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Geranium cottage

Potted geraniums familiar to most people from childhood. The second name of the flower – pelargonium, its use in landscape design garden recently received widespread. This is due to the attractive appearance of the plant, variety of species and high medicinal properties. A more thorough acquaintance with old friends will open a lot of interesting facts and perhaps soon your cottage will be decorated with aesthetic geranium.

Geranium cottage

Characteristic features of plants ↑

Native pelargonium from South Africa, its ability to bloom throughout the summer ensured a wide application not only as indoor plants, but also as a decoration of balcony or garden.

Geranium cottage

The landscape design specialists prefer the geranium in the development for several reasons:

  • easy maintenance;
  • species diversity allows an exquisite addition to any composition;
  • the possibility of planting in containers.

Different types of geraniums can be represented as herbaceous plants or dwarf shrubs, belong to perennial crops. A color palette inflorescence of pelargonium have different shapes: it can be flaps, umbrellas or large Terry «caps». Stems of geranium meet straight or branched prostrate, the leaves are different decorative appearance.

Geranium cottage

Choose a favorable place ↑

To get landscape design garden geraniums, blooming for a long period of time, you must create favorable conditions. At the initial stage should choose the place that meets the requirements of quality development of the plant. The preference for open Sunny places in the garden, polysterene areas also acceptable.

Geranium cottage

Pelargonium likes moist air and fertile soil with good drainage properties.

The Council! When choosing a place in landscape design for classic types of geraniums consider the location of the groundwater level, too the close proximity of moisture from the root system of the plant does not like.

Geranium cottage

Rules of planting in the open ground ↑

Though pelargonium and is a perennial colors, the climate of the middle band in the winter for it is too severe. Therefore, when growing outdoors there are some design features landscaping geraniums:

  • Optimal soil for a flower – neutral or slightly acidic.
  • The structure of the soil is light, availability of river sand or peat.
  • When autumn digging is recommended to add mineral fertilizer and humus.
  • Watering should be organized moderate, avoiding drying out the land. Short-term drought geraniums will endure bravely.
  • For the growth and development of pelargonium optimum temperature is +15onS. Therefore, light shade in hot climates is welcome.

Species diversity involves distinguishing features of plants, but in most cases, planting and care are the same. For rooting at the cottage green cuttings are planted in mixed composition of river sand and peat, at home come to the aid perlite.

Geranium cottage

Care pelargonium ↑

Being in the garden in the country, geraniums are able to bloom all summer. But every living organism requires rest, so about 2 months before the winter cold pelargonium translates into a state of rest. Exercise is very simple, just stop watering the flowers and feeding them fertilizers. With the beginning of spring geranium awaken and illuminate giving a new bloom. Better not to risk it with winter plants in the open ground, it is much safer to transplant geraniums in a pot and carry home.

Geranium cottage

To countryside cottages for a long time was decorated with lush flowering geraniums, it requires a complex fertilizer designed for flowering plants, and the regular tillage of the soil.

To awaken the active growth of pelargonium in the spring will help the trim for the tops of the shoots primeplus. Throw them do not have, will plant waste in the country, you will get extra flowers of geraniums in the landscape design of the site.

Geranium cottage

Watering pelargonium requires a metered approach. This plant is not welcomed overly moist soil. The natural abundance of water, formed as a result of prolonged rains, geranium outsource, and artificial irrigation in excess of needs, can lead to death of the plant.

The Council! Wilted geranium leaves located in the lower part of the trunk, the slopes of the rapid death. Leave them on pelargonium is not recommended regular clipping drooping greenery will maintain power to the rest of the flower.

In the autumn, when the geraniums will dry out and wither, the leaves and shoots are removed the supersoil and stand outside the cottages.

Geranium cottage

Breeding conditions ↑

To decorate the landscape design of the garden geraniums can be infinite, the many types will not allow the monotony. There are two main ways of pelargonium breeding – vegetative (green cuttings) and with the sowing of the seed.

Geranium cottage

Which method is more convenient and efficient, decide for yourself, after referring to the conditions of each:

  • Winter is the most suitable period for beginning of reproduction of geranium as the beginning of spring time landscaping the garden can be supplemented with new sprouts favorite flower. Vegetative method involves the planting of pelargonium cuttings in perlite or sand moistening. The stalk is clipped with the mother plants of geranium, transported from the country and stored at home at a temperature not exceeding +12onC. Since January, in terms of the 16 degrees of heat, the geranium cuttings begin to root, after which the temperature can increase by 5 degrees. The root system of process pelargonium is formed during 20 days after the end of the process, the geranium can be transplanted in compact pots and put in greenhouse for the purpose of hardening. Further development before landing in the country can continue on the window.
  • The period for seed propagation of geraniums similar stick to the method, the winter months are the most optimal for the commencement of the breeding of pelargonium. The seeds are placed in the prepared mixture of peat and river sand. The absence of the latter is not a significant problem. After 20 days we should see the first shoots of a future beauty geranium. During this period, the soil is moistened and covered with foil. After the formation of the young pelargonium three full leaves, seedlings dive into individual containers. To geranium cottage had a bushy shape, after 6 leaf plant pinch.
Comment! Geraniums are prone to rapid growth, so when planting pelargonium in the country in the ground, make sure there is sufficient free space.

Experience the beauty of the beds of red pelargonium in the next photo:

Geranium cottage

Diseases and pests ↑

Geranium cottage is not normally prone to diseases, however, the landscape design specialists warn of possible minor damage flower powdery mildew or brown spot. To prevent the spread of the disease will help the timely cutting plants in the country immediately after flowering. They strengthen geranium, healthy young shoots bravely takes the autumn chill. This also applies to large shrubs pelargonium, damaged in the country the disease. At the end of the flowering period, they completely mowed down. In their place will grow a new healthy plant.

If the damage of geranium brown spot, shoots undergo immediate circumcision, and destroyed by fire. The infection is a fungal infection that occurs exclusively in the rainy and cold summer, the geranium Bush in General not in serious danger.

Geranium cottage

Occasionally damage the root system of pelargonium beetle larvae of skosarev. In this case, geranium stops growing. Dried leaf edges appear in the result of their eating the adult beetle. To detect pests can night, dig up the plant and examining the root. In the identification of larvae should be removed, the root and the flower of pelargonium sprayed with a solution of fungicide.

Species of pelargonium ↑

To make landscape design garden pelargonium is a fascinating experience, because the plant has about 250 species.

Geranium cottage

In our region the most widespread the following types:

Pelargonium. The leaves of the flower has a light or dark green shade. This geranium is not intended for wintering in the open field, and needs to be transplanted and stored at a temperature not higher than 23onS. Pelargonium drought-resistant, but excessive moisture can not tolerate. Flowers can be white and shades of red: crimson, pink, dark red. This geranium is well developed on beds, in containers, pots and borders.

Geranium cottage

Pelargonium plusliga actively used by specialists of landscape design for vertical gardening garden. Fleshy leaves, sometimes with red edging, emphasize on the attention. No smell and hairiness of the leaves makes this species of geranium is similar in shape to the leaves of ivy. Length cascading shoots depending on the grade varies from 30 to 90 cm When transplanting in the winter with the suburban area in your home, Geran is able to bloom for the next season. The flowers come in lilac, white, red and pink. Basically, they are dressing-the fluffy appearance and bright color.

Geranium cottage

What sort of pelargonium you do not stop, the refinement of landscape design garden throughout the flowering period will be undeniable.

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