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Rain chains as a decorative alternative to gutters

Rain chains as a decorative alternative to gutters

Many gardeners like to enjoy the sound of water and specifically to create it in areas fountains and streams. But there is an option much easier – a rain chain. However, listening to the melody flowing jets, you can only during a rain, but often for relaxation that is enough. But there is a chance to save on gutters and replace them with the original, it is highly rare in our part of the decorative element, which also collects water from the roof and demonstrates the beauty of her movement to anyone who is nearby.

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Working principle of rain chains

No wonder that the invention of rain chains belongs to the Japanese, able to create pockets of relaxation. In their culture the contemplation of water is considered one of the most calming factors. The Japanese came up with instead of a traditional drain, which is absolutely not visible flowing jets, rain chain. This is the design of the open type through which the water moves in a cascade, flowing from one container to another.

Most often, the containers serve as bottom-holed pots in the form of a cone, placed the funnel up. With a small rain jets go into the through hole from below with a large – flow from all edges of the pot. Between capacity bonded decorative chain, making the whole design and got the name «kusari doi», what the Japanese means «rain chain».

The top structure is fixed on the ledge, directly below the water drain, and the bottom of the chain is securely fastened with anchor to the ground or tie on a weight and lowered it to the bottom of the water (drums or a specially dug a miniature swimming pool where you will be collecting dripping). This is to ensure that during strong winds the chain is not swayed and did not hit the building.

Base for rain chain

In design the rain chain an important element acts as a beautiful tank, which fixed the edge of the chain for protection from the wind

For a climate fit this design?

For all its originality the rain chain raises many questions. The most frequent – as far as they are relevant in a cold climate with severe winters, because if there is Packed snow, then after the slightest thaw it can turn into a block of ice. And it weighs a ice sculpture a lot. Don’t pull if she’s cornice?

Rain chain made from forged elements

Metal chain with intricate patterns look beautiful drops of water, and in winter it becomes a luxury ice pillar

Actually, it all depends on the choice of the form of rain chain. In Japan, where the climate is mild, the design often use a lot of the same tanks, but in the Nordic countries form somewhat different. For example, in Norway, where I love this kind of decor element in kusari doi rarely use pots. Usually hung from an original large circuit, with convolutions and intricate patterns, which in itself is a masterpiece of the art of blacksmithing. The water flows through it no less beautiful, resembling a bubbling spring, but in winter it is nothing to get stuck. The frame is only slightly frost resistant, covered with icicles and frozen drops that looks unusual and very attractive.

As you can see, the rain chain can be hung in any climate, choosing the design based on the severity of the winter.

The rain chain in winter

To winter on rain chains grew a lot of ice, you can choose the model of large parts without the use of tanks

The original form Kusari Doi

To find the shape and the color of rain chains, which would be in the design phase, is quite difficult, because in our country, this decor item is rare. Often offer standard conical pots with no claims to high art. Models handmade from copper are very expensive. One thing remains: to create a masterpiece themselves. And many gardeners, it turns out very good. Consider the most interesting forms of rain chains that you can make yourself.

Rain chain pots

The most popular model rain chain design is of metallic copper pots, reminiscent of flower pots, as it looks good in any landscape

Design of teapots or children’s watering cans

From old kettles or conventional plastic watering cans you can build the original circuit for the country style or any of the rustic styles. The basis on which to hold the whole structure should become a decorative chain. It is easy to find in any flower shop (used as fencing for flower beds or walkways).

To her at an equal distance hung the kettles or watering cans so that the spouts fall exactly over the hole to collect water in downstream capacity. Then the water will fill the kettle until, until it begins to flow out of the spout. And from there in another capacity. And so – until you get to the bottom of the kettle chain. Latest spout (bottom of container) position of the barrel or groove stormwater.

Rain chain from teapots

When you create a rain chain from dummies is important to capture the containers to the top of the spout the water flowed exactly into the hole in the bottom

Model «A couple of tea»

A nice option for a rain chain for a porch or other small structures can become the form of the tea pair. For this you will need a metal set, like the ones in the old days of copper, iron, etc.

