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Pumps for fountain and waterfall: rule selection unit

Pumps for fountain and waterfall: rule selection unit

Dacha for the Soviet people has always been a source of natural vitamins for the whole family. Went there «plow», and not to relax. But the modern vacationers considering the country as a place of rest, relieve the working stress, so the plot draws accordingly: patio, barbecue, flower beds, pools, ponds. Water features provide relaxation, and the owners are trying to create at least one tiny water fountain or waterfall to calm your nerves. But the water itself will not move. She must «wiggle». This «someone» — the pump. Below water design worked without a hitch, the pump for the fountain or waterfall should be chosen wisely, based on many factors. Take a closer look.

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What types of pumps are suitable for us?

To create fountains or waterfalls fit both types of existing water pumps and submersible and surface. They are chosen based on the design and size of future water facilities. Submersible system hiding under the water, so they are absolutely invisible, and remain on the outside surface of the reservoir. Install submersible pump for fountain is lighter than the surface, but to serve harder because you have to dive almost to the bottom to get it.

Installation of pumps

Surface pumps are harder to install but easier to maintain because they are on the ground

Rules of selection of submersible models

Features of models for fountains

Cottagers easier to buy in the shop for the whole set of equipment for the fountain. It includes: submersible pump, controller, which are driven by the force of the water flow and the spray head of the fountain. The manual will tell you what height the jet can reach in the water construction.

If you buy the pump separately, then you first need to decide how you see your fountain, or rather its height. So that the spray rose to 1.2 m, need to buy a unit that is able to pump per hour to 800 liters. A four-foot fountain will need a pump that produces per hour about 3 liters. Note, however, that for optimum operation of the mechanism is the rise of water to a height equal to 1/3 the width of the pool or pond. Navigate the power you can out of the following signs.

Table for selection of the capacity of the pump to the fountain

The data in the table are only indicative, because the pumps of different manufacturers can give the same performance at different capacities

Pumps of small capacity in most low-voltage. So for the functioning of a small fountain you will need a voltage 24 V.

Keep in mind that the performance of the unit will be affected and sections of hoses and pipes. The smaller they are, the weaker will be the output of water jet. So put the pipes in half inch to a weak power system and one inch, for pump with high performance.

Wiring diagram for submersible pump

Submersible pumps should be put on solid base, to avoid silting of the system

Install submersible pumps almost to the bottom, but not on the ground (if it is a pond), and on a brick pedestal, which must create more to fill the bowl with water. The body is immersed fully. The jet of the fountain be disposed directly above the unit, and if you connect the hose, and in another part of the pond. More convenient to buy the system right from the tee. Perhaps in the future you want to connect to the pump waterfall. But even if he is in the future plans do not include a tee will be needed for pumping the water when cleaning the bowl.

To water pump for fountain served long for the winter get, clean and put in dry location.

Selection of the unit for a waterfall

For waterfall pool designs to fit the usual water pump, which was mentioned above. But for ponds and artificial reservoirs is better to buy the unit able to pump dirty water. Then, soil particles and debris that will inevitably fall with the flow of water will damage the filter and the whole mechanism. If you have a pump to clean the water, then be sure to pipe water inlet filter.

The choice of power will affect the height of the waterfall and the width of the water flow. What these options do, the stronger should be the system. Select the appropriate options at the following sign:

Selection of the pump to the waterfall

When choosing a pump is also necessary to take into account the water head loss during filtration and passage hoses

When to use a surface pump?

Surface pumps for fountains and waterfalls choose in the case if high and complex design or these water facilities need to be connected to one pump. In principle, the surface model of the submersible, because they are easier to maintain. But under the open sky leave the mechanism, and therefore, it is necessary to mount a special box that protects the pump and won’t look ridiculous on the background of the landscape. In addition, such units when operating noise, and if they are put into a container, then almost growl will not be heard.

Bet surface pumps as close as possible to the water, because the pipes, hoses and different nozzles power systems reduce.

Surface pump

Surface pumps are placed near bodies of water, so they have to decorate under the overall landscape

Wiring the pump to both the fountain and waterfall

If the pump will run a fountain and waterfall, he should give two different pressure

It should be remembered that the pumps for the waterfalls must issue a high volume and low pressure, and fountains – low volume and high pressure. And if you plan to pump only one pump, both water facilities, before purchasing check whether the pump simultaneously to give two different pressure and volume.

Some craftsmen will design a homemade pump for a fountain. This, of course, useful occupation, but if you are not a professional electrician, then remember: water and electricity in a couple life-threatening. Of course, nizkovorsnye options only nibble at violation of isolation, but when powered from 220 V, before the installation is to invite a professional to check. Better to be safe than to risk the health of your family.

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