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How to make beautiful beds in your garden: a collection of original ideas

How to make beautiful beds in your garden: a collection of original ideas

When the truckers smash the beds, they are increasingly moving away from traditional rectangular shapes to give the garden an interesting look. And if the area lack of space, so I want the yard to be broken, and create a pleasant landscape, while maintaining a place to grow «vitamins». In this case, instead break a beautiful flower beds the beds that delight the eye not worse than blooming roses or petunias. What are some of the salads, which have a richness of color and leaf form allows you to create amazing compositions! We have gathered an interesting collection of ideas to create unconventional garden. Perhaps someone from creative gardeners are ways to design the landscape will appeal.

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Mixed planting: a combination of beauty and utility for plants

The easiest way to give the garden aesthetics – planting not monogrades, and mixed plantings. Agronomists have found that there are cultures, which put in close proximity, it is possible to improve the yield and to get rid of pests. But if they combine height and color, the garden will Shine with beautiful beds.

Mixed planting

Planting vegetable crops in strips creates beautiful geometric pattern and the different color of leaves emphasizes the uniqueness and decorative beds

Central bed that is viewed from all sides

If the garden turns out in the middle of the plot and viewed from all sides, the most advantageous round bed that will become the center of country songs. And it is necessary that on all sides it looked spectacular.

First, hold the layout of the ground, by driving on the center peg with the attached twine. A second peg (pointed) fixed at the other end of the filament at a distance equal to the radius of your future garden. And pulling the string tight, draw the earth circle, which will limit your lumberjack. Then narrow the radius by 10 cm, carving out a landing spot the last row. And so we move to the center of the bed, leaving the distance between the rows, necessary for normal growth of a particular culture. To make it easier to care for plants, divide the circle into sectors and paving to the center of the narrow track.

Compatibility table

Planting vegetables in the mixed garden beds, consider their compatibility level with each other, otherwise instead of a beautiful garden can turn a limp lifeless landscape

Next, determine which crops will be on the flower bed to plant. Thus take into account not only the favorable proximity, but similar growing conditions. Not worth trudging to plant vegetables (cucumber, zucchini), because they grow in sides and destroy the slender ranks. Best of all in this flower garden will look green, different types of cabbage, carrots, beets.

In the center of the plant tall plants, for example, to construct a support for the beans. Next – beets. After it sprouts, then the salad and finish with a cheerful strawberry bushes. All the plants selected with a gradual decrease in height, so either side of the bed will look spectacular, multi-tiered.

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The beds along the fence

If the garden is along the fence, beautiful garden beds for vegetables you can create, making them triangles. At the same time preserve the layering, positioning closer to the fence of high culture and gradually reducing the height.

An interesting solution may be planting narrow rows, like the ridges running along the tracks. For this purpose, suitable furry culture: curly parsley, salad, spinach. They planted one row of each variety, and in the foreground add low-growing flowers –primroses, pansies, daisies, etc. Unusual looks cabbage, alternating with the hosts.

High patch: create spectacular bumpers

Some owners create a beautiful garden at the cottage, lifting them above the surface of the earth and fencing, decorative boards. In this case «kill at once two hares»: better warm up the beds, not washed away by sudden heavy rains and the original landscape.

High bed

High bed, decorated willow fence, well heated, creates an interesting element in the landscape, but requires frequent watering in hot summer

High beds do not require deep digging. Enough to move the earth a garden pitchfork. But first, you need to plan the shape and location of all vegetable «flower beds» and to protect them, wcopa decorative skirting.

A rim of slate

The difficulty of creating a decorative rim of a slate that it is necessary to cut, but the soil in this bed will not be too runny

As sides you can use:

  • cut into strips slate (if it’s gray, you can pre-paint);
  • willow or vine with fantastic decorative fence;
  • painted Board;
  • bricks or pavers;
  • large stones, fastened with a concrete solution;
  • old plastic boxes;
  • empty bottles;
  • finished plastic fences.

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The rim of the old boxes

Old plastic boxes without a bottom, stacked in two tiers create the necessary height for the beds and look very unusual

Paths between the beds

Perfectly smooth and well maintained paths between the beds create a beautiful geometric image and thereby enhance the decorative effect of the composition

Ennobled by the side of the bed is placed a waste-paper, rags, kitchen waste, cleaning, etc. on Top covered with a layer of leaves and crushed grass and the last layer fill it up. This cake will gradually decompose, releasing a large amount of heat, and even on cold days the root system of plants will feel comfortable.

When the beds created, it is necessary to Refine and walkways, or the landscape doesn’t look complete. The easiest way to compacted and sown with lawn grass. But if you want more effect, you have to buy geotextile, covered them with earth, and atop to fill decorative gravel, bark or sawdust painted.

Vertical beds: rescue on very small areas

Within the city limits are so small plots that for the full garden is just not enough land. In this case, the resourceful owners build with their hands beautiful vertical garden. But not every vegetable can grow in such conditions. Vertical gardening lend themselves well to the strawberries, salads, onions, herbs (Basil, Melissa, etc.), cucumbers and courgettes (under continuous irrigation). There are many ways how to make a beautiful vertical garden.

Option #1 — the pyramid of tires

First, the tires are painted, then covered with soil, the lower tier, to establish a second, etc., Seeds are sown only in the loose corners with the earth. This mode provides excellent resistance to greens and radishes.

Bed of tires

A bed of tires should be painted in light color to rubber is not too much heated by the sun and not too dry roots of plants

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Option #2 — green wall

If the plot is fenced with a wooden fence or have an ugly outhouse, then they can easily turn into a green wall, beat rows of plastic boxes and landed them in vegetable crops.

Vertical garden

With the help of wooden boxes, nailed in rows to the wall, you can decorate an old farm building that does not fit into the landscape

The second option is to tie a plastic bottle, cut the top small hole and fill half the capacity of light soil.

A wall of bottles

Bottled in such containers is quite compatible remanenta strawberries, which gives a large number of whiskers, beautiful hanging down and decorated with red berries

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Option #3 — cucumber arch

From cucumbers and other vegetables twine to create a decorative arch. Each cucumber plant in a plastic container, made from thin pipes pergola or arch and put all the pots on bottom bracket design. As the extension of the cucumbers, their runners should guide and tie until they firmly engage a mustache for the frame.

Cucumber arch

Care for cucumbers planted in containers, it is much easier, don’t require weeding and spraying against fungal diseases

Creative gardeners come up with many interesting ways to decorate a boring patch. If you are one of them – definitely try the above mentioned ways, adding something of their own.

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