  • The beginning of the structure (i.e. the tip) make a tea, tying his stick up, nose down.
  • Near the handle of the kettle, drill the hole through which the water will enter the tank and drain through the spout further.
  • Glue cold welding cups and saucers in pairs.
  • Drill out the tea in each pair of the through-hole, which should be slightly larger than the chain links. Need it to freely slide a pair of tea through the whole chain and fix it to the right place.
  • Weld the inside of each Cup is a small hook that will capture a pair of tea on a chain-based.
  • Hang the finished items at equal intervals of the chain.

Now you literally can «to serve tea» fill with water from a hose top kettle to see how beautiful it will flow the liquid from one Cup to another.

Options rain chains

If the house has vintage tea sets made of copper or other metals that are not used anymore for its original purpose, turn them into rain chain

Rain chain made from galvanized buckets

Simple but durable option is the design of small galvanized buckets. They are brilliant, spectacular, and perfectly combined with a rain gutter system made of metal. Most advantageous to look with a chain volume of the buckets up to 3 liters.

Rain chain buckets

Below the rain chain, galvanized buckets make it look stylish, all additional items (chain, hooks, receiving waters) must also be shiny and metallic

The principle of their installation is as follows:

  • Calculate the required number of buckets that the distance between them was equal to 3-5 the links in the chain.
  • Drill bore in the bottom of each receptacle hole through which freely pass the chain-based.
  • All notches in the drilled hole cleaned with a file.
  • Each handle of the bucket, attach pliers metal hook with the letter S you are going to hang the container on a frame chain.
  • Tie the chain-the Foundation to the eaves.
  • It is passed through each bucket and record it on the links of the hooks, trying to maintain equal spacing between the elements.
  • Fixed to the lower end of the chain weights or a couple of large nuts and hide them at the bottom of large containers to collect water. In this situation, well it will look 15-liter galvanized metal bucket or a 40-liter jar of steel-stainless steel.
Rain chain buckets

Rain chain of small buckets looks good on small summer houses and verandas, built in the spirit of the rustic style

Options chains without tanks

To eliminate the possibility of freezing of the ice in the gutters in cold climate areas – create a rain chain without tanks. Options of decoration of a chain of bases may be several:

  • Plastic grape bunches (usually buy them for decorating the kitchen or dining room). Tie it up in bundles, and all year your gutters will resemble the vine.
  • Metal sheets. They cut copper, as it tends to shimmer and give different shades of bronze and brown that resembles the color of autumn leaves. Be sure to cut each leaf veinlets of the void to increase the degree of permeability of water through the circuit. The leaves are fixed on a chain-basis by groups of 3-4 pieces.
  • Bright balls. A chain of larger balls looks stylish and rich, especially if they have gold plated or metalized tint. Look for these balls should be in the Christmas decorations Department, and after the holidays, when they depreciate and are much cheaper. The balls hung in a cascade to each link in the chain – 2 pieces on opposite sides.
  • Umbrellas and fountains. The role of umbrellas can play the bottoms of plastic bottles. They have raised, similar to a petal shape. The bottom of the bottle cut off, leaving a 7-10 cm in height, and metal hot items will make in the bottom of the hole. The elements prepared, put a chain upside down, locking every element of hooks, fixed on three sides of the umbrella. To make the fountain, it is necessary to cut only the top part of the bottle, and everything else, almost to the bottom, cut into thin strips. Holes, as described above, but fixed elements are not upside down, and down to the stripes beautifully curved in an arc.
Rain chain leaves

On and cascades down metal leaves, petals, and similar forms of water is difficult to stay in the winter so they rarely acquire the ice

Chain of plastic bottles

If you want to decorate rain chains veranda on the Playground, try to build original and fun shapes of plastic bottles

To invent your way a rain chain may be any host. The main thing — to have a little imagination and the desire to make your site unique.

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