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Interesting ideas for lighting cottages and gardens + a selection of workshops

Interesting ideas for lighting cottages and gardens + a selection of workshops

The romance of the evening garden… It develops as a mosaic of many nuances, among which light plays a leading role. Unfortunately, the coverage suburban area sometimes wrongly assign a secondary place, though «a ray of light in the darkness» elementary essential in order for the evening to move freely around his domain. Not to mention the fact that the beauty of the plants, hidden in the dark, able to Shine with new colors and purchase an unexpected fantastic shape. Just enough artfully «play» with light, using some interesting ideas of illumination and decoration garden lights.

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What’s the secret to creating the right lighting?

Truly, the garden lighting is like art – it can create unprecedented effects that are born from the Union of plants and decorative lighting. You only need to bring to life some of «educational» ideas for giving with your hands so you can transform your garden from a nondescript, no different from many others, it turns into a fabulous area, capable pricked you at any time of the day.

Night lighting of the garden

Evening lighting of the villas will not only give the garden a certain mystique, but also allow you to safely move around the site

Your garden house and garden landscape will look natural by day and mysteriously by night, if you can combine the functionality of lighting with its decorative. What tasks are assigned to lighting a garden plot? Depending on the function and location of external fixtures, you can select these types of lighting garden:

  • home lighting;
  • lighting tracks;
  • illumination of stairs;
  • accent lighting;
  • lighting a patio;
  • the holiday lighting;
  • security lighting.

An important condition for the proper organization of lighting of the garden is the preservation of the aesthetics of the garden in the daytime, that is, lighting for night illumination shall not disturb the harmony of the countryside landscape. To do this, it is enough to pick lighting natural shape and/or made of natural materials. Widespread acceptance for decorative lighting of garden — glowing stones that absorb solar energy during the day and radiating it in the dark in a mysterious glow emanating softly from inside rocks.

Lighting a solitary place of rest

Original lighting, placed in dense vegetation, create a welcoming atmosphere in the area of secluded relaxation

Glowing butterflies

Air butterflies and dragonflies glow in the dark naturally and unobtrusively coexist with garden plants

Or maybe you prefer a group of colourful butterflies on long sticks stuck in the ground that day will liven up the lawn, and night glow? And how do you suddenly emerge from behind a Bush dwarf with a lamp or luminous frog perched under a big sheet? Such innovative solutions will give your giving personality and originality to the delight of you and good the envy of neighbors.

In addition to artistic impressions, you should consider the technical side of lighting garden. The use of alternative light sources based on solar energy is the most economical option for lighting the garden. In addition, this type of lighting will not spoil the appearance of the area long electric cord, stretching on the beds and the paths, since it consists of Autonomous battery pack and the connected group of lights.

Lighting walkways and trees

Unusual lighting of the trees in the form of fluorescent wells is so mysterious that you inevitably want to look into this depth

Lighted flower solar

Artificial flowers in the form of solar-powered lights will fit harmoniously into the landscaped gardens

Backlight connected to the mains, it is more logical to place closer to home — for facade lighting, entrances, terraces, as these areas require more active light, and strip a little long wiring will not require significant labor and monetary investment.

The types of lighting for a garden plot

Focused decorative lighting is the most expressive lighting, accent created a beam of light and focuses on the original landscape composition — a bed, a pond, a tree or simply on the beautiful form of the flower. With such a directional lighting, it is important to balance the intensity, color spectrum drawing of the light spot and the location of the light source. Interesting idea to illuminate the garden can be a group of lighting devices located under the trees with unusual crown — in the evening sent the light draws the silhouette of the tree and will create on earth the intricate pattern of shadows.

Accent lighting of trees

Evening illumination of gardens so subtly draws the outlines of the plants that they are sometimes fantastic, unreal appearance

Lighting garden paths does not imply the abundance of a powerful lamp — it can be small spots or in-ground light sources, giving only a hint of lighting on both sides of the country «fairway» and indicating the direction of traffic. A more thorough «navigation» require ladders, which may be illuminated by lamps mounted in the steps or the railing of the stairs. The main idea that can be applied is lighting the stairs a large number of lamps in the form of improvised candle holders from glass jars or cans, grouped around the edges of the steps. This course will give the garden a romantic ambiance, and make your hands like miniature light sources will not be difficult.

