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Aeroponika with their hands, collect a rich harvest out of the air

Aeroponika with their hands, collect a rich harvest out of the air

Soilless cultivation of plants is a relatively new, but already widespread technology that allows you to enjoy the fruits of a rich harvest literally from the air. After all, according to scientists, the intensity of development of plants depends on the amount of air access to the roots. Aeroponika their hands – the perfect opportunity to grow plants free of dust, dirt, and while solving this way the problem of pest control and soil omednennymi.

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The principle of aeroponic plants

If to take for a basis of way of eating roots, then there are two types of systems:

  • Container in which the roots of plants by one-third immersed in the nutrient solution for Aeroponics.
  • System that the specified interval sprayed the root system of plants.

Thanks to the alternation of the roots of a cloud of very fine particles with nutrients and enriched air, the plants grow much faster, delighting the eye with a riot of colors during flowering and a rich harvest.

The effects of aeroponic systems, the roots of plants

Aeroponics systems are designed for maximum saturation of the root system with oxygen and nutrients

System the first method of execution is designed for home use.

Aeroponika for home use

The package of compact units include electronic controllers and sensors to maintain the optimum conditions for the growth and development of plants

Installation Aeroponics the second embodiment, more used in industrial scale.

Aeroponika on an industrial scale

The design of the system is constructed in such a way that the aboveground part of the plant was located on the shelves, and the root system in a sealed container, which is supported by the necessary air environment

Aeroponika the house and the country: advantages and disadvantages

The secret of popularity of modern technologies of plant cultivation before the traditional system is the number of advantages, principal among which are:

  • Space saving. To install systems Aeroponics not required to use a large area. The compact unit can be placed on vertical shelves, creating multiple layers of vegetation composition and thus saving space.
  • The creation of optimal conditions for growing plants. The installation allows you to provide the root system of plants rich in oxygen and nutrients, stimulating the intensity of development and rich fruiting. The roots of the plants grown in Aeroponics, covered «fuzz» moisture absorbing hairs, so they have increased capacity for oxygen saturation and increases the availability of nutrients.
  • Easy maintenance. As the above-ground part of plants and root system is conveniently overlooked. This allows at any time to assess the condition and to detect, and then remove the diseased part. The technology care is only to regulate the mode of lighting and power, including the period of vegetation of plants and time of year.

Because the installations are not provided for a reserve stock, with the termination of work, the plant roots quickly dry out, resulting in loss of the crop. Therefore, it is desirable to provide methods of providing automatic standby power supply and the presence of filters in the flow system nutrient solution.

Compact aeroponic setup

Vulnerable Aeroponics systems is their susceptibility to failure timer & power outages

Visual comparison of growing lettuce on Aeroponics and on the substrate:

Build aeroponic system for 6 plants

For the manufacture of aeroponically system your hands need to prepare a large capacity. The plants themselves will be placed in six pots smaller diameters.

A large tank to install the system

For this purpose it is possible to buy 70-liter flower pot, which will act as a reservoir for the content roots

Large tank covered with a lid in which the pre-cut holes for placing pots. As a material for making lids can be used in PVC sheet, which has sufficient strength and high moisture resistance. You can buy it at any hardware store.

On the worksheet, measure out a circle whose diameter corresponds to the diameter of the upper side of the large pot. On the same principle of the proposed placement and trace circles for cutting holes for the construction of six small pots. Cut the circumference of the cover and holes for small pots, you can use the jigsaw.

Preparation and arrangement of the pots with a small diameter

For turning small pots in hydroelastic you must use a soldering iron to run in the walls and bottom products small «punctures»

The design is ready. It remains to equip it with a spray system. For this you need to buy or prepare:

  • Pump for indoor fountains at 2500 l/h;
  • Spinner for watering the lawn;
  • A piece of metal 50 cm;
  • 2 adapter for metal.

On the pump install the adapter, to fix him a plate of metal, the other end of which is connected to the turntable by the adapter.

Construction of water supply system

The system installed at the bottom of the tank. Due to the fact that the chopper has a different angle of the feeding streams, we can always adjust the most comfortable placement

The chopper pump is installed on the bottom of the tank in which poured the solution and cover with a lid. As plugs you can use an ordinary pipe to drain. The system is ready for work, left connected to the power supply and adjust the angle of the flow and dispersion of the jets in pots.

To fasten plants in pots, you can use a soft clip to produce which is simply water-resistant synthetic foam. Nutrient solutions can be purchased ready-made in the gardening specialty stores. They include potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen and other essential plant growth trace elements.

Aeroponika in a home greenhouse:

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