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Well on the water with their hands hand-and shock-rope way

Well on the water with their hands hand-and shock-rope way

Any estate, whether it be a rustic cottage or private house, should be provided with water. Without life-giving moisture can’t grow, delighting the eyes of the exuberant flowering, a fruit of any cultivated plants. Well on the water with their hands, despite the apparent enormity of the process – a very real possibility of water extraction, which can be done without the use of heavy drilling equipment. There are several drilling methods that are quite simple to implement and does not require the use of expensive equipment and effort.

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Variety of well designs

Water extraction can be carried out by applying different technologies. The main types of water wells used for production of life-giving water:

  • The improvement of the well, which in good spring quickly filled and an excellent water storage, can hold up to 2 cubic meters of water;
  • Filter wells on the sand, which is a pipe d=100 mm, loaded by means of an auger to a depth of 20-30 meters. Buried at the end of the pipe fixed stainless steel mesh, which acts as a filter while submerged in the sand of the coarse fraction. The well depth of 10-50 meters, life — 5-15 years.
  • Basilicanova artesian well, used for the extraction of water from layers of porous limestone. The well depth is 20-100 meters, the period – about 50 years.

The exact depth of the well water cannot be determined in advance. Tentatively it will be the depth as that of a similar wells drilled on adjacent plots or nearby the well. As possible deviations due to the uneven occurrence of the soil layers, buy the casing should be calculated from the parameters of a already on site water sources, but given the small adjustment.

The design of the well water

The construction of wells in the water is a kind of narrow well

Frequency of use of the well

The life of the well depends on the intensity of use: the more use of the design, the longer it will last

Drilling by hand

To perform the work itself requires a drill, drill tower, windlass, rod and casing. Drill rig required during the digging of a deep well, with this structure by immersion and lifting of the drill with rods.

Manual drilling method

The easiest way to drill a well for water — rotary, which is carried out by rotation of the drill

When drilling shallow wells, the drill string can be taken by hand, all without the use of towers. Drill rod can be made of pipe, connect the device with the help of dowels or threads. The lower rod is additionally equipped with drill.

Cutting nozzles are manufactured from 3 mm sheet steel. When sharpening the edges of the nozzles should be taken into account that the rotation mechanism of the drill, they should crash into the ground clockwise.

Bur for the device well under water

Drilling technology, familiar to most owners of household plots, are applicable for the device well under water

The tower is mounted over the drilling location, its height should exceed the height of the drill rod to facilitate lifting when removing the rod. Then two bayonet shovels dug a pilot hole for the drill. The first turns of rotation of the drill can be done for one person, but as dip tubes will need additional help. If the drill does not come off the first time, turn it anticlockwise and trying again.

As penetration of the drill, the rotation of the pipe difficult. To facilitate the work will help softening the soil with water. In the advance drill down every half-meter drill design should be to get to the surface and release from the soil. The drilling cycle is repeated again. At the stage when the handle of the tool is equal to the ground level, design are increasing more knee.

Since the lifting and cleaning the drill out much of the time, it should be possible to use the possibilities of design, capturing and removing to the surface the greatest possible portion of the soil layer.

Plastic casing

When working in loose soils should be further set in the well casing to prevent sloughing of soil from the walls of the hole and zavalivanija well

Drilling continues until the occurrence in the aquifer, which is easily determined, as we take out of the earth. Passing the aquifer, the drill plunges even deeper until you reach the next aquifer — confining layer. Immersion to the level of the waterproof layer will ensure maximum inflow of water into the well. It is important to note that the drilling manually applicable only dip to the first aquifer, the depth of which does not exceed 10-20 meters.

For pumping dirty water you can use hand pump or submersible pump. After two buckets of dirty water aquifers lived and usually appears is washed with clean water. If not – well should be sunk by 1-2 meters.

You can also apply manual method of drilling based on the use of ordinary drills and gidropony:

The technology of shock-cable drilling

The essence of this method how to make a well for water with their hands, is that the breed is split using the drop-glass – heavy tools, falling from height equipped rigs.

To perform the work required of a homemade rig, and tools for the application of shock-cable method and extraction of soil out of the hole.

Rig for wells that looks like a conventional tripod, can be made of steel pipes, and conventional wooden logs. The size of the structure should be proportional to the size of the downhole tool.

The height of the tower to apply the shock-rope way

The optimum ratio is the height of the tower, exceed the length of the face Cup and a half meters

The process consists of alternately lowering the impact of a glass that breaks and captures rock, and rise to the surface with the captured blade of the drilling tool.

For the arrangement of the rig can use steel pipe, the end of which is equipped with a cutting device. Cutting edge, resembling the appearance of a half revolution of the screw will contact with the bottom. Two feet from the edge in the steel pipe should be performed a hole through which you can retrieve the extracted soil, emptying the mud Cup. To the top of the Cup is attached a rope with which you will be lowering the Cup and extract its contents to the surface. The glass should be exempt from land as deepening design for every half a meter.

Here’s a video example of reconnaissance drilling in this way:

The nuances of installation of casing strings

Dug a hole under the water with their hands requires extra casing that you can perform from whole asbestos-cement pipe and individual pieces of asbestos pipes. When working with cuts, special attention is paid equal to the diameter of the pipe in order to provide in the subsequent unimpeded immersion of the whole structure. Each pipe link is kept from sliding and fixed brackets, which are then hidden beneath the stainless steel strips.

Pipe for "casing" bore

Well on the water, your hands may be «cased» also a steel or plastic pipes

«The casing» tubes required:

  • to prevent fraying of the walls when drilling;
  • to avoid clogging of the well during operation;
  • to overlap the upper aquifers with poor water.

At the bottom of the wells lowered pipe with a filter made of a fine mesh not passing grain of sand and provide water filtration. Lowered to the desired depth, the pipe is fixed clamp. This will prevent the spontaneous subsidence.

With proper device water wells above-ground part of the structure is covered by the caisson – the cap that protects the source from contamination.

Design tip

Headroom is a tank with lockable hatch with the diameter of the hole, allowing unimpeded access to water-well

Over time, you may experience the effect is minor «extruding» the pipe from the soil. The natural process of spontaneous lifting of the pipe to the ground surface does not require any additional measures on deepening.

Video example of the arrangement of the wells

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