Lighting of the gazebo and walkway

Lighting of the gazebo in the garden and paths leading to it, will guarantee a pleasant evening out with the family on air

Lighting patio, terrace, or gazebo is the way to maintain the availability of places at your cottage in the evening, in rainy or cloudy days. As the lighting on the basis of the accumulated solar heat is not too bright for lighting the common areas it is better to use electric light sources. It can be floor and table, and built-in spotlights or suspended from the ceiling the whole «garland» lamps. Beautiful multicolored bottles, sophisticated lampshades made of plastic or wood, colourful balls of beads or extravagant design of shiny metal — it depends only on the choice of design of Central light in the sitting area. Depending on what atmosphere you want to give the place «public meeting», lighting can be cozy, or a more festive and bright.

Creative evening lighting

An unusual and slightly fantastic effect can be achieved by placing many lamps-balls on long stems along the track

The main requirement for security lighting are its intensity and dislocation in the crucial areas to control the security of the site — near the gate, at the entrance of the house, around the garage, around the perimeter of your possessions or other areas where valuable equipment or country inventory. As a rule, lighting protection system are provided with powerful LED lamps and subjected to certain rules — like accommodation, and in terms of design, so in this case it is better to choose the options for industrial light sources.

Glowing pots for plants

The perfect solution for lighting suburban area — pots for plants that accumulate day light, and at night radiate it

Examples of a handwritten manufacture of lamps

Unserviceable lamp, retired kitchen utensil, used plastic utensils and other seemingly unnecessary now will come in handy for «production» country lamps. In the course of going everything from the glass up to my grandmother’s tea sets — a little imagination, a little patience and all rarities, with one foot standing on a landfill, will turn into lighting devices that carry you light and joy.

Ideas for holiday lights

In order to make the country the lamp, no need to spend a lot of money — look in grandma’s trunk and you will find everything you need for creativity

Option #1 — from glass bottles

Fancy lamps of unnecessary glass containers can transform your garden and it will not cost a single penny. An ordinary glass container can be turned into an amazing lamp without any effort. Take a bottle of the original form or unusual color, pour on the bottom of multicolored small beads faceted clear glass beads that will reflect light. Screw the colored wire on your finger to make a spiral and place them in a vessel. Small flashlight fix by using silicone in the neck of the bottle — it will be a light source that is easy to turn on and off as needed.

Country lamp from a bottle

Buying alcoholic drinks — keep an eye to shape and color glass bottles — now they will be useful to create makeshift lamps

An interesting ceiling pendant chandeliers can be of glass containers of different shapes and sizes. But how to cut the bottom off of the bottle? So easily! Tie the bottle with a thin rope soaked in kerosene or gasoline at the level of the desired incision, and into the bottle fill with cold water well before the line marked by a rope. When you burn the rope, the bottle will burst and formed a smooth cut that you will be only slightly sanded to prevent cuts. Now the dome can fill the electric cord and connect a light socket.

Bottle candle holder

Cutting a glass bottle bottom and securing metal plate on the pin, you will get a great candle holder for garden lighting

A more powerful light source will work if you tie several colorful bottles with wire and hang them from the ceiling of the gazebo, patio or summer house. In that case, if you think it’s a little dark bottle green, take your stained glass paint and glass paint, to show imagination and your innate sense of harmony. And don’t be afraid to let loose — you can always remove solvent unlucky a fragment of stained glass painting and update it. Even better if you entrust the mission of painting the bottles to the children or grandchildren — and for you and the kids a joy.

A little creativity and glass bottles will create a more striking wall lamp in the form of a stylized torch. To do this in a tightly twisted the bottle cap is drilled a hole, through which is poured into the kerosene and then pre-saturated with the same combustible mixture wick out of natural rope or tube of stainless steel.

Bottle torch

Pouring in a bottle of fuel mixture and filled the inside of the wick, you will create a lamp in the form of a makeshift torch

Chandelier from bottles

Alternating bottles-ceiling with candles and flowers, lending a homemade chandelier, metal frame construction is extremely natural look

What a Christmas garland gathering dust waiting for the next New year? Put it in a bottle of champagne — and you have an expressive lamp for the garden. Laziness something long to make, but painfully hunting to be original? Wrap completely arbitrary string or rope on the bottle, but left gaps, and apply the paint in your favourite colour of spray this kind of cocoon. When your «painting» a bit dry — unwind bottle. Unusual? Go ahead.

