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Basket garden plants: examples of best varieties and some design ideas

Basket garden plants: examples of best varieties and some design ideas

Hanging plant called ornamental plants that have long flexible stems and look beautiful in hanging pots. Stem basket, as a rule, is not able to support himself, he needs either to rely on something, or hanging down. This property makes ampelnye plants for garden is very popular among the gardeners. Such ornamental crops — in our case, mostly annuals, they grow quickly, bloom almost all summer, and in the short term can turn adjacent to the house territory and separate parts of the garden to places of amazing beauty, inviting to relax among the splendor of colors of nature.

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Hanging plant garden

The garden around the house created using a basket of plants they are placed around the perimeter, hanging from the porch. Their sumptuous blooms can completely change the appearance of the plot

What varieties basket it is better to put on the site?

Let’s consider some garden basket of plants that bloom beautifully and unpretentious.

Option #1 — hanging begonia

A wonderful plant with a small scarlet or bright red flowers on a delicate, flexible and long stems. The flowers look like small chrysanthemums. This is a pretty strange plant that does not tolerate hot weather, needs frequent watering. In the bright sun begonia positioning is not necessary, it is necessary to select the shaded area. If your location is too hot in the summer, this plant for the garden is not suitable.

Basket begonia

If ampelnoe begonias in your garden feels well, she will delight you with bountiful blooms. Even one pot with this beauty will decorate the gazebo, veranda or terrace. Try to keep the plant does not get direct sunlight

Option #2 — pelargonium

One of the most undemanding of plants – pelargonium (or geranium). Geraniums love the sun, warm, not afraid of drought. The plant is not lost, if you will be absent for a long time, and there will be nobody to water.


There are many species of pelargonium that grow well on the street and in the apartment. Boxes of blooming geraniums can be placed in any Sunny area of the garden, under the Windows. This plant looks good in flowerbeds

Option #3 — Lobelia

Lobelia – ampelnoe plant, which is also well suited for a garden can grow in the sun and slightly shaded areas. Lobelia need to grow in moist, humus-rich soil.


With Lobelia it is possible to make a kind of «edging» some garden buildings, or, for example, fence

Option #4 — ampelnoe Petunia

Ampelnoe Petunia is known to all. Its bright, beautiful flowers purple, lilac and red colors in the summer can be found not only in gardens but also as a decoration for urban balconies and cafe terraces. Petunias need regular watering, well-lit, warm location and fertile soil. She will delight you with their blooms before the cold weather.


Decoration track using ampelnoe petunias. Such two beautiful pots on wrought iron stands are sold in flower shops and the flowers colorful flowers in them look just gorgeous

Option #5 — bacopa

Bacopa is a perennial plant, but we more often used as an annual plant. Blooms throughout the warm period, grows in sun or partial shade. The soil should be watered sparingly, so it doesn’t dry out and was not overly moist.


Bacopa is known for its simplicity of maintenance. There are varieties with white flowers — as in this photo, as well as with lilac and purple colors

Flowering basket plant, of course, favorites among fans to decorate your garden. But there are not blooming varieties of ampeli that can transform any plain or even dreary place into a pleasant place to stay.

Option #6 — dichondra

Basket dichondra – our new flower market. It is a leafy herb whose stems may reach five feet in length. Leaves dichondra small, rounded. Can be green or silver color. The plant is perfect for vertical gardening and creating a carpet on the ground.


Here’s a carpet can form on earth dichondra. Can be positioned symmetrically shoots, guiding them through the tile


Dichondra, hanging from pots, looks pretty unusual. Such a cascade of green or silvery lush greenery will add charm to any spot in the garden

Types of basket plants, there are many, this is only a small part of them. All the above plants grow well in our gardens, special care of it is not required, but to turn the plot in a wonderful area with them is a snap. You only need to pay attention to them, to care, timely watering.

Examples of decorating the garden with a basket

The beauty of ampeli that to grow them is simple, and you don’t even have to grow them yourself, and buy already flowering plants in pots, or purchase a beautiful decorative pots and transplanted into plants – Petunia, pelargonium, fuchsia, begonia.

Ampeli in the garden

Beautiful wall basket plants, arranged in tiers

Country style

Garden basket arrangement of country style. If there is no cart, you can use decorative well, the fence

The decor of the patio

Placing ampeli the walls, you can create a cozy small courtyard

With a basket of plants it is possible to make beautiful patio, gazebo, terrace. They will be good, placed in tubs along the garden paths. A beautiful combination can form ampelnye plants and vines. Vines can twine the fence, the wall of the house or other buildings and spectacular green backdrop for ampeli. If you have not enough time to grow plants in the garden, decorate the garden with a basket of plants, placing them in hanging pots and outdoor decorative pots everywhere, and you will see that your garden will become a Paradise.

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