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Best original flower beds: the top 5 unusual ideas to break the flower garden

Best original flower beds: the top 5 unusual ideas to break the flower garden

Floral arrangements can transform any garden. Colorful flower beds, pleasing the eyes with a riot of colors and exuding a fragrance, leaves no one indifferent. But if elegant floral arrangement to give an unusual shape, and they’re will be a bright decoration for the front of the house that give the area uniqueness and originality. To create an unusual flower beds can be made of any scrap materials: it is enough to show a little imagination, and the old ugly thing will be an original setting for floral arrangements.

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Nominee #1 — miniature flower beds in containers

Deciding to make flower beds, placing them in makeshift containers or abramiv decorative bordjurchikami, it is possible to solve in parallel two tasks: to create original elements, to protect the plants, protecting them from the attacks of domestic animals and to warn them «the spread» in terms of territory. The main thing to remember is that wanting to create an original flower beds, as a basis you can take almost any material.

Original containers in the garden

Transform the appearance of the garden will help fun containers made from old clothes, rubber balls and overage plumbing

Smash a miniature flower garden that will decorate the front area on the lot or Playground, even in old shoes. The bigger the Shoe size, the wider the choice of plants for its design.

Miniature flower bed of old shoes

Turn old shoes into makeshift flower pot is quite simple: you need to scrape it into the joints with soles for the installation of drainage and then fill with a mixture of fertile and planted flowers

The advantage of this container is its mobility: a Shoe is convenient to place on the porch, the stairs, the fence, adding to the interior of variegated colors. Among the shortcomings should be identified only the need for daily watering and weekly fertilizing of plants.

Nominee #2 — flower-bed-umbrella made of plywood

For furnishing not less attractive, but more durable flower garden, you can build a bed-umbrella made of plywood.

Elegant bed from an old umbrella

Cute flowerbed can get even from an old umbrella stuck in the ground and filled the fertile ground for the planting of flowering plants

To make such an original flower garden you will need:

  • 9 wooden bars cross-section of 4 cm to the spokes of an umbrella;
  • 1 more long wooden block for the arrangement of the handle of the umbrella;
  • 10 a triangular piece of plywood, the height of which corresponds to the length of the spokes;
  • screws or nails.

The triangle parts out of plywood and «spokes» umbrella collecting, connecting nails or screws. The wider the triangles of the workpiece, the more extensive and capacious will be a flower bed.

The finished design set sharp cut end down on the ground, buried her by 10 cm, and optionally locking for stability pegs. The bottom flowerbeds fill with a layer of gravel, on top of which is lined with fertile soil structure. In the center of the composition set «the handle» umbrella. Good combination of flowers in the flowerbed give: drought-tolerant Salvia, hardy marigolds and variegated beauty asters.

Flowerbed umbrella of plywood sheets

The result is a kind of cone, which is necessary to saw off the sharp tip with a diameter of 15 cm, required for the installation of drainage

Nominee #3 — motley «floral brook»

It is not always possible under the bed to take a large area at the site. But even in the absence of «to turn», you can create a beautiful and unusual composition, when you look at that mood.

Flowerbed “spilled Flower pot”

Miniature plant composition «spilled flower pot» can even unsightly area to transform in elegant lawn on which to relax while admiring the beauty of flowers

The basis for creating unusual flower bed can be seen in any old capacity: a cracked clay pot or jug, glass bottle with a wide neck, aluminium cans or plastic container.

Version of the design of ‘flower brook”

To design a flower garden it is better to use low-growing and ground cover plants with flowers of blue and white shades, which, from afar, resemble spilled milk or water

Under the arrangement of the tank to be removed 15-20 cm layer of soil, so that the capacity is set at an angle of 30-40°, and its bottom is located a little above the neck. In the neck of the container is poured a bit of land and planted seedlings, gradually dosaeva bushes and distributing them in the form of winding paths, reminiscent of the contours of the stream.

Here perfect compact clumps of Lobelia, pansies and daisies sweet. Will look spectacular combination of colors in the flower bed, created from a mixture of varieties. The choice of plants is limited only by the placement «floral brook»: when constructing it in the corner of the garden is best to choose shade-tolerant varieties, and placing on a Sunny glades, the preference can be given to sun-loving beauties.

Nominee #4 — wooden bed-palette

Complex at first glance, the design is quite simple to manufacture. For its arrangement you need to prepare:

  • Sheet of Styrofoam or plywood;
  • Wooden bars for the legs of the structure;
  • Manual milling cutter on the contour;
  • Varnish or paint for the woodwork.

On one palette can easily accommodate 6 to 8 flower pots. The diameter of the holes should match the size on the palette of pots. According to the planned path using a cutter cut apertures.

Flowerbed-a palette for vertical gardening

Spectacular decoration of the plot will be unusual container flower garden, decorated in a palette

Blank for flower garden

The diameter of the palette depends on the size of flower pots, which will play the role of variegated colors. Determine the size of the design, plan the location of the holes capacity

Strengthening the frame of the structure

To increase strength palettes, design firm, imposing round gasket from the same piece of plywood on the center of the composition

Since the design will be installed at a slight angle from the back side of the palette attached two support legs.

Finish and decoration of the flower garden

Original container flower garden is almost ready. To give it a more decorative appearance and life extension, outer and back side of the palette is covered with a colourless varnish or any other paint «under the tree»

To make the composition can be any flowering plants. Bright colors of the composition will give: picky nasturtiums, delicate and fragrant viola petunias. Addition of the composition will be a rake and shovel tools of the artist who paints your garden flowers.

Nominee #5 — songs of the old transport

The owners of outdated transport, which throw hand does not rise, can build on a plot of more ambitious compositions. With a light hand creative master new life to take: the broken bicycles, motorcycles, boats and even cars.

Mobile flowerbed of bike

To turn an old bike in the original mobile flower garden is very simple: you need to attach to the front, rear racks and frame design ample pots

To make a vertical flower garden more attractive, containers and frame construction, it is desirable to paint in one color.

Decorative planters from old boats

The easiest way to build a more decorative planter of the old boat: it is only necessary to firmly fix it on the ground, fill with soil and plant your favorite flowers

Tip! For the arrangement of such a makeshift flower bed is better to take a visible place outside on the lawn.

The same principle is constructed the flower bed from an old car. Before planting plants machine, you need to get rid of all unnecessary items: remove engine, remove seat, release the trunk and hood.

Styling flowers in containers

Making a flower garden, it is better to use plants in containers. Thanks to this composition you can always upgrade, replacing the faded copies with varieties that are just entering the time of flowering

The option of decorating the old cars

Place the containers in the trunk or salon, either fasten them to the roof of the car so the growth of flowers around the body of the machine with a continuous carpet

With time machine, woven from the living of a carpet with flowers will be an outstanding accent of area.

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