspire to, especially because in itself the process of landscaping, creating flower beds and growing of trees gives the city a man with nothing comparable pleasure. What are the options «the Golden mean» alignment can offer?

Paved yard

Paved yard looks neat, and care for them becomes simpler. But green it will certainly need to rest, and the eye had something «catch»

Landscaping around the perimeter of the paving

Neat small courtyard very decorate greens, located on its perimeter. If you decorate with twine plants, the fence, and on the background to plant trees and shrubs, visually they increase the fenced area.

It would seem, the garden does not limit the space, and pushes him. The plot will acquire the necessary grooming and friendliness. In free areas of soil especially interesting are the hanging beds and climbing flowers.

Landscaping around the perimeter of the paving

The green perimeter of the yard visually «pushes» fences, giving the impression that the visible part of the trees is only the beginning of a great garden

Windows of wildlife

The openings are intentionally left in a paved surface can be used for planting a showy flower beds. Look good in them, and large sprawling trees. On a hot day in the shade it’s nice to read a book, relax or to lay the table for guests.

In the fall of surrounding paved the coating will exhibit your benefits: cleaning of fallen leaves you will not get tired of. It is much easier to wipe off a flat surface than grass or soil.

Figs in the yard

In the southern regions of our country gardeners love to grow undemanding figs. This tree does not need special conditions. In autumn it bears fruit abundantly. But the jam made from its fruit is eaten instantly

The pattern of moss and grass

The paving does not seem gray and impersonal, if the gaps between the slabs to plant moss or grass. Grass organically look on surfaces that are generously illuminated by the solar rays. Thus it is necessary to give preference to those varieties of plants which are resistant to trampling.

Moss prefers shaded areas. In such places it will look healthy, juicy and relevant. It can be used to create an intricate geometric pattern that will not go unnoticed. And grass, and moss look great on the edges of paths and garden areas. They give the site a special charm, making it more natural.

The grass between the tiles paving

Well-trimmed and resistant to trampling the grass does paving similar to a key or chart. All together looks quite stylish

Easy customizable compositions

Plants in pots allow you to easily change the appearance of your yard. Moving them, you can build flower beds in line with changing circumstances, or just in the mood. For this purpose, good use of light and not too big pots, or even large beds, on wheels.

You can use them to quickly color the part of the yard, when you planned a family celebration or, conversely, to make space for dancing or Parking of vehicles arrived friends. Fancy composition would arise or disappear at will of their authors. In addition, plants in pots are much easier to maintain.

Plants in pots

The easiest way to decorate the yard with plants in pots. They can fetch and carry, to create intricate compositions. They always find a place

Compatible natural and artificial

Natural landscaping, you can always add artificial. For this purpose there is an artificial lawns. They do not require extra costs and will require careful care. Of course, to fully replace their living plants it would be absurd, but in moderation they are useful. Use artificial grass in problem areas, where the cultivation of natural vegetation is difficult. They can be an alternative to the same concrete.

But you should know that these lawns have their drawbacks, some of which are sometimes hard to accept. For example, they are able to heat up in the sun twice as much as the grass. Or will allocate in the atmosphere of harmful substances. So abuse of such coatings is not necessary. Use them sparingly, and they will decorate your yard without damaging the rest.

Artificial turf

The artificial turf will always have a place. In the first case, it sheltered and shaded part of the yard. In the second embodiment, the turf used to cover the spaces between the tiles

Green roof for your gazebo

Growing greens on rooftops gradually came into Vogue. And there is a reason. First, if you plant plants on the roofs of low rise buildings, buildings, pavilions and terraces, the landscaping will look from below is very impressive.

Secondly, the very structure gets additional protection and insulation. If to the gazebo, the problem of keeping warm is not relevant, then the hen house is very important. Of course, the load on the roof surface is increased. Should pre-calculate whether it is ready to withstand and the soil and plants.


Moss is a versatile material that can decorate your greens any yard. In this case, it covers the roof of the building forms a sort of table and successfully replace a lawn

Paint your reality

If after all of this effort, the yard still seems gray to you, paint it green. Literally. This method can be used where the basis of the landscaping is still in growth mode. Pick vases green, paint the fence, use mosaic and other techniques that will allow you to revive the site, to make it more attractive.