Bottle candle holder

Bottle candle holder original by ideas candle holder in the shape of a spiral, fixed in the neck by means of a ring

Option #2 — from glass jars

The main problem with glass containers as the base for a homemade lamp — a completely transparent surface that does not scatter light. The task in front of you in the process of manufacture of the lamp glass with your hands — in fragments to decorate a glass container so that it is, however, sometimes worked to the light — scatter and soften the light from inside of the candle or light bulb.

Candle holder from glass jar

In order to make it convenient to remove the melted wax from the bottom of the jar-the candle, pour a bit of sand or pebbles

What you can do with boring, but beautiful shape of the jar, remaining as a memory of the once eaten exotic delicacies? It all depends on what style conceived Nouveau lamp. Want country style — wrap a jar jute rope, fixing it to the glass with silicone adhesive. Desire in vintage style? Cut long, narrow strips of colorful printed cotton, cotton lace or guipure and «dress up» your jar in prababushkin outfit. You like the techno style? Remove coil voltage and diode lamps from an old TV or VCR — copper wire wrap on the jar. The cylindrical envelope of the led stick as decor — they will further diffract and to modify the flow of light, and the lamp will become an object of alien origin.

Colored banks candlesticks

Unlike bottles, glass jars are rarely colorful — paint them in bright stained glass colors

The original idea of the clearance lamp for the garden in the style of pop art — painting banks multicolor fluorescent paint applied on the inner surface of the glass jars in the form of spots of irregular shape. Amassing sunlight by day, banks will emit a soft, unobtrusive glow, shimmering in rich shades of neon blue, pink or lemon yellow. Arranging glass containers of different height and diameter, painted matching colors with phosphors, you can create rich composite group in your garden, brightening the path to the house, Alpine garden or flower bed.

A Bank lamp with a phosphor

Bank, covered with myriads of small dots caused by the phosphor emits soft, delicate light

Option #3 — from tin cans

After drinking beer and eating sardines in tomato sauce, don’t rush to send in the garbage cans — in the holiday farm is still useful. For example, for the realization of creative ideas in creating the country of lamps that can give your garden an unforgettable look.

What do you need? Hammer, nails of different diameter and a piece of wood cylindrical in shape. Sketch on paper, the motive of the picture — it is desirable that it was not a very difficult closing ornament. Now attach your sketch to the tin, and inside of it put a piece of wood — it will keep the tin from warping. Punching nail holes at equal distance, move the picture on the jar — you get holes, which will leak sensitive light.

Lamp from tin cans

The usual cans of beer can turn into exotic lamp due to the pattern formed by small holes

A lamp made of cans

Who would have thought that from the Union of tin from canned food and wooden pegs can turn out such an unusual lamp

Option #4 — building materials

After the construction of villas often remain different building materials — cement, plasters, liquid nails, etc. Keep long such mixtures are impossible — they quickly absorb moisture and are taken lumps, but to throw the hand does not rise. Don’t despair, here are a couple of fresh ideas how to attach construction good with the useful, namely, to create holiday lights.

Lamp cement

Using residues of cement and plaster mixes, you can make enough original lamp

Take a large and a small plastic bottle, cut the bottom and attach them to one another, securing them with a pin with thread. Turn the resulting design down the neck and install it, say, a tin of suitable diameter. Mix the cement mixture and fill the space between the two bottles, occasionally shaking the shape for even filling. After hardening of the mortar, cut the bottle and release the canopy.

The lamp in the form of egg

Forming of cement mortar fragments, connect them together — you’ll have unprecedented beauty of patterned egg lamp

Option #5 — wood and ropes

Picking up a small, but expressive, dry twigs, glue them overlapping in a chaotic manner on the child’s bouncy ball. When the glue is grabbed, carefully remove your design from the bowl and deflate it. The shade in eco-friendly style is ready, just need to fill the lamp and to connect the lamp to the network.

The lamp of the branches

Unnecessary branches from the cut trees are a great material for country lamp in the form of a ball

On the same principle, using inflatable balloons, make a shade in the form of a hemisphere of a jute rope. To do this, draw on the ball the border and, gradually prokliima the intersection, wrap it in rope. After the glue dries, gently blow away the ball and detach the rope ceiling.

Lamp made of rope

White fishnet rope lights create a festive atmosphere on your terrace or in the patio area

In order to make a lamp out of wood, do not have to be able to planing or sawing — there are plenty of ready-made wooden semi-finished products that only need to skillfully use.

