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Curbs for flower beds with their hands

With the onset of spring, we strive to bring order to the plot or in the country, to improve the territory near their homes, planted beautiful flowers and tidy shrubs and trees. Breaking flowerbed, gardeners are often faced with the question of what can make a border for flower beds. This question is better to think in advance, before the plant flowers. Choosing borders for flower beds, you need to determine the functions that you want the fence to provide borders for flower beds will be combined with other elements of garden design and also to determine your financial capabilities. The range of building stores a lot of decorative borders for flower beds, various cost and materials.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

If you do not have the means to purchase ready-made fences, or seeking to add personality to your garden plot can make the borders for flower beds with his own hands from scrap materials.

The purpose of the curbs for raised beds and flower beds:

  • to emphasize the accuracy, the harmony, to show the unity of style of your garden;
  • to limit the contours of flower beds or lawns, not allowing plants to grow outside, preventing root growth outside of the flower beds or garden beds;
  • to visually divide the garden into zones, giving it a beautiful and well-groomed appearance;
  • to protect the plants from the invasion of cats and dogs;
  • to protect the emerging sprouts from accidental trampling by the owners or their guests.

Before you figure out what sidewalks for beds to choose from, you need to determine the purposes for which it will be installed. For example, if the ground in the flower bed piled higher than the surrounding area, you need a solid fence of brick or stone, to keep the earth from spilling and erosion by rain and irrigation.

Planted to perennials growing on certain limits, the curb shall be buried in the ground at sufficient distance to limit root growth outside of the designated area. In this case, the border used brick, or natural stone on a concrete pad or solid metal fences, which can be purchased ready-made. It is necessary to dig in the ground to a depth specified in the instructions. So, you can enclose a flower bed or garden with raspberries and other creeping plants.

Garden borders for flower beds ↑

They can have different height, depending on what effect you want to obtain. For decorative purposes suitable plastic fence up to a height of 7cm, a curb for garden paths may be a little higher, to 10-15cm height.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

For fencing flower beds with large plants, shrubs, and trees suitable the fence about two feet tall, and miksbordera will be enough to put the curb line of flat stones or paving slabs, visually limiting the territory.

If you have multiple flower beds, lawns and other areas requiring fencing look good curbs, the same color, can be combined with fences of the same material, but different height, higher for the front garden and low for low flower beds.

It is important! The border should not restrict the view of flower beds or lawns, however, to perform decorative and protective functions.

If you prefer to solve the problem of fencing the flower beds without much trouble, you can buy beautiful ready-made fences in specialized stores. It can be a border for flower beds plastic or solid metal, forged metal bars or wooden fence, depending on your budget.

Consider each of the options of border read more.

Metal curbs ↑

Metal fences are durable, they are usually made for individual orders, so you can choose and order in the workshop of any option desired size. Well it will look like a wrought iron fence for flower beds if the design is already similar elements such as window grills, gates, external fence of the site. Using forged openwork lattice will be clearly visible flower garden, however they can beautifully weave climbing plants. The disadvantages include the relatively high cost and heavy weight of the bars, you may have installed will have to resort to using the wizards.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

Budget options ↑

Plastic curb ↑

Plastic curbs for raised beds and flower beds. Plastic will serve you for a long time, he will not be destroyed by humidity and seasonal temperature fluctuations, such as wood fences, it is simple enough to install yourself, if necessary, this enclosure is easy to remove for winter or install to a different location. Due to the variety of shapes, colors and sizes, you can choose the fencing that is most appropriate to your landscape design. There is a plastic curbs for flower beds that mimic wood, natural stone, such fences will look as natural as possible and of course.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

Varieties of plastic borders:

  • in separate sections, with sturdy pegs at the edges, which stuck in the ground along the perimeter of the flower bed, they are most easily installed and dismantled. Of such sections you can easily make a bed of interesting geometric shapes and also a multi-level flower garden;
  • flexible plastic tape, wound into a roll. This flexible line will allow to enclose a circular flower bed, or a winding path near the flower garden. The ribbon can be sectional curbs.
The Council! To make it easier to install the curb, leave it in the sun for a few hours unfolded. It will soften and will give the fence any geometric shape.

