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Hedge of Linden

Green fence of trees or shrubs is almost eternal fence, with which the beauty can’t compare no other. Besides, it has high functionality:

  • protects the yard from prying eyes;
  • protects the house from street noise and dust;
  • protects the soil on your land from erosion, which is caused by strong winds;
    Hedge of Linden
  • is part of the ecosystem that adorn the landscape design of the estate.

As a live fence planted various trees. For this purpose often use a small-leaved lime. It is undemanding to soil, frost-resistant, not afraid of shadows, able to turn green more than four years. Molding haircut tolerated it without adverse effects. The height of fencing may be greater than 2 m. Over time, the shrub becomes thicker and turns into a dense green wall.

Hedge of Linden

The construction of hedges of lime with their hands ↑

For the realization of this idea will need a small set of simple tools:

  • roulette;
  • shovel;
  • planting material;
  • fertilizer;
  • water.

Begin with choosing locations for future hedges. After this stocking planting material. It can be the seeds of a Linden, its stem cuttings, root shoots or seedlings. They all, in their own way, affect the timing of the erection of the green fence.

For growing seedlings from seeds will take 10 to 12 years. Besides, it’s very time-consuming process of building hedges with his hands. Here it is necessary to observe technology of preparation of seed. Grain 5-6 months kept cold, by placing in a box with sawdust or sand and constantly moistening with water. And sow them in an open unshaded soil in early spring. Full seedlings of Tilia cordata can be grown well indoors.

Hedge of Linden

Then the young shoots are transplanted at the site of the future fence. Time of year doesn’t matter here. They have a remarkable property: root in the spring, summer and autumn. The holes for them are made with a diameter and depth not less than semimeter. The bottom 10-15 cm is lined with a drainage layer of pebbles or broken bricks, and then the same thickness laying the mulch. On this layer place a tree and covered with soil mix of loam, compost and sand. The first two years of the Linden saplings need regular watering and fertilization.

The Council! With the onset of winter, the young shoots require protection from severe frosts.

On the reproduction of the lime stem cuttings requires less time. For this early spring adult sturdy tree cut down, leaving a stump height of 5 cm For putty cut down use garden var. Soon there is a lot of shoots. Two years later, with the onset of warm days, they Crouch in a prepared trench and hilling the earth.

You will need 1-2 years to ensure that they have formed a rhizome. Only then are they ready to separate and land on the site of the future fence. From one stump you can get about 15 quality spikes with a height of five feet. The order of planting is the same as that of shoots grown from seed. Seedlings are ready for the construction with his own hands the hedge of Linden can be bought in the nursery. There they are sold in standard sizes in height of 50-70 cm.

There is another method of growing a green fence. Choose a small-leaved lime by the age of about 15 years, and cut off her crown. Stump transplanted to the site of the future fence. Place saw cut, cover with garden pitch, sprinkled the ground. Growth appears after 12-15 days. This is the basis for the future fence, the cultivation of which will not need more than four years.

Hedge of Linden

Methods of planting of lime ↑

Planting young trees lime trees for hedges in different ways. Here are some examples:

Classic planting: dig pits in two rows, and always in a checkerboard pattern.

Hedge of Linden

Stroke fit in a single row is used for the construction of long hedges of lime trees along the roads and boulevards.

Hedge of Linden

Undulating planting as a decorative element is applied not so often, usually on small plots.

Hedge of Linden

Haircut ↑

Planting seedlings, they should be watered abundantly. Cut the hedge of lime begin next year. It is desirable to produce with the advent of spring, when the buds have not blossomed. Over the next two years, three times in the season they need a dressing of nitrogenous fertilizer. Mature trees Linden watered only in very dry season. Important! For a quick and successful formation of side shoots of Linden should not be the first pruning to shorten branches is more than one-third

The second cut produce in the fall. Overall, the hedge of Linden undergoes this procedure three times a year: at the beginning of spring; in July, the end of growth of the branches; in late August for cosmetic cleaning.

Hedge of Linden

Maintaining such fence in good condition requires considerable labor costs. But it is a wonderful drive, especially the elderly, under the honeyed scent of Linden blossoms to do useful work in the fresh air, and then is happy to show the neighbors and guests the results of their work.

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