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Eight ways to use mosaic in the design of the site and adjoining territory

Eight ways to use mosaic in the design of the site and adjoining territory

Warm summer days are not as long lasting as I would like. Keep the positive summer, its sunshine and festivity really want, and in the off-season when daylight is short and we do not have enough bright colors. Meanwhile, there is such a wonderful way of decorating the landscape elements as a mosaic. Thanks to this simple, at first glance, the way of decorating it is possible to give exclusivity to any structures on the site. Modern designers made us to rediscover this almost forgotten technique, was restored to its original attractiveness and freshness. In practice it is possible to apply a mosaic on your site, we will try to tell you.

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Selection of material for the mosaic compositions

There are a variety of materials which you can use to create a beautiful mosaic compositions. In this capacity may be not only standard glass mosaic tile purchased in the store, but also unexpected items that are usually neglected. For example, bottle caps, plastic.

Materials for mosaic

The materials for the mosaic as diverse as the technique of decoration. The fan mosaic is a chance to make your home garden unique

In addition to the mentioned materials most often used:

  • ceramic tile (whole and in pieces);
  • any battle glassware, ceramics, earthenware or porcelain;
  • color quartz sand;
  • pebbles or small stones;
  • molten colored glass;
  • coins;
  • shells or elements;
  • any material small format, if it can be used for paving.

Important and the idea of panels in his drawing. The right combination of location selected for mosaic, texture, material and intended image will give the same effect that we so urgently need.

Where you can apply mosaic?

Experts say that modern mosaic able to decorate the surface of any shape and curvature. It can be not only a smooth wall, but the bowl and the bottom of the pool, part sculpture garden. The elements, the size of which is 2,4×2,4 cm long, covered the entire surface of the figure, the required minimum fracture radius 5 cm meets the Necessary parameters, for example, a ball similar to a small peach!


Do not be scared, no cat mosaics did not cover. This small garden sculpture – just an illustration confirming the enormous possibilities the mosaic

Option #1 — decorate the garden paths

Sometimes the desire to make a beautiful mosaic trail runs into shortage of supplies. But it does not have to cover the mosaic trail in its entirety. Is acceptable combined variant design, in which the décor is closed only one segment of the surface. You can alternate pieces with mosaic and plain, covered with elements made of concrete, stones or brick. Quite often for decoration of garden paths use colored pebbles. Material in this case, really should be a lot.

Garden path

This garden path, and looks pretty, and functional in the rain for it will not accumulate water, and slippery it is unlikely to be

Option #2 — paving of the courtyard

The best option can be considered as decoration and not just the courtyard, but only a dining zone or area near the pool. It is often so decorate the area around the fountain in the buildings made in Oriental style. You can, of course, covered with a mosaic of all the space, but whether it is beautiful? It is very important to keep a sense of proportion, and be guided by them.

The pattern may be created in accordance with the General design chosen for the site. The easiest option of paving the yard is to use contrasting stripes or simple geometric pattern. Using different materials, you can simulate even complex carpet ornaments.


The use of mosaic in this corner of the garden is justified. Here you can sit, drink coffee, enjoying the fresh air, and just relax

Option #3 — revetted with mosaic pool

To coat not only the sides of the reservoir, but the bowl of the pool. Impressive is not only fanciful mural, but the conventional solid cladding. However, with such a field of creativity, it is difficult to resist creating a unique design for this facility. Although sometimes easier to buy ready-made panels in the store. It is important not to overestimate their capabilities.

Panel in the pool

This panel can only be done by a professional artist who has mastered all the subtleties of craftsmanship. If you want to decorate your pool, just buy it

For lining pools is most often used ceramic or glass mosaic but the kind might look like the pebble, which also should not be forgotten. If you use pebbles for paving of the pool, then walk along its bottom will be at the same time a light massage for the feet. In addition, the surface covered with this natural material, will not be too slippery.

Option #4 — fountains, waterfalls, outdoor shower

Great decoration mosaic can be for small objects, water-related: drinking and decorative fountains, small drinking bowls for birds, artificial waterfalls of different sizes and for summer shower, which only operated in the heat. If the yard is made in modern style, it is preferable to use a smooth lining. The classical variant is more appropriate textured material.

Waterfall mosaic

Like a piece of the garden of Eden — just so you can say about this wonderful waterfall, next to which I would like to be a hot day

Mosaics can cover not only the new shower, but the building, which was erected on the site for a long time. It is possible to Refine several walls or only one. Smooth veneer can significantly simplify the care facility. Very original look to modern, minimalist shower panel. In order to freshen up the garden after work, this panel will fit optimally. To bring water to her right from home.