Lamp made of birch bark

If you curl of birch bark in a cone shape, you’ll have a very gentle and elegant lampshade to the lamp

Glowing stump

No hurry to get rid of stumps — they can be done not only stool, but also extravagant country lamp

Option #6 — plastic

Plastic bottles have long ago exploited in the tail and mane for a variety of country crafts. Why not just come up with our resourceful people, right «PTS.skilled» handles on plastic bottles. Not to be outdone by mainstream, we offer our version «recycling» plastic bottle by creating an extraordinary lamp.

The glowing hedgehog from the bottle

Here is what an unusual lamp or a hedgehog, or an insect, can result from a regular plastic bottle

Blue lamp from plastic bottle

The lamp, a ball of plastic. 1. Cut off the bottom 2. Bonded 3. Bend radius 4. Form a ball 5. Mounted on the base 6. Connected to the network

Lamp from plastic leaves

Lampshade for the lamp from the plastic leaves. 1. Cut out 2 rectangles. To cut out 3 leaves. Aplause edge of soldering iron 4. Combine the leaves with wire

Now, cut the bottle into rectangles from which to cut out the leaves. The edges of the sheet aplause soldering iron, giving it a more natural shape. A red-hot needle burned 2 holes in them and put copper wire without insulation. From individual leaves collected branches and formed of them a ball-shaped shade.

Lamp from plastic cups

Do not rush to throw away disposable cups after the reception better glue of these cute colorful lamp

Lamp from plastic balls

Buy balls for the ping-pong table, glue some of them circles, and then connect vertically — futuristic chandelier is ready

The original chandelier can be derived from other plastic products — disposable tableware, plastic cups and balls for ping-pong. Due to the initially pledged for conical and spherical forms of these products, their bonding will lead you steadily to the creation of cylindrical or spherical lamp.

Lamp beads

Creating a fun and relaxing environment in your cottage are well placed to contribute to the bright lights of multi-colored beads

Stringing large plastic beads onto the wire, curl it in a spiral and form a spherical shade with a small diameter. You can get quite an original chandelier for the garden, if you will link the balls with beads of different colors and diameter to attach them to the long brackets to the frame.

The lamps of the disks and plates

Old CDs and DVDs cluttering up your closet, now by way of them to get amazing lights for the garden

Here is a unique lamp idea for music fans — those who have a house littered with end-of-century musical drives, disks and plates. Surprisingly, out of old compact discs can get a great lamp. Just enough to break through, previously marked out with marker, 5 holes on equal distance from each other around the circumference of the disc, not too close to the edge, and then seal the discs with a wire between them. This versatile structure can be of any diameter depending on the intended size or your patience. If it is assumed that the lamp will be a floor or table, then one of the discs plays the role of a base, glue 3-4 eraser. Hanging multiple disk balls to the metal plate, you will receive an original futuristic chandelier lighting for a terrace or patio areas.

The lamp of corrugated pipe

Corrugated plastic pipe is perfectly transformirovalsya in the lamp-shell — you just have to fill in the pipe light cord

Option #7 — from old household items

The most convenient metal utensils — this is an existing perforation, is able to create unusual beauty of the spot light. Prosaic grater, a colander or strainer is a ready-made lampshades for your homemade lamps. Disconnecting the handle from the two Sith, tie them with wire – you’ll have a ceiling in the form of a ball. Rust stains or peeling enamel mask, covering his creation in bronze or silver spray paint — a lamp power retro with man-made flavor is ready.

The lights from the floats and pots

Drill the drill holes in an old saucepan or insert the light bulb into an ordinary grater — you will create a unique lighting effects

Do not rush to throw Granny sets in ugly roses with a delicate spiderweb of small cracks — glue a saucer to the Cup of super-glue, drill a hole for electrical wire — vintage lamp will become a true decoration of nostalgic summer house or gazebo. Even the old tureen can be a great shade for a country kitchen — carefully make a hole in the bottom, put the electrical cord and secure the cartridge.

Lamp Cup

Old Delft inherited you inherited from grandma, great modificeres retro lamp

I hope that interesting ideas, offered by us, will help some Plyushkin to find a decent justification for their thirst for the accumulation of unnecessary things. Now they have the opportunity to give old things a new life, creating unusual lighting for your garden.

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