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Gravel garden: technology independent devices and landscaping

Gravel garden: technology independent devices and landscaping

Gravel garden in our garden plots appeared not so long ago, it looks very neat, beautiful and impressive, therefore, many gardeners and owners of private homes want to build a garden in their area. To make a gravel garden with their hands any, with its creation does not require much cost. The beauty of this garden is based on a combination of gravel mounds and stunted plants and shrubs. Gravel is a good backdrop for the flowering and non-flowering plants. Very nice in this garden and I are members of the family of conifers. Composition of the plants in the gravel garden can be changed, from time to time renewing its appearance.

The contents

Step-by-step create a sand masterpiece

The procedure works the following:

  • The first step is to choose the right place, where would you like to make a garden. If space on the site a bit, you can create it even in square of 1-1,5 m.
  • Conduct cost estimations and presentations.
  • Once the location is selected and materials purchased, you need to prepare the soil. Sandy soil is most convenient to create such a garden, although you can do it anywhere. Area you need to mark, denoting its borders – to drive the pegs, pull the rope. Then the soil is removed a layer of soil 10-15 cm Particular attention should be paid to removing weeds with roots. Weeds are usually the main problem in the care of the gravel garden. After the soil and the weeds removed in the pit with moist soil, leave for 7-10 days, during this time, the roots of the weeds will grow and you can remove them completely.
  • Then the plot you want to dig, adding to the soil baking powder – vermiculite, expanded clay sand, coarse sand. This way you will produce good drainage so that the excess moisture was removed from plant roots, which will then be planted on this site. Into the soil to add organic fertilizer and peat to plants are well started and growing.
  • The soil should be slightly compacted and covered with geotextile. The geotextile will prevent the germination of weeds and keep the gravel layer from sagging.
  • Now you can fill the gravel. Here two variants are possible: to plant the plants and then add a layer of gravel or crushed stone, or first make the filling, and then plant the plants. The first option seems more convenient, although many choose the second option. Gravel in the garden is not the only material that can be used. For such a garden suitable and pebbles, its rounded shape and a grayish color will look good on the background of the surrounding garden lawns. Large stones in the creation of a garden of gravel not used.
  • Create divider curbs. Curbs help to keep the garden border, or the roots of other plants, over time, will penetrate the area, and the border of the gravel are washed away from the rain.
  • Planting trees. If you decide to plant the plants after filling with gravel, in places a layer of gravel to sift through, make a hole in the agro-fibre, the holes and plant to plant. Then delete the unwanted pieces of AGROSALON, and gently smooth the gravel.

Here’s how it looks:

An example of a cost calculation device gravel pad

This is an example of the calculation of the cost of the device gravel site, the prices are quite relevant. Most likely you don’t have to use a geogrid — only if you will be doing work on the slope

pebbles for garden

Pebbles is a good choice for a gravel garden. In this case, on top of the main cover made path of stone and laid plank decking to the garden and easier to move

Border for gravel

The curb can be made of plastic, iron, brick, or the use of curbs

Gravel colored

For the design of the garden can be used as grey gravel, and colorful. Using two colors create bold patterns

We also offer you the step-by-step video tutorial on how to make the gravel path:

How to choose plants?

Trees and shrubs

Plants planted in groups or singly, that they stand out against the background of gravel and not merged with each other, in this case, the garden will look much less impressive.

In the gravel garden look beautiful dwarf and dwarf trees – weeping willow, willow, birch, Rowan. Very enliven the atmosphere in a vertical garden conifers – spruce, Western thuja. The needles are of different shades, the pyramidal shape of conifers decorate the garden. Of shrubs suitable barbarity and cotoneaster, they have an interesting shape of the crown and leaves, the red fruit and leaves are especially good in autumn garden.

Cossack juniper bushes can be placed at the border of the garden. On the background of the gravel tracks are well overcame English with its round shape and delicate rounded blossoms, saxifrage Arends, which is equally elegant and the flowers and leaves.

Barberry bushes with reddish leaves transform the garden

Barberry bushes with reddish leaves transform the garden, making it more vivid

Council. For gravel garden is better to choose plants with delicate leaves, shrubs and trees with the original shape of the crown. Pebbles or gravel will only emphasize the appearance of such plants, making the garden an original and aesthetically appealing.

Herbaceous perennials

Decoration of the garden will be crocuses and Alpine Edelweiss, forget-me-nots, wild tulips, brightly colored delicate flowers Dianthus deltoides. In may be pleasing to the eye will be Maki.

Bushes of the Alpine asters, known popularly as sentyabrya, will decorate your garden gravel in the fall.

All types of sedums (groundcover) perfect plants for a gravel garden.

In this decorative garden do not have to plant all the plants. It is possible to use, for example, TUI in large pots, geraniums. Same ground cover will grow well in a pot, but if you like to change the situation, tubs and pots with plants can be from time to time to put in another place.

This garden is decorated with plants and ceramic pots

This garden is decorated with plants and ceramic pots — geranium, Petunia. They are beautiful in bloom, and place the pot anywhere

One of the main rules when creating a gravel garden plants should not be too much, otherwise the very initial idea of creating such a garden will be lost.

Conifers, trees and shrubs will help to place the main accents of garden composition, and herb and flowering plants finish.


Here at the design of the garden was used only conifers. It turned out very well, besides, this garden is beautiful at any time of the year

In a gravel garden you can use wooden decking or lay a trail of large flat decorative stones or drunk, and it’s comfortable to walk, and, in addition, it is a wonderful decorative elements.

Very impressive track

Very impressive track created using gravel, decorative fence and drunk

In General, the creation of a gravel garden is a creation in which everyone can succeed. Success!

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