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Decorative ponds in the landscape design: focus on style

Decorative ponds in the landscape design: focus on style

No wonder that the flow of water is cited as the processes that you want to watch without stopping. The water surface is concentrated a particular magnetism which attracts people, mesmerizing him. Therefore, the ponds in the landscape design plays such a big role. Right to construct and equip a pond is a special art. Design decorative pond depends on the style of the garden in which it is located. Do not forget that the garden, structures and buildings on the site, as well as use on its territory methods of gardening should be in harmony with each other. Various garden styles a lot, but all this diversity can be divided into two groups: regular and landscape gardens.

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Ponds in formal gardens

Regular gardens have underlined geometrically correct layout. They are characterized by a symmetry that nature is not as common. Examples of a regular garden can be considered a classic Italian, French, Arabic gardens.

Moorish pond

A regular pond in the garden is made in a gorgeous Moorish style, is the embodiment of wild unbridled power and sensuality of nature

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In General style with the garden and ponds. Are often used clean lines that are subordinate to the rules of geometry. With them can coexist, classic fountains, perfect cascades and channels verified the correct form. A feature of such ponds is that they can be at ground level or raised above the surface of the bowl.

Muslim garden: water as a value

Water in the Arab lands – a very limited resource that are not so wasteful as in Europe. Undoubtedly, water is valuable. As the greatest jewel put it in some semblance of boxes – ponds in Muslim gardens have beautiful geometric form, coexist with neat fountains.

Muslim garden

If in Japan garden is a microcosm and the universe, the Muslims associate it with Paradise, and it is difficult to argue

By the way, the fountains usually operate by gravity. The reservoir is equipped with a sophisticated system of pipes that are focused on a single goal: saving and proper distribution of water.

Another Muslim pond

Muslim pond similar to the casket in which is hidden the greatest treasure – water, which gives life to all things on earth

In Russia the Muslim style is the closest popular Spanish-mavritskii. For its implementation does not need a large area. Enough minimal space in front of the house.

French pond: subdued nature

Example of French style can be called the Versailles or Peterhof Park, if we turn to the domestic classics. The water in these parks is presented in the frame of strict geometric shapes. The underlined outlines of the ponds, magnificent sculptures, fountains, cascades and elegant wall fountains – signs of the French style.

A regular pond in the garden

The geometric accuracy and consistency of lines when placing the pond in a regular garden pond gives a special elegance and charm

Such a pond can be assessed in all its splendor, has a large open space.

Regular Italian style

Mini-pond in the Italian style is often located in the front area located in front of the main entrances to the house. However, welcome and reservoirs in the part of the patio. A small pond along with canals and a fountain decorate the area and cool air during the heat.

Pond in Italian garden

Beautiful and graceful pond in the Italian garden fits into the surrounding landscape and becomes an integral part of

In Russia still a rarity

At the peak of popularity in Europe is very shallow ponds are perfect geometric shapes. Their main goal is to serve in the garden a kind of mirror, reflecting the surrounding reality in the view of the sky and carefully chosen specifically for this reservoir vegetation.

Formal decorative pool

Formal decorative pool is shallow and has a clearly contoured shape and is designed to create the garden in a kind of mirror surface

Ponds in the landscape style

The antithesis of a regular garden, consider landscape, which is especially loved by our compatriots. Closeness to nature — natural habitat and the lack of imposing the rules is that we often used to put into their garden plots. Russians favorite design of the pond is usually close to its natural form.

A pond in the infinity style

Ponds in landscape style is often complemented by gurgling streams, picturesque waterfalls and cascades: all together it looks very attractive

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Such reservoirs can be seen in Japanese and Chinese style, classic English gardens, in the landscape of German kindergartens (Naturegarten). Free outlines, subject only to the natural landscape of the area, have their own charm. With them side by side the babbling brook, living a life of its own waterfalls. The garden is well-kept, but natural corner of nature.

The densely populated Chinese pond

Chinese garden usually occupies a vast area, and ponds are. If the garden is small, the pond will fit it for its size. But the presence of stylized bridges of stone or wood across a body of water is considered mandatory.

The pond in the Chinese style

Chinese pond makes you think about how abundant nature around us, how diverse is the life she has created

The ponds in China are not empty. Not only that, they are surrounded by lush vegetation, not less active life is boiling in the reservoir and on its surface. In the water live silver carp or koi carp, and the surface may have caught the ducks-the Mandarin. Nice furniture in traditional style completes the picture.

Frightening deer of the Japanese pond

Water is present in every Japanese garden, because the island of Japan and so there are problems with the land. There are private gardens, usually small. Full pond to replace the stone basins with water. Sometimes places are so few that the role of the pond in the garden takes the stone bowl with water. It is called tsukubai and is made in a barrel to wash his hands in the process of the tea ceremony. As a rule, the capacity of light a special lantern.

A pond in Japanese style

Depending on the space allocated for a Japanese garden, a pond may look one way or another: in any case, a special Japanese flavor it provided

On the edge of a Japanese pond features another amazing decorative element – shishi odoshi (deer frightening). This kind of water pipe made of hollow bamboo stem, which runs water. The purpose of the watercourse is fully reflected in its name.

England: echoes of the colonial past

Far Eastern natural gardens, once captured the imagination of the colonizers from England, found a kind of embodiment in their own spaces. Thus in England appeared stuck landscape design ornamental ponds. It was here that this style reached its heyday and recognition.

Pond in the English style

Pond in the English style rather you can call the landscape than natural, so carefully selected plants that are planted on its banks

English ponds – the embodiment of natural, cultural surrounded by moisture-loving plants. Typically, the ponds filled with colourful cascades and waterfalls.

Genuine German garden

A distinctive feature of the German pond is vegetation on its shores. Usually they are wild and not garden plants. Decorated so the ponds look surprisingly attractive and as natural as possible.

A pond in the German style

Style Naturegarten characteristic of a pond in the German garden, is characterized by the choice of plants, planted along the banks of the pond. They are literally the same that are inside the fence, but that is a special style

Special avant-garde style

The concept and originality is what distinguishes the avant-garde style in a number of others. But to predict the shape of the pond and its avant-garde design in the garden is almost impossible. It all depends on the vision of the designer.

The pond in the avant-garde style

In the consciously artificial style, too, has its own appeal, doesn’t it? This pond looks really nice, like is a figment of the imagination of genius science fiction

A specialist can perform a pond in a natural style or give him a strict geometric shape. Moreover, the shape of water can be so intricate that it would be difficult even to identify it as a particular kind of reservoir or watercourse.

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