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Collection of unique beds from scrap materials

Collection of unique beds from scrap materials

Originally designed flowerbeds always look interesting. Wishing to decorate your area floral compositions, many gardeners are equipped with beds using ready-made fencing and containers for plants. But to create an unusual element of landscape design and can do minimal cost, with a little imagination for the arrangement of the beds from scrap materials. These unusual designs will be the highlight of a suburban area.

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Installation of decorative fences allows to solve several problems:

  • with the help of flower beds and walling is easy to visually divide the territory into functional zones;
  • beds, decorated in the same style, pretend area more neat and presentable;
  • the sides of the tanks and building envelope of warn «the spread» plants on the territory;
  • fences perform a protective function, and safeguard fragile plants from the encroachments of Pets.

Old things, long since expired but carefully stored in the pantry or garage, you can get a second life, becoming the original functional element of landscape design.

Flower beds – the decoration of any plot

Fence and flower beds can give the site a more complete and harmonious view

Original flower from waste material

Reviewing their reserves «the right things» we find a set of old rubber.

Elegant decoration for garden from tires

Flowerbeds of tires, figure decorated with incised edges and painted in an interesting color combination, despite the simplicity of the production ready look very impressive

Decorating the flower garden, you can take the finished versions of the device of flower beds using old tires, but much more interesting to come up with unusual design elements yourself.

New use for old dishes

The role of an unusual beds may also make old kitchen utensils: outlived its maker, smoked pot, leaky pot

Four steps to creating miniklubi from the kettle

To transform an old kettle in miniature klumbochki under primroses, enough to paint the product in a suitable color and glue colored pebbles, using hot melt glue. Looks harmonious combination of an application of the stones with the technique of decoupage

The original beds with their hands can also be created from old shoes and boots. In every family there is a few pairs of old shoes that nobody wears long, but throw the hand does not rise.

Hanging pots from rubber boots

Place under improvised flower pots, turned by the skillful hands of old leaky rubber boots, there are in any area of the site

Funny flower pots attached to the fence, the stairs or the porch will enliven the interior and give a good mood as the hosts and guests. The main advantage of this miniklubi of old shoes – mobility: easy to move around the area, thereby reviving the dull corners of the garden.

A motley group of unusual miniclub

It is difficult to walk, to smile, by this Shoe or slipper that is embellished with a shock of fresh green, dotted with miniature colorful flowers

To turn an old Shoe into a garden container, it is sufficient to scrape the product in several places just above the soles with a knife. The incisions necessary to ensure sufficient drainage. With the same purpose you can use gravel, clay, wood chips, which fill the lower part of the Shoe. The remaining interior space of the product is tightly filled with potting compost. Also some useful tips we can learn in this video:

For planting in these improvised containers are ideal: petunias, geraniums, pansies, fuchsias and other flowering plants are undemanding.

Garden containers from old furniture

Create flower beds from scrap materials – an exciting process that allows you to turn any old thing long since become trash, into a piece of art.

New life for the beloved chair

An old chair can be not only unusual design element, but also functional design at a small blooming flower bed

Floral arrangement for the registration of such beds can be made from small flowers, and tall perennials. The mobile bed will be convenient to place in any area of the site, and if you want change the interior to move to any corner of the garden. To make the construction more stability, a chair should bind to the inserted in the ground reinforcement or partially dug into the ground.

If you wish, you can even attach the old grandmother’s bed, transforming it into the basis for the gorgeous flower garden.

Colorful flower garden in an unusual performance

For the arrangement of flower beds metal bed should be painted in the desired color and to dig into the ground so that the legs are completely submerged under the earth and on the surface remained only the back side

To fill a flowerbed can be as blossoming and dekorativnolistvennye groundcover. Closer to the headboard, it is desirable to plant climbing flowers, the stems of which are braided metal support, giving the flowerbed of particular scenic beauty.

Gorgeous flower garden out of old cabinets

Time-blackened wooden bedside table also may find employment in the capable hands of a creative master. To create original planters used as the top product and side drawers

Before you fill containers with soil, it is desirable to cover them with a spunbond or polyethylene, securing material construction stapler.

Treatment of the wooden surface with special protective structures will significantly extend the life of your structure.

Unusual use of old transport

To give the old bike a more decorative it is desirable to paint with spray paint, and then attach to it a pair of wicker baskets.

Old Bicycle, decorated with fresh caps of petunias

The original mobile flower garden can be done using an old Bicycle. This arrangement of flower beds allows much to save space on the plot for planting other plants

Mounting options flower pots

Containers with flowers can be set on the front wheel, frame or rear trunk, turning a regular bike into a real installation of floral arrangements

When painting, secure in the upright position bike you can use a metal pin driven into the ground.

Old boat, boat or kayak, first plied the seas, and now settled on the emerald lawn and fragrant flowers, will become a bright accent the design of any suburban area.

A big flower bed out of old boats

To turn a disused boat in improvised pots is easy, filling it with soil and planting miniature bushes, dotted with colored flowers

Boat decorated with potted seasonal flowers

Not less interesting to look boats, are decorated with many pots of flowering plants

A variant design of the flower garden potted crops allows you to change the composition of plants depending on mood and season.

Harmonious flowerbed in an old boat on the site bordering the reservoir; then a floral arrangement combines two elements – the flora of the garden and water.

Colorful spring primroses in unusual flower bed

In the hands of the craftsman new life can find even the old cars

For decorating the flower garden of the car you must remove the engine and all the stuff from the trunk, after filling it with soil so that there are not less than 20 cm to the brim. For planting in a flower garden better resemble vines, quickly pulling it off the surface, and povorotnyi, creating a continuous blooming garden.

Original flowerbed for decoration of recreation area

When making flower beds are interesting to look smooth transitions from one tone to another, and contrasting colors

For the arrangement of flower beds, you can use any available materials, harmoniously combined with grown in the area of flowers. The only condition is to choose wisely the balance of elements that created a flower bed is a stylish setting for a beautifully maintained flower garden.

Ideas for creating unusual flower beds on video

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