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The plumbing at the dacha with his hands: permanent and summer options

The plumbing at the dacha with his hands: permanent and summer options

Any cottager, and especially accustomed to the comfort of the citizen, understood as a necessary water supply system in a country house. Without it difficult to care for plots, it is impossible to use appliances, even to wash the dishes or take a shower quite difficult. That is why the owner of the house, in the end, think about how to do the plumbing at the dacha with his hands. Self-installation is a big savings and valuable experience which is useful for service or repair of the water system.

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The device of Autonomous water supply

Ideally, installation of a water pipeline is being discussed at the design stage at home: make up a phased plan, draw a diagram of arrangement of pipes and mechanisms, calculate the estimate, produces the purchase of equipment. For mounting balerno-metering station will suit a small room on the first floor with an area of 2-3 m?. Installing technical devices and the input node of the water in the same room, it is convenient to monitor the process water flow and regulate it.

The scheme of the equipment.

Diagram of the water with the use of polypropylene pipes

The local water supply system consists of the following equipment:

  • tubing (metal, plastic, polypropylene) with a set of fittings and valves;
  • pumping mechanisms pumping station and submersible pump;
  • equipment for adjusting a certain pressure in the system – pressure gauge, pressure switch, accumulator (expansion tank);
  • electrical support automatic protection;
  • filters for water purification from impurities and suspended particles;
  • water heater (preferably cumulative).

Some will be interesting how the winter water in the country. So, the definition of «winter» this does not mean that it is used only in the winter. This device water in the country has a capital scheme, which works correctly all year round.

Scheme winter water

Winter plumbing at the cottage require insulation of the pipes from the water intake to bolinaga site

Installation of pumping equipment

Of course, the strip of water in the country is impossible without a water source. Typically use a pre-equipped well captainu spring chamber or bore. Each source has its pros and cons. For example, the water in the well is much cleaner, but the drilling will result in a large amount. Much cheaper to dig a well, equipped it with a submersible pump and installing a three-stage filter system for water purification.

The flow of water into the house from the source is carried out by using pumping equipment:

  • Submersible pump. Maintains the water level at 20 meters, running silent. Pump with non-return valve complement accumulator, reservoir host, the automatic unit and the distributing unit with fittings. When you select should pay attention to the material of the impeller. Waste water is better to use the wheel made of stainless steel.

What will be the selected pump, submersible or surface, depends on its location

  • Surface pump. Used if the water level is less than 8 m Installed in the room, combining with the well supply pipe.
  • Automatic pumping station. The hydraulic part is separated from the motor by a partition. Diesel or gasoline generator is often used for pumping groundwater or irrigation area. The station consists of a pump, accumulator and control unit. Storage tank at the same time plays the role of a spare tank, and also prevents a frequent switching of the pump. Cheap pump station produce loud noise (e.g., «Dzhileks»), so it’s best to install the equipment of new generation (JP Grundfos, Espa Technoplus).

Features the laying of water supply in the house

Reliable product supply in the country depends largely on the quality of the pipes. To avoid the imminent repair will enable reliable, durable material. Easy to install and have excellent performance polypropylene welded pipe green color «Banninger» (diameter 25 mm). They are more expensive than traditional white pipes (for example, «Pro Aqua») by 30%, but resistant to temperature changes and preserve the integrity even in the cold.

For welding of PP pipes use a soldering iron-«iron», which can be purchased in the store for 2-3 thousand rubles.

Soldering iron for pipes

Soldering iron for polypropylene pipes can be rented from 250 to 300 rubles a day

Some of the parts of the duct collect «on weight», and then assemble in the room. We must remember that about 8 cm of pipe required for welding, therefore, each segment of water pipe is calculated in advance.

Pipes for water supply

Some elements of the pipes is better to fix on the spot, using special holders

The routing of the pipes is selected on the basis of the layout of the rooms and ease of installation. If the room is planned suspension design, traditional low installation above the floor, you can replace the top mounting under the ceiling. Such laying of pipes optimal for the bathroom or kitchen.

The location of the pipes under the ceiling

The top position of the tubes (near the ceiling) has its advantages: fast heating and rapid draining of water

To adjust the pressure in the pipes will require the expansion tank. Tanks with capacity of 100 l is sufficient for the water supply system two-storey house. This does not mean that the tank will be able to collect 100 liters of water, it is filled about one-third (at a pressure of 3 ATM.). Therefore, if necessary, by the expansion tank larger.

Expansion tank

The installation of plumbing in balerna node should start with the installation of expansion and water tanks

There she feature. Expansion tanks for heating — red, tanks for water supply — blue.

Installation of filters for water purification

The water was not just clean, but safe and useful, you need to install multi-stage filtration system. The variety of filters in the stores to choose the most appropriate model, depending on the composition of water.

Assume that the water in the well, which is used for home water, saturated with iron. In this case, suitable purification system of the two filters that can be installed in two identical flasks:

  • 1 – ion-exchange filter, removing from water dissolved iron. An example of such a filter is products Big Blue. The cost of the bulb is 1.5 thousand rubles, cartridge – 3.5 thousand rubles. If the rate of iron in water is 1 mg/l, the yield is 60 cubic meters.
Ion exchange filter

To lubricate the rubber seal plumbing use vaseline to further easily remove the bulb

  • 2 – carbon filter for mechanical cleaning.
Carbon filter

A carbon filter is needed for mechanical and chemical cleaning of water

To find out the suitability of water for drinking, the sample should be taken for analysis. If the results are poor, is to put another filter, and the water have to boil before drinking.

Summer water supply — temporary structure

Summer water supply is suitable for the cottagers, who ran only in the warm time of the year. The purpose of this system is to provide irrigation of garden beds and flower beds, working shower and appliances. At the end of the season, the equipment is washed, disassembled and preserved until the following summer.

It is easy to arrange a summer water villas with their own hands. For this purpose, a system of flexible hoses with adapters. The main pressure falls on the connecting elements, so they are made of plastic or galvanized steel. Steel is stronger and more stable than plastic counterparts, but are more expensive.

Summer water supply

Summer water supply in the country is used only in the warm period

There are two options for laying hoses (pipes):

  • Water is on the surface of the soil. Plus – easy mounting and Dismounting. Minus the possibility of breakage.
  • Pipe buried shallow in the ground, on the surface there are only cranes. During operation, the system does not interfere, and if desired, it is easy to dig up and dismantle.
Summer water pipe

One of the purposes of the summer water supply — watering of the beds. The pipes lie freely on the surface of the earth

You should know how to make water in the country, to the end of the season it was easy to flush from the pipes. To do this, create a slight slope to drain. At the lowest point of the plumbing set the valve’s flush to the winter when it freezes it is not severed pipes and hoses.

When installing winter or summer the system is necessary to monitor the safety of the electrical network. For this purpose, use sealed connectors and waterproof sockets.

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