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Making a well in the country: six unusual design ideas

Making a well in the country: six unusual design ideas

In suburban areas where Central water is rare, the main source of water is the ordinary well. And since it usually is based on appearance, becoming visible element in the suburban landscape, you want to the General background structure looks harmonious. To decorate and give the design aesthetic appearance easy. The main thing – to decide on the style and materials because the design of the well at the cottage should start from the design of the other buildings and the site itself.

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What types of structures wells are?

On the Russian dachas most common two types of structures: Russian and shaduf.

Russian well

This is a mine from which the water is lifted to the surface using a fixed on the pillars of the drum. It bound the chain with the bucket, and the side has a handle for winding and unwinding the chain.

In the Russian the well water from the mine out, reeling the chain on the drum

In the Russian the well water from the mine out, reeling the chain on the drum

Design shaduf

Shaduf less common type of well, although in previous centuries it was almost every Russian compound. Apply at the cottages, where groundwater table is close to the earth. Shallow shaft, from which water get with the help of a crane. Very rarely in the cottages meet an Abyssinian wells.

In Sadove get water through wells crane

In Sadove get water through wells crane

The design of the well in a rustic style

Before placing the well in the country, think about what you would like him to pick: house design or style of the plot. It happens that the cottage owners to build a wooden, Russian style, and the landscape will create in Japanese. In this case, proceed from the location of the well: if it is close to home – create the same design as the main structure. If hidden in the garden, «enter» it in the overall picture of the landscape.

Rustic styles to traditional materials are wood and stone, so it is logical to add them to the design of the well. So, headroom (part of the well which is above ground level) can be made of whole logs in the form of a shed or house. To simulate the log cabin is well suited quadrangular or hexagonal design. The wood sheds may be only the lower part of the rack, and the roof is better to use material that is covered with cottage.

Most of the cottages are building compact, made of solid wood or different types of timber

Headroom well as log convenient to do the square-shaped

If the country house is made in the form of Russian towers or houses with carved shutters, the well can give a fabulous shape by running racks from the dried and peeled from the bark of trunks, and beside the bench seat carved wood cat, bear, and even Baba Yaga.

Decorating the well figures

Shapes put well mysterious appearance, and they can not only put on the cap, but sits near the buildings

Around the head you can put a platform of cobblestones and circle to land «village» flowers: petunias, marigolds, zinnias.

If the cottage is Chalet-style, the finish should be more stone. In this case, the head decorated with circular cobblestones, and fill in the circle with a concrete solution.

Well, the Chalet-style

For the Alpine Chalet style, typical of buildings in two tiers: the lower of stone, the upper of wood

Making a well in the Eastern (Japanese-Chinese) style

Eastern styles are often found in suburban areas, because harmony and minimalism of the landscape was very impressed by the camping. Rock garden, dry Creek, fountains and waterfalls, Chinese lanterns… And is it well in such an environment? There are, moreover, well in Eastern cultures, plays an important role of the custodian of the energy source that fuels human forces its purity and transparency.

Dragons and distinctive roof are distinctive features of Chinese culture

Dragons and distinctive roof are distinctive features of Chinese culture

The Japanese are very sensitive to water, so well in the Japanese style definitely provides a canopy protecting the life-giving water from dust, leaves and «evil eye». Chinese style welcome figures of mythical creatures that will protect well.

The materials in the Oriental style – only natural wood, large stones. The roof has a kind of refresh on the edges of a form and often finished with a soft tile that follows the curves of the roof structure.

Japanese well

Minimalism and the presence of large stones required attributes of Japanese style

In the design of country well in the East turn and plants. They should be evergreen and mostly coniferous. Very good variant – mountain pine, juniper, different varieties of TUI.

The use of modern materials and finishes

If the cottage is decorated with siding, plaster and other modern materials, it makes no sense to create the original well, because it will not fit into the overall landscape. In this case, make the present and here oblitsevat concrete ring of the cap tiles and the roof is made of polycarbonate sheet. Suitable iron stand, with elements of hand-forged, and if not next to the blacksmith, then you can put the red brick.

A modern well

Polycarbonate roof will look harmonious on the background of the canopy or carport from the same material

Wells-images of landscapes

Very often in the cottages you can see wells images, which have a pronounced style, so suitable for any landscape.

Sea well

This well is very relevant near the bathhouse. The basis and roof racks can be wood, but it is necessary to braid the twine or thin rope. The intake is made of wood, which is artificially sostarivayut, to give the appearance seas battered remnants of the ship. Top nailed boards, anchors, shapes, sea animals, shells are hung. Bucket replace the beer barrel, and the handle turn in the wheel.

The shape of a beer barrel

The shape of a beer barrel — a good option for a well located near the bath


It is made usually of wood, in the form of a windmill with four blades. Some craftsmen manage to make the blades moving with a strong wind. The window inside of the cap, where it hides the bucket, a rear side, and the design itself turn the blades to the midway cottages.

Well, in the form of mill

Well, in the form of windmills usually turn the face to the most lively part of the plot

The well-house

The form of a miniature house built out of stone and covered with vivid tiles, successfully looks in the barbecue area. It complements the song, created the stove, grill, tandoor and other attributes of good rest. Moreover, conveniently near the place of cooking to have drinking water.

The well-house

Near the stone well-house can «to settle» gay dwarves

Wondering how you arrange well, it is not necessary to rush in search of expensive materials. Use what is left of the main building.

  • Survived the sack of cement – shtukatura concrete ring and damp the solution cut the brick pattern. When all dry, paint red-brown paint, and you have a medieval well under the old.
  • Left ceramic tiles – break it into pieces and arrange in a circle wedge mosaics, and the area around the well, broken bricks or flat angled rock. Will be interesting eclectic.

If any side well you went not too well – cover her flowering shrubs or tall plants (Cannes, trudging roses, etc.). Don’t be afraid to dream, because every well is beautiful that it is individual.

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