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How to build a pool in the country with their hands out ready to bowl

How to build a pool in the country with their hands out ready to bowl

Not every cottager would be lucky to have a house of her own near the pond, where, after physical work, you can relax and enjoy the cool water. The rest have to either sit in the car and go in search of the nearest river, or to make a pool with their hands in the country. Often choose the second option, because in addition to the relaxation pool and provides side benefits:

  • warm settled water, which can water the flower beds and vegetable garden (if you don’t add in the pool chemicals for disinfecting!);
  • the ability to switch children, are passionate about tablets, mobile phones and laptops to more than a healthy holiday;
  • the improvement of the body etc.

Remains to choose from the many options of stationary pools the one that will suit the needs of the family and the landscape of the area.

The contents

The choice of location for the construction of the pool

To simplify the pool care built, already at the planning stage, consider the following:

  1. Better if the site for the basin will be clay soil. It is in cases of failure of waterproofing will stop water leakage.
  2. Pick a place with a natural slope of the soil. So you will ease your work on the excavation of the pit and immediately decide where to put the drain system.
  3. Near future of the basin should not grow taller trees, because their root system, sensing the proximity of the moisture will be pulled to the wall structure and can spoil waterproofing. The «aggressive» considered poplar, chestnut, willow. If your site already has trees, you will have to part with them in advance. It is cheaper than to repair the damaged pool.
  4. Unwanted also and stunted trees, because you have to constantly remove the leaves from the Cup, and in the flowering period the water becomes yellow from the pollen.
  5. Notice in what direction your country most often the wind blows, and try to place the pool so that air moved along the bowl. Then all the dirt and debris will cling to a wall, the edges of which it is recommended to put the drain system.
  6. Try to place the pool closer to the water, to make it easier to fill.

Preliminary calculations — determining the size

The width and length determine, based on the objectives of the pool. If it is intended for swimming, then choose a rectangular shape, making the bowl stretched. If for relaxation, splashing, and the whole family, we chat the round bowls.

A more important criterion is the depth. It is believed that in order to freely feel, easy swim, turn around under water and jump from the side, you need a half meter depth (no more!). But jumping require a deeper bowl – a minimum of 2.3 m. However, such depth is enough to do in the area of diving, creating a smooth transition from base size (1.5 m).

If construction of the pool in the country intended exclusively for children, the depth of the bowl should not exceed half a meter. Enough for fun games and paddling without risk to health.

The most complex structure – the combined pool in which to swim. In this case, a different depth for children and adult zones, and both zones must be separated by a solid partition, which starts from the bottom. So you insure against the accidental entrance of children into the adult zone.

Important! In the pool having a few different depths, you need to make the bottom flat and smoothly goes from one size to another. Sudden depth inadmissible on grounds of security. People walking along the bottom can gape and skip the border, which will start another depth and in a panic when his feet instantly go down, the risk of drowning is very high.

Choice of bowl: buy ready-made or make yourself?

The most time-consuming work associated with the preparation of the pit and fill the bowl. But the producers figured out how to build a pool in the country faster and easier. They have created bowls that you only need to dig into the ground and fix. In addition to the obvious advantages in ease of installation, the finished design is beneficial and that are available various shapes and colors can not be said about concrete. In addition, in the operation of a concrete bowl can crack if you start the ground.

The finished bowls: plastic and composite

There are two types of ready-made bowls: plastic and composite. The principle of their installation is exactly the same. Differ only in material specifications.

Bowl basin made of plastic

Plastic bowl require additional insulation of the walls of the pool from the outer side

In plastic structures the basic material is polypropylene. He is not afraid of burnout, does not require draining the water for winter, environmentally friendly, resistant to mechanical stress. A smooth surface prevents the formation of plaque and sediment on walls and bottom. Such bowls do not require additional finishing, because look aesthetically pleasing. The only minus: if the pool is installed in a place where there is no shade, in the heat of the polypropylene can be expanded, making the bottom and sides «go waves». But as soon as the temperature falls, the bowl takes an ordinary look.

Bowl pool composite

Composite the bowl is made of fiberglass, which is not afraid of cold or heat

Composite structures of this problem are deprived. The main material in them is fiberglass, which is linked polymer resins. All the advantages characteristic of plastic bowls characteristic of this material. But there is a small «but»: composite is quite expensive.