Mini shower

This element of garden decor small, but very welcome in the heat. No wonder the very form of the soul is reminiscent of the freshness, coolness and the sea waves

Option #5 — decoration of the walls

Smooth vertical surface just asks her to apply some image. If the yard is small, it is recommended to enclose with walls overgrown with greenery. This framing creates an amazing optical effect: it seems that you are surrounded by a large and spacious garden. But growth like this the walls need some time. So why best the picture on the wall not to create with mosaics?

Mosaic on the wall

Covering the wall mosaics that simulate the growing and the flowering tree, the artist pushes the barrier to the eye, making the garden permeable to positive emotions

Mosaic canvas and you can cover part of the facade, adjacent to the recreation area. For this purpose you can use ready-made panels or to Express their own imagination and creativity. Surely you and your best material after construction and repair work remained. The one which throw a pity, and the application is not yet found. We offer a video with an example of such work:

The beauty of mosaic is that it can help to translate anything! Your garden will appear fantastic scenery, fantastic characters, incredible beauty of the landscape, something which under any circumstances would not be here if not for your amazing imagination and determination in its implementation.

Garden, retaining wall and decorative columns allow you to avoid complex landscape compositions and even reduce the need for a large number of ornamental plants. This means that you can, without losing the visual appeal of your site and to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, loved ones and Pets, not weed control and plant care.

The fence

This panel on the solid fence, makes the fence and the space around it part of the fantasy landscape that just gushes positive

Option #6 — flower beds, pots, borders

Flower pots, flower beds and pots can be decorated with pieces of glass, ceramics, tiles and even DVDs. Any colors in this frame will look festive and bright. The correct decor will accentuate your chosen style of the plot. To give it a Grand appearance, the surrounding border need tiles oblitsevat small one tone. Contrasting or uniform tone will help to isolate it or, conversely, to integrate in the common space of the yard.


Simple, but eye-pleasing mosaic vases decor is refreshing and, more importantly, gives them the same appearance, helping to fit them in a planned landscape design

Option #7 — decor garden furniture

Thanks to modern adhesive compounds and solutions used in construction, can be oblitsevat mosaic literally any surface from metal to wood, not to mention concrete. Often decorate a table top in a dining group, or «apron» in the summer kitchen. Although it is possible to coat even the chairs or makeshift chairs and benches.

Table with porcelain mosaic

Absolutely charming buffet is served for tea. Now it will put the platter of buns and a bowl of jam and a fragrant tea poured into cups

General rules of implementation «mosaic» works

To mosaic at least ten years, pleasing you with their presence, listen to our recommendations:

  • choose a picture that is guaranteed you will not be annoying: try not to use too much different colors;
  • the adhesive or mortar must be appropriate for the tiles, and the grounds on which it is mounted;
  • necessary roughness smooth surface attached primers;
  • for absorbent (wood, concrete) and non-absorbent (metal) bases need different primers;
  • all materials used must be for outdoor use.

When you create a complex mosaic pattern we recommend you to make it a sketch. Scale figure it’s better to lay on the ground. For example, we decided to do in the garden at the earth’s surface round mosaic.

Preparation for work

The concrete base hardens pretty quickly, so it is very important to sort pebbles by color and prepare to work

For marking we will need the pegs and sturdy string. One peg hammered into the intended center of the new composition. Tied to him using the rope and a second peg as a compass, the outlined circle of the desired radius. Approximately 12 cm deep take the ground from the resulting circle. Make the bottom of the formed hole are smooth and well it stamps.

The markup of the site

The more carefully you will perform all phases of work, the better the result will look like. Mosaic is worth it to spend a little time on it

Of thin strips of metal that can be curved, creating a rounded formwork, place it around the perimeter of the pit. Fall asleep inside the circle gravel (5 cm), fill with mortar of sand and cement (3 cm) placed on top of the reinforced grid, over which pour the remaining solution (3 cm).

Put a mosaic through a small period of time when the moisture from the surface a bit will evaporate and the solution will set. To put into a solution of stones of the well deepened, to drive them into the mallet. After the completion of work on formation of the pattern, sealed all the joints with a special mixture that is used in working with tile.

The final stage

Work is coming to an end. You need to not only have pebbles imbedded in concrete, but all her elements were well bonded together

Bear with me a few days to mosaic is completely dry. Then can enjoy his creation to the full.

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