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The creation of a garden in a bottle: a master class on the device Floriana

The creation of a garden in a bottle: a master class on the device Floriana

At one time in fashion was the art of bonsai – growing a miniature bonsai, which look virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Today one of the fashion trends in landscaping is creating a mini-greenhouse. If you like to Tinker with plants, garden in a bottle, you probably interested. It is very interesting to work, and the result will please you with its uniqueness and elegance.

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So, how to make a garden in a bottle? I think that’s hard? Actually no, and then, after creating the garden, its maintenance will require minimum.

We need to create a mini-garden?

The creation of a garden in a bottle is not too time-consuming, but very fun. First of all, you need to find a suitable container, it can be a bottle of an interesting shape, though, to use the bottle is not necessary. The choice to stop at a round aquarium, or a wide glass chemical flask. Suit and a miniature glass decanter.


Examples of vessels that can be used to create a garden — this can be a glass bottle of any shape, but the narrow neck reduces the ability to make beautiful terrarium

A convenient container for a mini-garden

Such a bottle to create a mini-garden is very convenient — it is quite large, which allows plants to grow nicely and the wide neck gives you the opportunity to plant trees, create a soil layer and decorate the interior view of garden

The necessary components to design a mini-garden: soil, charcoal, plants, drain the mixture (fine gravel, sand, pebbles, expanded clay), a small scoop, you can children, a small gun, a pair of long chopsticks, a knife for pruning plants, empty the coil. As decor you can use seashells, pebbles, small twigs and driftwood, glass decorative pebbles, artificial insects. The vessel will need to periodically clean the dust and traces of moisture – it is convenient to use a sponge tied to a stick or knitting needle.

Difficulties in the design may cause a vessel with a narrow or long neck – in this case, you will need to extend tools – they can attach to sticks, brushes or spokes.

Necessary tools

The necessary tools that you will need to create a garden in a bottle — sponge, spool, spoon, knife. In this case they are attached to the brushes for painting. You can use the spokes, thin sticks

Prepare a soil mixture under Floriana

If you use hydrogel eliminates the need to use coal and drainage. This garden doesn’t need watering. The composition of the soil for a garden: land for flowers, peat, humus, river sand, crushed stone or brick chips, mixture of turf and clay.

Go to the process of creating our Floriana. Following this step-by-step master-class on creating a garden in a bottle, you without difficulty will make a wonderful mini-greenhouse that can be placed at home, and in the summer in a cozy corner of the garden or yard in the gazebo, on the porch.

The order of operations:

  1. Pour on the bottom of the tank drainage (2-3 cm) from the top cover charcoal (1 cm). In the case of excessive moisture coal will get rid of unpleasant smell.
  2. Coal pours moist soil (2-3 cm).
  3. Use an empty spool from thread for leveling soil.
  4. Make indentations in the soil (preferably with a spoon attached to the needle, or knife).
  5. The plants should be prepared for transplanting carefully dug with a ball of soil around the roots. Too long the roots of the cut plants should grow slowly.
  6. If you are going to use one plant – to plant it in the centre, if several, the one at the center, and the rest of the walls. In narrow neck hand will not fit – use here sticks.
  7. From a spray bottle and spray water on the soil and the plant.
  8. Start decorating a garden in a bottle – have in a vessel of pebbles, shells, driftwood.

At this stage, our garden is ready, now sponge the walls clean from traces of soil and water and close the vessel.

Select the required moisture balance

We leave our garden closed for two days and watch the condensation on the walls of the vessel. Usually the walls of a little mist is normal. If the condensation persists, then the moisture is excessive. Open the container and leave for a day open during this time moisture will evaporate. Close the vessel again and monitor the humidity level in the case that the condensate is not formed – the moisture level is too low – the garden is sprayed with warm water. Once you find the optimal balance, you will easily control the humidity.

The plants in the mini greenhouse are growing slowly, but still sometimes they need to be cut, to monitor their growth and condition.

Garden in the flask

Beautiful garden in a large flask — here feels good and whimsical Saintpaulia, and water-loving ferns. Plants have sufficient space for growth, they can be a beautiful place

Because the mini-garden is a greenhouse, the inside of the vessel is formed by tropical humid microclimate, so to water the plants almost no need. The level of humidity of soil and air regulates the plant. Spraying or watering is needed only in the case if you ceased to stand out condensate.

Plants suitable for growing in the bottle

For tropical climates, respectively, and plants are selected mainly from the tropics: dracaena sanderiana, sansevera trehpolosaya, arrowroot belozerceva, common ivy or Easter cactus khatiora, white tradescantia, fittonia, grass, the air, the Royal begonia, kriptantus, pelleya rotundifolia, xiphoid pteris.


Pitania is one of the most suitable plants to create a garden in a bottle. Its leaves are multi-colored streaks that looks very impressive in the decor and glass vessel, it is unpretentious, the leaves have a graceful shape

Saintpaulia in the aquarium

For a mini-garden suitable even Saintpaulia, but it is necessary to place them in the tank a little more, for example, in the aquarium, and don’t cover. In this case, the decoration adds a high a container of water in which algae

Video examples and tips from the experts

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