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How to do well with their hands — step-by-step example of the construction

How to do well with their hands — step-by-step example of the construction

The usual disruptions in the water system, the owners of private houses must be added to the site alternative source of water supply. Because utilities, as luck would have it, carry out preventive work in the summer when water is needed and the garden and flower beds. Well – more modern source of drinking water, but to build it you need special equipment. If you have decided from the beginning to the end to do everything on the site yourself, then the easiest way is to build a well with their hands.

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Choose a place for well

When choosing on a plot designated for a structure determining factor is the quality and quantity of groundwater. How to find the places with the best water, we have already mentioned, so consider a few points that are worth considering.

  1. Allowed to dig a well only away from different sources of domestic pollution in the soil. Ie from the toilet, places, Pets and manure heaps must be at least 30 meters.
  2. If you have a standalone drainage, which has no bottom, you either have to redo it, making a fully sealed (and it is better to put the original plastic container!), either to abandon the construction of any wells with their hands. Groundwater will denounce the source of household water, and your water will not only taste good, but smelly, and unsafe.
  3. To avoid runoff from the neighbors, it is better to locate the well on high ground, where according to laws of physics the liquid just won’t flow.
  4. If you keep animals (cow, pigs, etc.), which need daily watering, then place the well approximately equal to the distance between the house and the barns. For household needs to put the wells closer to home (but not tailgating, and keeping at least 5 meters from the buildings).

Before you start to do well, wait for the right season, i.e. autumn or winter, when the water table are at the maximum depth. If you begin work in the spring, the land at this time, as perched that 90% of the time on it and you will get. Then in the summer your well will always be dry.

Mine or tubewell: which is better?

There are two types of manhole construction: shaft and tube. Tubular usually put a few pieces on the village. They were called columns, and the water was fetched from the depth of hand pump. Put a tubewell in the areas where the waters are shallow, can be created quickly, but! It is not digging and drilled. Accordingly, it is necessary equipment for drilling.


Tubewell without special equipment it is impossible to create

We consider the easiest way to do well, and so the tubular doesn’t suit us.

Mine well

Dug well can build even one person

There is one option – mine that the usual dig with a shovel held by each owner. It is traditional for the private sector the type of structure, because it is the easiest one to create their own.

How well mine type?

Knowing the device shaft of the well, it will be easier with your hands to create it. In design there are three main parts:

  • the inlet is the lower part that serves to collect and filter water.
  • trunk all underground construction over the inlet. It does not fall to the ground and not let inside the Bank, while maintaining water quality.
  • headroom – all that is outside, above ground. It does not penetrate in the water, dust particles, debris, and in winter, protects from freezing.

In addition to the basic elements that need more that we raise the water up. This gate, chain, bucket.

Preparing for excavation: exploring your TB

Inexperienced owners often forget about basic safety rules, the violation of which may jeopardize the health of the person working in the mine. Remind them to avoid injuries.

  • Digger needs to have on the head a safety helmet. If you fall through the bucket, find a helper, it will help to avoid injury.
  • The bucket soil pick up on the thick ropes, rings down the ropes.
  • In the digging of the mine over 6 meters on the bucket record 2 rope: main and backup.
  • For insurance from the ground digging should be tied with a rope, second end of which is firmly fixed to something solid on the surface.
  • If mine turns out deep, be sure to periodically check that there is no contamination. To do this, you burn the candle. If goes out – so a lot of gas, and it is necessary to erode. This climbs out of the mine, tied to a rope a large blanket and a few times it is lowered to the bottom and back. Usually gases with a blanket rise up. Now you can go, test the air quality of the candle and continue working. If the gas doesn’t come out, will have to find a fan and put it down.

The sequence of excavation of the underground part

In the old days trunks were made of wood. Today the easiest way to make stem a part of prefabricated concrete rings. But if you order correctly pick up the size. Again we do not use the technique, then each ring will have to lift, roll, and for large dimensions it would be impossible. Optimal ring height – 25 cm Diameter of the inner walls pick up at least a meter, otherwise it will be cramped and uncomfortable digging. To reduce the load on hands, find a winch or tripod. With the help of her and the excess earth removed easier and with the rings is much more manageable.

