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How to decorate a tree stump in the garden with his own hands: 6 interesting ideas for crafty gardeners

How to decorate a tree stump in the garden with his own hands: 6 interesting ideas for crafty gardeners

There comes a time when a tree that for years was fruitful or just pleased you with its spreading crown, it is necessary to cut. As a result, its place a not-very-nice stump that you want to do something. You can, of course, to uproot, but often such work requires considerable physical effort. Because the root system of the old tree is branched and very durable. If you don’t want to excavate to remove the root, just have to figure out how to decorate a tree stump in the garden with his own hands.

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Idea #1 — «stump in spring day»

Of course, the old stump itself will not bloom, but this does not mean that it can’t grow flowers. It does happen, if planted on the stump low annuals, herbaceous or even ornamental plants. Their presence is very ennoble and enliven cross-section of a tree.

Planting scheme

All of these modest flowers are very showy in a single bouquet, which, like the vase, holds the easiest stump

To bring this idea to life, you need a minimum of cost. The surface of the stump is leveled, after which the stump make shallow. They must be such that the root system of your chosen plants could freely evolve. Landmark can happen, for example, flower pot.

You can simply make a depression in the stump, if you remove it from the core. To make it easy when we are dealing with a rotten stump. Of the tools we will need a saw or chisel with a hammer. If the stump has appeared in your area recently, it is better to use the method of burning of the core.

May stump

Surely this stump will be a real decoration of your garden in the beginning of the last month of spring and anticipation of summer

In the center of the stump need to drill a deep enough hole to be able to fill the kerosene. The lateral surface should not be less than 7 cm, so that after removal of the core of our design remained intact. Pour the kerosene and plug the hole in the stump tube.

After about half a day, add the kerosene and again tightly close the tube hole. Leave the stump alone for a week or two. Then remove the tube and ignite the core of the stump. When she works out, the pot should be treated with antiseptic so the bed lasts longer.

Inside the pit holes to avoid water stagnation. Now put this inside the garden soil, mixed with nutrients, then plant the seedlings or bulbs. When the stump is formed lush hat colors, he’s not going to look old and ugly.


If you are not sure of the strength of the walls of your new planter out of the stump and afraid that they might start to crumble, they can reinforce mesh

A variety of options that you can make your own hands out of the stump at the cottage you can see in this video:

Idea #2 — stump as garden furniture

To do with an old stump some interesting thing, for example, a piece of furniture, you need a good tool and some skills of such work. But the tools today are not the problem. And about skills you can say so: all the great masters were once apprentices. So will take at least a try. Than you, in the end, the risk? Only an old stump.

Option #1 — stump in the role of the chair

Let’s say you just outlined the tree under the spil. Well it had a thick trunk. Remove branches from the thin top to a stronger bottom. Now, when you trunk, you need to hold it markup.

If we want to make a chair seat is more convenient to put the height of 40-60 cm from the ground. Let’s say it will 50 see, Put a chalk mark at this altitude. But the chair has a backrest. She added another 50 cm At a height of 100 cm. also put a mark with chalk. At this level and will be cut, which is best done with a chainsaw.

Wooden chair

Hard to tell how the chair shown in this photo has a natural origin, but it well illustrates the result described in this section work

Now we will form the back of the chair. For this we need to perform a horizontal incision at the level of the seat. That is where our first mark with chalk. Do drank to a depth of 2/3 of the barrel. Saws from the other side, which in the future will revolve chair.

To form the back, make a vertical slit from the top until, until we reach the previous horizontal. Cut so the piece of the trunk remove.

The Foundation is created, you can begin decorating. For this to work we will need different tools from Sanders to chisels. It all depends on how you decide to decorate the chair. In any case, it would be already not the stump, sticking out in plain sight, and a comfortable chair, sitting on the seat which you can relax.

Option #2 — original table

When you’ve done the seat, chose not to part with bark. Now we have to make a garden table, a leg of which will stump. This time from the bark it is better to get rid of. For this we can use a chisel or a chisel. We will work as accurately as possible, because we do not want to damage the wood.

