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Decorative pebbles in the garden — paths and small shapes to decorate your site

Decorative pebbles in the garden — paths and small shapes to decorate your site

Pebbles – polished smooth sea rounded pebbles, is today a very popular material for garden decoration. It looks attractive and aesthetically pleasing and as material for garden paths or patios and as decoration or basic material for the fence. Some owners of private houses paving pebbles, whole yards, creating a durable, beautiful finish. Picking up stones by color, by shape, by size, skillfully combining them you can create amazing patterns. That can be built from pebbles in my garden? Consider a few simple examples.

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Example #1 — decorative pyramid

Pyramid is very easy, this design can be placed in a flowerpot, flower pot, make a few pieces for flowerbeds.

You will need pebbles, the size of which gradually decreases, like the rings in a baby pyramid, and glue. To a large flat stone, which will be the base of a pyramid, glued a smaller stone, the glue needs to dry, then you can move on to the next stone etc.


For the Foundation undertakes a broad flat stone, he is driven in the ground below the pyramid was stable. Top stones can be pointy, irregular shape

The pyramid base is driven in a pot or in the soil in the flower bed, it looks very original.

Pyramid of pebbles

Pyramid of pebbles original garden decor that will attract attention. Looks like this design is among the green plants are very peculiar and organic

Example #2 — a flower pot, decorated with pebbles

In order to «sheathing» pebbles flower pot, convenient to use grout. Match stones about the same size and lay them squarely. Small stones can be fastened and the base. A layer of cement can be painted, or to paint in some one or more colors pebble itself – here it is at your discretion. As a base, a stand for the pot, will fit a large flat boulder, if you are a find. The plants in these pots look attractive and natural.

Flower pot of pebbles

To create this pot is used pebbles of various colors, is quite large. In order to coat a small pot, pick up small stones (flat or pointed). A few of these pots with green plants will help create a wonderful composition

Example #3 — «pebble» mats

To lay a trail of sea stones – it is quite complicated, but to make them a rug – simple, and it looks great. You will need flat rocks approximately the same size, glue, paper (preferably thin), knife.

The location of the stones on the Mat

First you need to place the stones on carpeting without glue to create a smooth surface, then you can start gluing each individual stone

Pick from their collection of stones of equal thickness to step on the Mat conveniently. Then you need to cut a piece of carpet the right size (you can use old carpet track). Have on the fabric of the stones, laying them so that the coating was smooth and harmonious. Used for bonding silicone adhesive. Adhesive on each stone, and then stone laid in the place reserved for him.

Create the rug of stones

The necessary components to create a rug: carpet, glue, knife and flat pebbles. This Mat can be used in the garden and at the entrance to the house, and in the interior. You can likewise make and stand for garden service

When the glue is dry, Mat ready. It can be put at the entrance to the gazebo, beside the bench. If you want to place it in the yard, you can use a rubber Mat as a base, and glue on the rubber. This pebble Mat is not afraid of water. Show imagination, you can create a masterpiece using paint, stones of different colors, laying patterns.

The finished Mat of pebbles

To create this Mat is used pebbles of the same size, a variety of natural shades. You can try to put a simple geometric pattern using larger pebbles or smaller, it can be painted to work with sea pebbles doubly pleased, because you can create whatever you like

Example #4 — a basket of sea stones

To create decorative pebble basket you will need the following tools: two small plastic pot of the same size, scissors, a sheet of plywood (thickness 10 mm), pencil, jigsaw, transparent tape, a hammer, a few nails, cold-resistant and moisture-resistant cement adhesive, small flat pebbles (about 200 pieces, length 3 to 4 cm), wire cutters, spatula, brush, wire mesh.

So, get to work. First cut from the top of one of the pots rim (width 2.5 cm). Squeezing the rim to get the ellipse, apply it to a piece of plywood, draw out the circuit. Then received on the plywood we cut the shape with a jigsaw. The bezel fits over the plywood oval, attached to it with nails at the edges of the plywood. This is a template to create the base of the basket.

The Foundation is laid with the tape, the edge should protrude at the sides. Form is completed by a layer of cement mortar with a thickness of 10-12 mm. Mesh wire to fit the size of the form is pressed into the cement. Basket is the garden decor, you’ll want to put in it some flowers, so at the base you need to drill holes for drainage.

On the flat side of the stones apply cement adhesive and they stick to the base. When you paste all the stones to the base, leave it overnight to harden. After drying, the plastic bezel need to be removed and separated from the plywood base is ready. Turn it over, remove the tape.

how to make a basket

Picture 4 reflects the first phase of the work: creating a template for the bottom, fill it with cement, use a grid and tape and start laying stones

Now «walls» baskets. Put on the stones the glue and lay the first row along the edge of the base. Similarly laid out and the rest of the series, only with more coverage, otherwise the walls of the basket will not be slanted and straight.

After that, five rows of masonry, allow the glue to dry for half an hour, it is possible to be sure to prop up unsavory places a mug. Excess cement should be cleaned before hardening. For removal, you can use a narrow trowel, a tool for molding, and the surface of the stone clean with a brush.