Tripod with chain hoist

The tripod will allow you to avoid unnecessary load when lowering concrete rings

Consider how to build a well with their hands, using ready-made rings.

Digging the trunk and lower rings

The procedure works the following:

  • Digging with a shovel, which has a short handle, because it is easier to handle in tight spaces.
  • Deep in the ground for half a meter, put the first ring. Pull up the winch, directed exactly on mine and lowered. Under its own weight the concrete will gradually settle down deeper and deeper. You can even jump on it to quickly utaplivaet.
  • Dug out another 0.25 of a meter, put the next ring and so on, until you reach the aquifer. Ring try to put as tightly as possible, and not to be moved to the side, fixed to each other with metal brackets.
Digging the well

When deepened by half a meter — it’s time to roll up the first concrete ring

Stacking rings

Rings should be placed strictly vertically, so each installation check the plumb

This approach to water get about 5 days.

Important! There is another option of digging: first completely dig the mine, and only then pull all the rings. Without practice, this method cannot be used because there is a great risk of collapse of the soil, and it can turn into a tragedy for a man in the mine.

Digging without strengthening

With this method of digging is the probability of a collapse of the top layer of the earth

The arrangement of the inlet

Get to the aquifer, you will see how gradually the bottom will be filled with muddy water. To be clear, you need to create a bottom filter.

To do this:

  1. All pumped turbid liquid.
  2. Dig the bottom to a depth of 15 cm and level it and clean the dirt on the surface.
  3. Bombard the bottom of 25-cm layer of pure river sand.
  4. Sift over fine gravel or gravel (layer of 20 cm).
  5. The last poured layer of large gravel (20 cm).

The gravel and the gravel must be washed with a weak bleach solution.

If the water comes quickly, and immediately swims to the bottom, first put the decking boards with slits, and on it sprinkle all the layers of the filter.

Waterproofing of the walls of the well

Internal waterproofing

Once built the underground part of the well, it is necessary to do waterproofing of the walls. For this purpose, a mixture of PVA glue and cement, mixing them until a homogeneous mass. It sealed the seams between the rings. To better entered the composition of the first coat by brush with a liquid solution all the seams and then trowel applied in a thicker mass. You can buy waterproofing composition or liquid glass.

Waterproofing well

When sealing seams do not forget the small cracks and holes in the water will quickly erode the concrete

Attention! Do not use for greasing joints of mastic in which bitumen, otherwise spoil the taste of water quality.

External waterproofing

To protect the water from falling rains or melt water through the soil, on the outer edge of the upper rings (1.5 — 2 meters) leave a trench of two feet wide, which are tightly Packed with clay. When he reached the level of the soil, clay castle doing with a slope to divert precipitation from the well. But it is better on top of clay concreted area.

Clay castle

Clay castle not miss the inside of mine all the moisture from the surface of the soil

Some owners protect the top ring and even plastic wrap, wrapping her outside wall fixing and waterproof glue.

Waterproofing of the walls of the well

Closing the outer wall of the polyethylene rings, you increase the level of waterproofing the well

After the creation of the underground part of the well, the water for 2-3 weeks repeatedly deflate using for domestic purposes. During this time the well is cleaned, but drinking from it is not worth it until you pass to the laboratory for analysis. Only after the conclusion about the safety of water you can use it for drinking.

Pumping water

Pumping muddy water is carried out by pumps within 2 weeks

Well outside: the arrangement of the tip

In addition to direct responsibility to protect the water from debris, headroom and performs an aesthetic function, so its design is very diverse. As you come up with – it depends on the size of the imagination. The easiest way to put the same concrete ring, surrounded by them outside artificial stone, Shtukaturov or covered with timber.


Design tip is usually to select the landscape of the area

But there are mandatory points that should not be missed:

  1. Make the roof with a large overhang to preserve the purity of water.
  2. On the door in the roof hang castle, so did not go there curious children.
  3. Gate, which is wound a chain with a bucket, must have O 20 cm or more.
  4. When inserted in the collar axis and the arm, the arm need to install 2 washers, and on the opposite side – one. They will not allow the collar to shift to and increase the service life of the lifting elements.
Winch parameters

Washers on both axes of the metal gate will keep the design from shifting

Now that you understand how is done well, you can test your knowledge on the matter, and for the New year to please the family tasty water from your own source.

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