Additional paint

This tiny courtyard is clearly not enough colors and greenery. The existing landscaping has been successfully supplemented with decorative tiles of different colors. It immediately revived surface

What plants are better to use?

There are no specific contraindications for the use of plants for concrete patios no, but some of them look in such circumstances, the most effectively. Regarding the selection of appropriate trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers should be taken care of at the stage of planning area.

In the Windows-oases, especially left of the paving will look good small species of iberis, pinks, sedums, saxifrage, timani and Alpine plants, for example, Antennaria. On the background of smooth surfaces will be useful perennials with carved, openwork leaf, herbs with creeping shoots. Cachedigest their furry fronds pleasantly enliven the area, and cascades of girlish grapes will give the garden a romantic fler.


Trimmed boxwood and looks very impressive and is growing as fast as many other plants. Special efforts such fence to create its owners will not be

For borders and edgings, you can choose a beautiful flowering species like graceful roses. Strict but low curbs will focus on the borders of the paving at the same time not allow other plants «to spread». Looks very picturesque clipped boxwood. Ridges of Lantana will add juicy colour. Great feel with sidewalks, irises and Hosta.

If you plan to place in the gaps between the plates moss or resistant to trampling the grass, you need to think in advance about how to deal with the weeds. Because some methods of dealing with them can hurt the living and decorative coating. Weeding manually is not the best method, but herbicides should be applied in time. Treat them paved areas, and their Foundation until the moment of laying stones or tiles and planting.

Examples for areas in different styles

And paving, and planting should be done in the same style. The starting point of landscape design can be considered architecture of the main Lodge. Housing is a key element of the plot, and the visual appearance of the rest of the filling should be fully in harmony with.

The plot of the Slavic spirit

A massive log structure blends perfectly with the wrought iron items and stone. Brick and tile, because of its excessive geometric, will look alien. The framing greenery, the paving and the entire site in General is just necessary because of the natural Slavic style, his attraction to nature.

Slavic style

Chopped hut in the Slavic style looks great next to the pond and paved area. Landscaping around the perimeter creates the illusion of a forest, and the lush greenery between the plates looks very impressive

The style of the European country

The basis of the country can become half-timbered building or in the Chalet. In the first case will be the most harmonious path, as if drawn with a ruler. To cover often use paving stones or bricks. Very well maintained and manicured lawns and ridges or beds with neatly cut bushes and trees complement the picture.

In the case of the Chalet do not forget that this type of buildings is characteristic of mountainous terrain. Therefore, the abundance of stones in combination with rock gardens and mixed borders will look more natural. The perfect complement will be a variety of evergreens, including spruce, juniper.


The area looks very well maintained. Paved with stone blocks, the track brings back memories associated with a small but very neat at any time of the year German towns

Pure English yard

The house defiantly open the front part of the track is delineated by a border, which is framed by bright flower beds. The successful combination of greenery and paving is present on the rear yard of the site. There can be and pergolas entwined with roses and high hedges. Abundance of all kinds of plants is complemented by trees and flowers in pots and tubs.

English style

The abundance of flowers and lush greenery as the front of the house and the back patio is characteristic of the English style

The style of a Japanese garden

A Japanese garden is possible to arrange anywhere, even a tiny plot. In our example, the landscaping is limited to a few bushes of grass and a single tree. A square tile which covered the whole plot area, in combination with the round window of Korjenevskoy steel and a large number of stones looks stylish and modern.

Japanese style

Restrained Japanese style does not require much cost. All very nice and simple. The pink petals of the blossoming Sakura will not clog, and in addition to decorate this amazing garden

An interesting addition might be a great stone engraved in the center bowl. The water in the bowl and pebbles on the bottom create a stylized mini-pond. It is ideal for relaxation and meditation.


There is nothing superfluous in this garden. Every detail you want to get a better look now, and later return and once again enjoy its mysterious beauty

Maybe leave everything as is?

As you can see, you can make a beautiful and neat paved or concreted patio, which will be easy to care for. Properly applied in this case landscaping is not only not disturb the harmony of the site, but will Supplement it those colors for which the townspeople leave their apartments. Do, and you will not regret it.

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