Assembly table

This picture clearly shows how to beat the holders, which will be further secured countertop

On the side of the stump fills two perpendicular wood planks. Fasten them in pairs perpendicularly bonded to each other four holders. Countertop masters of the boards and fastening them together, straps.

Countertop can make a round. To do this, simply draw a circle using a makeshift compass from a pencil, string and a nail. Trying to drive in the center of the tabletop nail, to which is attached a rope with a pencil on the end. Draw a circle and everything outside its boundaries that are removed.

The table top on the stump

Tabletop, mounted on a stem which was once a stump, requires the processing of special protective structures, and in winter, a table is better to close

Nailed the finished countertop to the holders with nails or fasten with screws. The finished product, be sure to soak protective solution that will extend his life.

Idea #3 — funny song

Option #1 — an unusual sculpture

To implement the following idea is not difficult. And now the dry bones of your tree saw the little men similar to the green grasshoppers. Such children is easy to do yourself, using for this purpose a wire, pieces of tin or plastic. Such fairy-tale characters can be purchased and a shop selling Souvenirs and toys.

Funny composition

Figures were made very cleverly, and the whole composition leaves an amazing positive impression: men must fasten securely so they are not brought down by the bad weather

To stem these funny figures can be screwed by means of screws, wires or clamps. This comic composition will decorate your garden and attract the attention of your friends and neighbors.

Option #2 — decorative mushroom

If you think to make a mushroom out of the stump just, you’re absolutely right. All you need is an old or enamelled iron bowl, and spray. The bowl need to clean and paint with red spray paint. After it dries, on a red background, draw a white roundels, exactly like the spots on the hat of mushroom.

Cheerful mushroom

Next to the handsome fly agaric, you can put numerous other items that help to liven up the composition to make it complete

The stump also need to be painted white. It would be nice for him to draw a cheerful grinning face. But here it is like a fantasy tells. It remains only to put an Easter bonnet on a leg and say the mushroom is ready! By the way, does not necessarily make the fly agaric. It may be white fungus. The mushroom just looks more elegant.

To complete the picture, we will offer you at the foot of your mushroom to lay out the stones, e.g., green. They are like frame the picture, create an edging to your work. However, it is possible to do without them.

White mushroom

These mushrooms also made of stumps, only completely different: the stem and the pileus is cut from the wood of the stump and painted in the appropriate colors

Option #3 — fabulous tower

If the person is not deprived of imagination, even from a dry stump he is able to do the whole work of art is a fabulous castle or mansion, inhabited with the most amazing fairy tale characters. This toy can become the pride of the owner of the site, if work on her soul.

Castle in the Japanese style

Nice house, Japanese style, supplemented by a small hut, intended, probably, for the traditional tea ceremony

The stump can serve as the main part of the castle, which will be attached all the extra decor. So that nothing is missed, we offer you to make a sketch of the future construction and later try to follow it.

Decorating details can be sawed from a piece of MDF or plywood. The stump should be secured with screws. All structural elements must be impregnated to protect them from decay. In addition, they can be painted in desired color.

The house for children to play

Such a cute house with figures very like children, which, of course, immediately fit it for their fun games

Sometimes in the trunk of a dry tree, quite low from the surface of the earth, are hollow growths. All of these details, despite their natural origin, easily used in the composition. For example, from the tree can hang a small toy ladders with funny gnomes on them. And the growth is possible to have a toy piano with a squirrel-pianist.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the roof structure. It is quite will fit the old leaky bucket. By the way, artificial or live plants, knocked out a hole in the roof of such building will look very attractive.

This video dedicated to various characters made out of tree stumps:

Idea #4 — decorate the stump with flowers in pots

We’ve already told you how to decorate a tree stump with flowers that are grown in it, but there is another version of this decoration. If the stump remained several branches, you can hang them on the same flowers, but grown in pots. They can look very impressive.

Even if there’s no branches, with a flower pot can be put on the stump itself or around it, creating a special aura of bloom and continued life. The stumps look great as decorative stands for flower pots with plants if they are carefully sanded, allowing the wood to show its texture.