Ribbon curb ↑

To install the tape border for flower beds dig around her narrow groove. If you need protection from the growth of roots, the depth of the groove should be at the level of occurrence of the roots. Then cut the plastic tape of the desired length, tie the ends with a stapler, insert it into the groove, cover with soil and tamp well. With the outer sides you can decorate the border of pebbles, gravel, peat or other natural materials.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

If you have time and the desire to be creative, you can think about how to make a border for flower beds with their hands.

A border of pipes

With a little effort, you can build a border for flower beds, using available materials that are remaining after the construction or repair of the bricks, boards, even a rusty old pipe.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

Design of wood ↑

The most environmentally friendly material is traditionally considered a tree. Wooden fence does not overheat in the summer sun and will not cause plant burns in contact with him, and in the winter will prevent freezing of the plant roots. Over time, rotting in the ground, the tree will supply the plants with nutrients.

If you have skills in carpentry work, or you have enough planks, or of laths, try to show them in a wooden fence. For this you need to prepare the wooden planks of equal thickness and height, the upper ends of the desire to leave the smooth or round out, attach them to a long crossbar. Around the perimeter of the flower beds, clog the pegs and pull the rope, 1.5-2метра from each other buried posts which will be attached to the harvested section. For greater strength and durability of fence posts can be concreted. Then to posts-reasons to kill collected from the modules of sections. The finished fence is preferably impregnated with a special solution to protect against fungus and mold, if desired after drying, paint with paint or varnish.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

The original fence rustic weave of the wicker. The rods are cut in early spring in the willows on the banks of water bodies, purified from the bark, cut to the same length. The perimeter of the flower bed or garden stuff in the ground sturdy pegs at a small distance from each other, then entwine them with rods according to the principle of weaving baskets. 3-4 number rattle the bars with a hammer to seal, and continue to braid the pegs to the desired height. As a result, you’ll have a durable fence to protect your planting at least a few years.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

For fencing flower beds also used the remains of the logs, churbachki, pegs. Need to pick up the required number of pegs or sticks about the same thickness, cut them to the height to the desired size, remove the bark, it is desirable to protect from fungus to treat the wood protective solution. Then buried them in the ground around the perimeter of the flower beds close to each other, as in the photo.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

Brick curb ↑

Will last a long time border brick for beds, it is able to build independently, but will have some work to do. If you are planning a low border, in 2-3 rows, and the bricks would lie flat, you can just put bricks around the perimeter of the flower beds.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

For greater reliability, the brickwork it is better to do on a concrete base and then seal with cement mortar lay bricks. The solution is to add a special glue for greater strength and rigidity. In this embodiment, the bricks can be laid out and inclined, as in the photo.

A border of stone ↑

Beautiful, reliable and durable border for flower beds or flower bed get from a natural stone. The perimeter of the flower bed to dig a trench across the width not less than the size of the stones, fill it with concrete and push it up the large stones. If you intend to lay out several rows of stones at each other, they must also be bonded with concrete mortar. The gaps between the large stones filled with stones of smaller size.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

If your plan is just one of a number of large boulders as in the photo, they can be lightly dug into the ground, without using concrete. You will receive an original kerb stone for flower beds, with minimal effort. If you want you can put small pebbles on the path to a flowerbed, make a stone mosaic.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

A border of plastic bottles

The most budget option to get rid of the trash, the curb cut for flower beds out of plastic bottles. Can instead use plastic and glass bottles, the border is original, but is more fragile, and if the bottle will break, and you can wounded by shrapnel.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

But if you want to, can, and glass to build the massive structure. To make the border of plastic bottles, first of all, you need to stock up on the necessary number of bottles, preferably of the same size, the same color or different, alternating between them. Then that the plastic is not deformed, it is necessary to fill the bottle with earth, or sand, or other loose material, and to tighten the tube. Then you need to dig the bottle in the ground upside down on fence line close to each other.

Curbs for flower beds with their hands

This border will serve not one year, and in case of need you can easily replace the defective bottle or to dismantle the entire fence, if you want to change the decor of your area.

But if you want to make a decorative border for flower beds, will need to try, but the result is worth it. Such a fence certainly will not be your neighbors.

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