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The decorative water mill with his own hands

The decorative water mill with his own hands

There is a popular saying, in flowing water you can watch endlessly. This sight calms, inspires, and finally, it’s just beautiful. On a hot summer day, the water cool, and the murmur conjures up sweet dreams. It is such a pleasant sensation ensure a water-mill, which, knowing how it works, it is easy to do yourself. Importantly, the land was a pond. Windmills have long been associated with many legends, and the Miller was considered a sorcerer, ascribing a magical power over water. Modern technology allows us to realize their dreams in life without resorting to magic.

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The principle of operation of a watermill

Once watermills and windmills were used for grinding grains into flour. The principle of operation for the mills of both types is the same, just at the windmills use wind power and water – water.

Grain was taken to the top where the gutters they did in the millstone. Running water, the rotating mill wheel, brought the millstones in motion. Grains were milled, and flour poured through a chute down where it was collected in bags.

The scheme of work of a mill wheel

Looks like the General scheme of work of a mill wheel: it revolves under the pressure of the flowing through the trough of running water

In front of the mill you want to build we don’t need to grind grain into flour. Leaving behind her only a decorative function: the presence of rotating under the influence of the water wheel will give the area a special charm.

Built with his own hands decorative water mill is based on a wheel installed on the Bank of the stream or other source of running water.

Decorative windmill

The mill carries out exclusively decorative function, and its water wheel pump pump: here is a scheme of operation of the device

Mill wheel provided with blades located from each other at equal distance. Water is supplied to the blade wheel through a chute located in the upper part of the building. Its flow brings the wheel in motion.

The axis of the hinges allows it to rotate freely. But running water – a rarity for a garden plot. If there is at least a pond, come to the aid of a submersible pump. Water’ll do the same to the mill wheel, and it will be fun to spin and delight the audience.

Select the style according

As part of the decor water mill is able to decorate a garden in any style. Once this structure became part of not only European culture, but also Russian. It is associated with the aroma of freshly baked bread, home comfort and a tale, so is a great find for anyone looking for a colorful detail landscape design.

Water mill in the colors

The mill is a symbol of comfort and wealth: where it is, there might be problems and surprises, it always smells like fresh bread and fresh milk

Depending on the decisions that we choose in the process of the device of a water-mill, it can look fabulous in the Russian spirit, to have a medieval Gothic look or find futuristic features.

This feature of the construction need to be considered in advance to consider how a water mill to make such that it meets the General idea of landscape design.

Harmoniously looking mill

Water mill should fit harmoniously into the overall style of the site and correspond to its landscape design full

Solid wood mill can be discordant with elegant fountains and openwork bridges in the style of classicism. A fabulous gazebo in the Russian style just visually neat crush the Japanese mills. Think about how you can beat this facility for different style solutions.

Country or rustic style

Typical elements of country style can be considered wooden benches and a gazebo, the fence, the bridges of logs and houses for the kids, also made of wood. Great maintain stylistic unity can mill in the same spirit, equipped with a wooden wheel.

Mill country style

Mill country style in perfect harmony with its specially aged wheel with other parts of the design: for example, a fence or bench

The flavor of the old estates in the Russian style with exposed wooden sculptures, truck-bed and the log cabins of the well. Plants «the topic» complement the picture, so take care of the reeds and the primroses, sunflowers and daisies. Distressed wheel construction will complete the picture of Patriarchal village life.

Noble Japanese style

The basic idea of Japanese design – nothing extra in the field of view should not be. Only rocks, water and plants, which are so nice to admire. Mill wheel may be in addition to the stone castle with battlements and towers. Benches made of stone will give the opportunity to relax looking at the water and measuring the rotation of the wheel.

Japanese mill

Japanese mill in perfect harmony with a given style in which the eyes do not need to cling to unnecessary details

The overall atmosphere of peace will fully comply with the canons of Japanese philosophy, in which the melody of the stream is considered to be more beautiful than the sounds of musical instruments. To successfully complement the overall feeling can with arisaema, dwarf Japanese maple, dwarf cherry and a lovely Japanese quince.

The symbolism of Dutch garden

If in other cases the water-mill is a kind of twist, creating a garden in the Dutch style, it can be a major element of landscape design, around which will unfold songs from the garden of roses, daffodils and tulips.

Dutch windmill

Windmill in the Dutch style is colorful and concise at the same time: daffodils, tulips and roses wonderfully complement the overall picture

If the decorative structure is a miniature, a kind of model of working water mill, it can be made in the form of a half-timbered house, typical for the Netherlands and Germany. Garden gnomes, water or an elegant weathervane is a great addition, emphasizing stylistic affiliation structures.

Make water mill by yourself

Water mill mounted on a garden site should correspond to its size. Agree that the traditional six acres of epic construction from logs will look funny. But the current thumbnail will be by the way. The mill house is of medium size can be used for keeping tools or toys.

As present, only a small

For starters, you can build a model of the mill. You will need:

  • paving slabs size 75х50 cm;
  • the stones for the pavement, which in the figure is similar to the dice;
  • wooden slats;
  • shingles;
  • plywood;
  • a rod of brass with thread;
  • sleeve;
  • the screws and dowels;
  • glue for woodwork;
  • protective impregnation.

All dimensions of the constructions given in the figure below.

Model mill

All sizes of this model are given in centimeters; having carefully considered the scheme and read the instructions for creating the model, you can’t go wrong doing the work

At the edge of paving, attached, in the form of numbers «Nine» stones-cubes. Cover them on top of the solution, which is spread with a damp sponge. Fret saw according to the dimensions of Reiki. Of them collected frame construction. This connection stands to be glued, and corner details fasten a cutting «in a half-tree».

To build your model (part1)

To work was a matter of satisfaction, it is necessary to perform it effortlessly and consistently, moving from one stage to another

The resulting frame is attached to the base using the struts are dowels and screws. Fill the frame with tiles. To do this, cut it the size of the circular saw and glue with silicone. Image of the drive wheels applied to the sheet of plywood, then carefully cut the parts with a jigsaw.

Assembly model of a windmill (part 2)

All wooden parts of the structure should be thoroughly impregnated with antiseptic solution, the construction will be outside in the snow and rain

One side of the wheel segments bonded aluminum area at distances that correspond to intervals between the spokes. Mimic the corners of the blade wheel. Make a support for the wheel, putting and connecting to be sure screws. Glued a piece of pipe out of aluminum will strengthen the hole for the axis.

Assembly model of the mill (part3)

Wheel – working part of a mill, which should be given special attention, because its life depends on the life expectancy of the structures

As the axis used brass rod. It fitted with spacer sleeve and aluminum tube as the gain for the wall. Another spacer is needed to ensure the gap between the support and the wheel. Thread brass rod is screwed nut.

Ready mill

Ready mill looks great and pleasing to the eye; again, check how securely attached all the elements, and you can begin to test the water

The upper part of the frame structure is sheathed with slats. Wooden corners that stick to the corners of the bottom, allows you to combine individual elements of construction. Tile Wallpaper is cut with a knife and glued with bitumen glue. The design is ready.

Full water mill

Even a full-size structure are in place, decorate the area and make it even more comfortable. See for yourself.

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