Options bowls created by our own hands

And yet, some vacationers still prefer bowls that are created on the spot, because you don’t always find a container of size and shape, ideally suited to a particular landscape, and a very large swimming pool (about 10m long) cause difficulty in transportation. The vast majority of owners do pools for villas with their hands out of concrete. This stuff is always on sale. If you cannot deliver it to the site in the form of a liquid solution, is a conventional mixer and generates a mixture with the addition of sand.

Bowl pools from polystyrene blocks

A bowl of polystyrene blocks is easily installed due to its lightweight material and holds the water temperature

With concrete you can create the whole bowl, including the walls, but it requires long time and huge labor for installation of formwork and pouring.

Resourceful gardeners came up with a device pool in the country easier: they kept only the bottom of the concrete, and the walls were made of polystyrene blocks or steel plates. In the first embodiment, the pool turns warm, as polystyrene is a low thermal conductivity. Steel walls are easy to install, as are sold ready with all the extra equipment in the form of a facing film and fixing armature.

The installation of the pool with the finished bowl

Consider how to make a swimming pool in the country, using the factory bowl.

The layout area

  1. Carefully measure delivered to the site of the Cup.
  2. Mark on the ground where the trench using pegs and rope. Trying to drive the pegs in the corners of the future bowl, and the rope pulled between them. The more original form of the pool, the more often drive the pegs.
  3. From the tense rope back down on the meter and around the perimeter doing the basting (cut away the ground, hammering the new pegs, etc.). It is from this markup and you’ll start to dig a pit. This margin is needed, to make it easier to lower the bowl to insulate its walls and create a solid Foundation.
  4. Internal layout remove and start digging the pit.

Excavation work

The pit pool

The excavation of the basin should have a flat and stable bottom so it concreted

The pit must be deeper than the size of the bowl on two feet. Now create the base on which put the Cup:

  1. The bottom pour 20-cm layer of coarse sand and stamps.
  2. On the sand lay a metal grid for the strength and concrete mortar, with a thickness of 25 centimeters. Waiting to dry.
The base of the pool

A concrete layer which is poured the bottom, it is necessary to reinforce that it is not cracked during ground movements

Then winterize the pool:

  1. Rolling out across the concrete base geotextile, and on it – a three-centimeter slab of polystyrene foam. They will isolate a pool bottom from cold ground.
  2. On top of a heater Staley thick solid film.
  3. While the bowl upstairs, you should insulate its walls. The outer surface of the walls «pack» to isolate polystyrene and polyethylene.
Winterizing the pool

The outer wall of the bowl is insulated with polystyrene foam for insulation from the cold ground

The installation of the Cup and connection of communications

  • Drop the prepared bowl on the bottom of the pit.
  • Connected to the bowl all the necessary communications. On the pipe, put on protective sleeve and fix with tape so that when concreting it is not moved.
Spacers and insulation of pipes

Spacers will not allow the Cup to bend when will be poured concrete strengthening of the basin; And all pipes must be Packed in a protective sleeve so they don’t freeze in the winter

  • Concreted the remaining voids between the ground and the walls of the pool as follows:
  1. Inside the bowl is installed spacers to plastic or composite is not bent under the pressure of the concrete mass;
  2. Set formwork and rebar perimeter paving;
  3. The solution is not poured all at once, but in layers: fill in the 30-40 cm water in the pool and on the same height of the raised concrete. Waiting for curing, and then the water again – and then the concrete. So bring concrete layer to the surface of the soil.
  4. Expected the day before the pour fill and then remove the formwork.
  5. The emptiness of the formwork filled up by sand, spilling his water and tamping.

It remains to Refine the pool area and fill it up with water.

A canopy over an outdoor pool

The canopy over the outdoor pool (aka the pavilion) will save you from debris brought by the wind and dirty rain

For outdoor pools it is desirable to create a hinged roof, which will prevent from the dirty rain, or at least sew an awning which will cover the construction, when leaving from the country.

If the device pools in the country seem a daunting task – buy an inflatable or frame option. Such pools are quite suitable for water recreation and winter you can easily disassemble them and hide in the attic.

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