How to make a basket - stages 5-8

The base is ready, now begin to create «masonry», for uploading the last row you can use round stones, as in this case, or pick up a pointed

Then laid another 2-3 rows of pebbles, the last row, in order to give the product originality, you can put the round stones. After laying a basket leave to harden for a couple of hours.

Now you need to make a pen. Cut out a rim from another plastic pot and skip it at the center of the product, the handle should protrude above the upper edge of the basket. The handle is laid flat stones by the edge of the solution to create a handle take more. Lay stones, while the two sides, the latter should be in the middle. The solution is dried, remove the excess. After several hours, when the solution becomes solid, gently remove the plastic bezel, clear the handle from the bottom.

Basket of pebbles

Basket of pebbles will look great on the terrace, at the entrance to the gazebo, in any other corner of the garden. If vases and pots is no surprise, such a small form is bound to attract attention

Please note that it is better not to take the basket by the handle, in any case, this part of the product will be the most fragile.

Example #5 — path of pebbles

A pebble path can be of two types: loose in bulk and fixed by stones.

Track free bulk

The first option is much easier to make, but it looks not so impressive. To create it you will need pegs, plastic safety rails for paths, rake, shovel, used in landscaping fabric, pins, pebbles, gravel.

So, we begin. On a prepared surface to mark up the border of the track (you can use the hose pegs), width convenient to do no more than 80-100 cm along the perimeter of the track is removed the turf, on the sides you need to dig a trench depth of about 15 cm they should set the limiters area of future tracks. If the track will have curves, extra corners – they will keep the integrity of the structure. The cheapest limiter is made of plastic, but you can use wrought iron, concrete, wood, which look much more attractive. After installation of the curb, close the trench and firm it. Level surface on both sides of the fence should be below 3 cm.

In the recess is placed a special fabric. The corners can be clipped by the limiter, in this case, the fixing of the border is done after the laying of the cloth, or to press flat stones. The fabric will protect the driveway from weeds. The resulting basis paths are filled with a mixture of gravel and small pebbles, spread with shovel or rake. If you need to add some stones, do it. Pour a trail of hose – gravel will be cleaner, and a little mound will settle and align.

Track free bulk

To create such a track is quite simple, and if it is to decorate any of the described ways, the garden will look modern and attractive

The track is ready. In order to it looked more attractive at the edges, you can install solar lights, plant flowers, make the lawn – at your discretion. Care for such a path is simple – from time to time you will need to remove the weeds and debris.

Track recorded by stones

On the trail of pebbles with clearly fixed stones to create a variety of patterns, ornaments, pictures, use different colors, bright colors. Pebble is becoming more and more popular material that is used in landscaping and interior design. This material can be purchased, if possible – to bring the sea coast.

An example of a combination of stones

An example of combination of stones: a successful combination of blue and brown. Figure «wave», the current of the stream, created by using stone edge. The harmony created and the flowers are lilac shade that goes well with the color of the stones

Mosaic from pebbles

Of course, this beauty is the handiwork of a true master, but the elements of the mosaic can try to create you. For starters, you can practice laying out the pattern by drawing in the sand

To begin, decide what patterns you would like to see on the track, the article cited a few examples, but a bigger selection is online. Sort the stones by size, by color, consider if you plan to use paint.

The basis of the track – pit 15 cm deep, dug along the perimeter. Pebbles can be placed flush with the ground, and a little higher. The bottom of the pit is filled with layers of sand and stone chips (about 2 cm). Then sand is laid out raw concrete mix (a layer of 5 cm). Dampen the concrete if it is dry.

Now work with pebble. In the absence of experience, be trained to put the stones on the sand. When you create a pattern in the shape of a circle, the center and the edge mark on the track, lay out, start with the center. The stones can fit snugly to each other and to give some distance. In the center of the circle, the pebble must be in contact tightly. When you create a circle of stones placed edge. The surface is leveled using a level, gravel tamped down with a rubber mallet. A third of the height of the stone should be in the concrete layer. The border it is possible to do or not to do, but if you do, the track will be stronger.

Track and Sandstone pebbles

To put the track — troublesome and time-consuming. You can use a separate item of pebble, a kind of inclusion — as in this case, the track of wild stone

The finished path or paved area should be rinsed with water, cover with foil and leave overnight. The next day, fill concrete cracks between the stones – not more than 2/3. Dried concrete is again wetted, brushed clean right places.

Combination of pebbles and natural stone

Amazing things you can create by combining Sandstone and pebbles. Using colors, this carpet looks fantastic

After that, the track is again covered with the tarp, now it must leave covered for a few days. Generally, in order to mix well seized, it is advisable to walk on a new track a couple of weeks. If some places on the rocks were cement, clean them with a damp sponge.

The track with the effect of dry Creek

The track with the effect of dry Creek — the entire shingle lined with rib, different angle of putting some creates the impression of water movement, though it is not carpet, but a real Creek or a small river flowing through the garden

If all you have turned out well, you can try more complex patterns on a different station or track. Making a pebble driveway with patterns, you will see how beautiful it is and how to transform your garden.

That path to walk is not only pleasant but also useful. If you walk on it barefoot, it will perform the functions of the massager. Stones to massage all active points of the foot, so that such man-made beauty will make you healthier.

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