Elegant stump

Despite the simplicity of this composition, it looks very impressive and emphasized rustic: country style it fits perfectly

But we should not forget that the tree, located in the open countryside needs to be protected in the treatment, which will resist rot.

Idea #5 — garden sculptures

To create garden figurines from stumps can, only real artists, the result is a wonderful work of art, striking in its realism. If you are guided by the desire simply to decorate your site, then you can create a simple way requiring no special skills.

Deer out of hemp

Of course, this magnificent deer, feed the voice in the spring woods, skillfully carved from an ordinary stump professional high level

To make a simple piece of stump is not difficult. Those who in childhood making snowmen, then to apply the experience gained. The role owner will perform the twigs, instead of a nose and mouth Paladim knots, the Eyes can make brown bottoms of plastic bottles. The role of pupil play tube from the same bottles.

All this is attached to the stump with screws. On a horizontal surface of the saw cut can be simply decomposed cones of the pine, which will simulate the hair. Here’s a watchman for the garden, which we made in haste, ready.

The caretaker for the garden

But such a funny watchman for the garden will be able to make any student, and that is what this garden sculpture is appreciated

If it so happened that I had to cut a number of country trees, do not be sad. This situation has its positive side. But now you have a large number of stumps located close to each other. And that’s pretty good. Make them for their kids fairy land, putting into practice all the information that you’ve received in this article.

It will be just a wonderful place to play. First you have to clear each tree stump from the bark. For this you will need a chisel and a hammer. The chisel should be inserted between the bark and trunk of the tree, then gently knock it with a hammer. Bark will move away from the trunk and soon her stump is completely deprived. Now it can be carefully sanded using sandpaper with a medium grain.

Owl from hemp

This owl could easily become a companion of the Baba Yaga and settle in her hut, leaving her from time to time to hunt

Formed in the process, the wood dust must be removed with a damp cloth. Thus prepared, the tree should be treated with a preservative that protects it from rotting.

Stump now you can begin to decorate. Choose a large tree stump to turn it into a real house of Baba Yaga. Take the chalk and outline the location of future Windows and doors Babkina hut. Indentations in the wood for doors and Windows can be done using the chisel and hammer.

We will need pieces of boards, of which we have to make doors and shutters on the Windows. These parts of the future construction can be painted right now while they are still not nailed to their seats. Nail doors and shutters it is marked on the stump should nails that have bitten off hats. Completing the decoration of the hut, you can gather twigs in the County of driftwood and unusual shapes to stick them around the house of Baba Yaga. Let represent the dense years.

At stumps less possible to depict the heroes of many different folk tales or funny cartoon characters. Decorate these tree stumps and paint them conceived characters by using paint for outdoor use. Image outside wonderfully complement the flowers planted directly into the stumps. How to do this in detail in the beginning of the article. We can restrict and potted plants.

Spectacular composition from the stump

Another great song made by professional artist and sculptor, creates a great mood inherent little fabulous corner of your garden

A couple of stumps turn into children’s chairs. To do this, we don’t even have to cut a massive back. If you have kept the old chairs, to take this work their backs. They should be carefully freed from the varnish, and then using regular nails, nailed to the seat of the stumps. The finished chairs were only painted in bright colors that will surely appeal to children.

Small remaining penechki just turn in a bunch of toadstools, using as their hats bowls or basins of appropriate size. Now you know exactly how these toadstools can be done. All improvisation on the theme of the story ready.

Idea #6 — «green monster»

Another idea of how to elevate the stump, may also be of interest to you. For this purpose, we need a big stump with a strong root system, which lurk in the shady place. So if your yard has, you can assume that you are lucky.

A large stump covered with moss

A large stump covered with moss, looks mysteriously, as if caught in your garden right out of Twilight or some other Saga

Buy in the store suitable for your climate, the variety of moss. You need to plant moss on a tree stump. He began, occasionally have to sprinkle it with water. It is important that the moss has grown. When this happens, you will be able to fully appreciate the enormity of the resulting creations.

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