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Unusual and fancy decor ideas for garden

Unusual and fancy decor ideas for garden

What garden or dacha attracted the attention of others? Those gardeners who like to decorate your site with exclusive plants certainly think that flowers and trees – it is most impressive elements of landscape design. Handyman-handymen believe that their ideas, skillfully brought to life, are the main. And those and others are right. The cottage garden and attracts the attention of others in what they differ from other similar sites. Special decor for garden, invented and embodied by the owners themselves gives this place a special charm.

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Unusual garden beds

The best part is that the creative process takes, carries away. Wanting to do something unusual and beautiful, we turn on our own imagination. And already she, gushing ideas, awakens in us the potential which we have not even imagined. It turns out that we are able to do wonderful crafts from nothing. To create the garden decor with your own hands is especially nice: not in vain author’s works are valued more than the purchase.

Alone garden beds you can come up with and build a great variety. But do not forget that the decor for the garden and garden is an integral part thereof and, therefore, should match the style chosen for the plot and garden buildings.


Found on the dump of the chair may get a second life. He will be the main mini-beds, which form a variety of plants growing in a bucket, a plastic pot or just in the pelvis.

Any suitable container may replace the chair seat. You need to do it in holes and shots geotextile, fill with soil. For such a bed will fit mosses, Sedum, and young vines, which wrap around parts of the chair, turning it into a element of the garden.


Recycle your chair unexpectedly adorn the parcel and will help its owner to show their extraordinary imagination and creativity

Flowerbed island

This hit modern art design easy to build yourself. For this you need a container with holes that is lined with geotextile and filled with soil. For greater stability it is placed in a piece of foam, decorated with cloth or moss. Daylilies, swamp iris, globe flower, nymphea, cinquefoil, calamus, and other water-loving plants is just designed for such beds.

Flowerbed island

Flowerbed island today at the height of fashion: it is the perfect decoration for any garden pond and invariably attracts the attention of others

Hanging bed

It looks very attractive hanging on the balcony, in the gazebo or under the arch of flowers. Hanging baskets should be light. As a covering material they also use a geotextile. Its not too attractive appearance closes fast growing shoots. As soil a mixture of sand, peat and compost leaves. Granules of a hydrogel will help to retain moisture. Ampelnye plants – ideal for hanging baskets.

Hanging bed

Flowers everywhere – the motto of the fans of the hanging beds, but we should not forget that these beds should be light and airy

Beds of «what I got»

Any old thing can become the basis for the beds, if she looks presentable enough. Old boots, watering cans, wheels, bicycles, cans, jugs – all of this can again become useful and pleasing to the eye. Decor ideas for your garden arise spontaneously as the appearance of these items from pantries and closets.

A flower bed of old things

Old jeans, colourful children’s boots, chandelier, outmoded, and even an old shabby suitcase can always be elements of the garden decor

A lot of things in the home that are pending «just in case» can be brought to light: the case of come, and old things get new bright life.

Decorate a winter garden

Not all winter moving into city apartments. The owners are warm and rustic cottages remain to winter in them. However, the winter cold is not a reason to tame your imagination, and the approach of the New Year and Christmas gives you a special energy charge for the implementation of the new winter ideas.

For the realization of your fantasies will use the usual children’s balloons. By the way, children can become not only co-authors of such works, but critics supportive of the results obtained.

Colored icicles

Bred in different containers of paint with water. It is better to use food coloring or watercolor. You can add glitter or cut into small pieces Christmas «the rain». Pour the solution into a child’s balloon and tying it carefully, after which he embarks into the cold. A frozen chunk of ice is released from the rubber sheath. Icicles should be bright, clear and colorful like candy. We put them along the track or where we want.

Colored icicles

Fantasy can’t wait till the spring warm days, it continuously gives rise to new ideas, which is so nice to realize, making life brighter

The flying balls

These balls will adorn the tree branches before the New year, giving them a fabulous look. These balls are more suitable white thread of medium thickness with lurex. Need to inflate a balloon, wrap it tightly with thread, then covered with PVA glue. When the glue is dry, the ball just pierced with a needle and gently extracted from the resulting flying ball.

The flying balls

Winter flying balls like snowballs frozen in flight, and in the spring they become as interesting details Easter decorations like bunnies, Easter cakes and eggs

For decorating the garden for Easter too, you can use the flying balls, but do they need to be as vivid and colorful as the eggs «eggs».

Examples of successful application of wood

That can compare with the tree of harmony entry into any style garden plot? The natural, however, that special warmth that is given by wood, allows you to create amazing wood decor for home and garden.

Wooden figures

This is the most popular form of wood. Usually wooden figures, if they do not give a bright coloring, almost invisible in the garden. This is their special charm. They arise suddenly, but not scare, and delight, engaging in the wonderful world of Nature.

Garden sculpture made of wood

Lesovik or the fairy king of the forest does not seem terrible, on the contrary, they guard the garden and its owners from uninvited visitors, but the good guests are always welcome

Forgotten things

As decoration for garden use things made of wood, which has long served its. Look great old cart or a tub that serves as a flowerbed, garden or staircase, which now plays the role of wall units.

Forgotten things from wood

Once needed, but today forgotten, but not abandoned wooden things, look at the site unusually harmoniously, emphasizing its natural origin

Functional items

For all its decorative woodwork can be quite functional. This decorative bridge over a stream, and a bench, guarded by wooden bears-the guards.

Wooden bridge

Wrong anyone who believes that the elements of the décor can’t be functional: make sure that the decorative bridge came in handy on this garden site

The human imagination is inexhaustible. Moreover, the more intense is used a bottomless pit of creative energy, the more it fills with Nature, helping us to invent and realize miracles.

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