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Garden arch for flowers in the country: design ideas + step-by-step master class

Garden arch for flowers in the country: design ideas + step-by-step master class

The territory of the suburban area must be in all respects perfect – nice for relax and comfortable to work with. Beauty, created with his own hands, doubly pleased, and today’s news in design is ideal to decorate the plot. The arch for the flowers have very special decorative, allowing you to create a cozy place to relax, to zone the space, to place expressive accents.

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Species diversity of structures and their place in the garden

A free-standing arch is a spectacular accent garden areas, with the help of a group of arches to create a tunnel or gallery of astonishing beauty, a beautiful wall of their flowering trellis can conceal the area from prying eyes, or to hide the not-too-presentable outbuildings. Arches can also form a sort of gazebo is a comfortable place to stay.

Decoration and method of growing

Garden arch is not only a wonderful way to decorate the local area, for weaving plants (especially roses), this is one of the most convenient ways of growing

Simple rectangular arch

Very simple to manufacture rectangular arch opens the effect of deep perspective space. Bright accents of the composition does not give climbing plants, and flowers in tubs, lawn and a path of rubble

A lot depends on the look and feel of material design, and what plants will be used for braiding. For the manufacture of arches used materials such as wood, metal, plastic, natural stone and their various combinations.

Stone abutments

Durable construction with stone pillars and lattice roof, braided vines, forms the original shaded gazebo where you can comfortably relax on the benches

Creative arch

This creative arch made of logs and dry trunks without bark. Looks quirky and unusual and plays the role of a gate. If you have any unusual ideas, try to implement them, your garden is the best place for experimentation

Country garden arches for flowers have many shapes – arched, trellis (where a single entity joins multiple grids), trellis (lattice to support climbing plants) and the volumetric form of the arch with repetitive elements (pergolas).

Today selling a lot of ready arches – various wooden structures (from simple to very complex), inexpensive plastic and a wide variety of wrought iron. A wrought-iron arch with a thin, graceful lines are especially beautiful. Even better for them when the plant is not completely twist around the arch, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the work.

Wrought-iron arch

Wrought iron arches are very light and elegant constructions, which in themselves are beautiful decoration. In this case, adds a decorative wrought iron fence, the back wall and the lantern will eventually get a very cozy gazebo

You can purchase for your garden is ready the ark, but if you have the desire, the arch for the flowers in the country can be done independently. Arch for flowers, hand made, will look as good finished. We will describe an example of creating a simple design that able to make every.

Make the arch out of wood yourself

You need to find a 4 or 6 wooden poles or beams (height 2 m, width mm 100/100 or 75/75 mm). Vertically mounted pillars are the supports of the pergola which are attached to two lateral transverse beams and are attached to the crossbar. For bars, suitable cutting Board (20/200 mm). The pillars are set in recesses with depth of 0.5 – 1 m. the Depth depends on the type of soil, loose soil it must be greater. That the design was practical, the part of the column, which will move deep, should be treated with bitumen and wrapped with tar paper, roofing felt or other waterproofing material. Construction level to check the verticality of installation. The empty space in the pits can be filled with gravel, but the most reliable way is, of course, concrete.

Drawing garden arch

The layout of the garden pergola: 1 — bearing pillars or beams, 2 — beam, 3 — beam. For ease of plant growth is recommended to tighten the line, string, or stuff the crossbar in the form of a lattice

The beauty of the country it is nice to create by their own efforts, this pergola will be the perfect decoration and shelter from the heat. It can be placed along the walkway in the area. The 4-6 posts gives you the opportunity to create a real gazebo, in the shade where you can escape and relax.

In order for plants to grow and perform well around the pergola, between the pillars, you can pull the twine. If you will stuff in between the rails with a latticed pergola will look very beautiful. The tree is not exposed to insects, atmospheric influences, be sure to treat the special composition of all parts of the pergola. Grates can be positioned on the roof – it is more convenient for plants and the overall design will benefit from this.

Article topic: Wood pergola: how to build and effectively to decorate their hands

Here’s another example of the construction of wooden arched structure:

Arch with their hands from wood

If you use elements from metal rebar, area, they need to be degreased, and then painted. The wooden elements will be more reliable to fasten galvanized materials. Wooden arch is better for plants in the sense that when severe frosts, the tree will not be as cold as metal. Sometimes parts of plants freeze to cold metal and die

The example of the construction of this garden design is quite simple, but if you’ll paint it, use carved decorative elements, you’ll have a very nice garden arch.

There are also several videos on the subject that could give you some ideas:

How to plant plants for decoration of the arch?

After manufacturing and installing arch you need to think about what plants you want to plant as a decorative. And annuals and perennials should be planted close to the base of the structure. Perennials grow slowly, so in the first year or two of their gains will be small and special decorative effect. You can next to them to plant annual vines the morning glory purple, sweet peas, ornamental beans. They are in the first year can decorate the arch. As an option, can be hung in pots and pots of beautiful hanging plant – begonia, Petunia, pelargonium. It will give the arch the picturesque view, and you will not need to wait to grow, for example, clematis or climbing roses.

When the plants completely envelop the arch for flowers, she will be a wonderful place – beautiful and shady. Arch is good and when the fresh greens harbour construction, but most impressive it looks, of course, during flowering of plants. Today it is fashionable to decorate with flowering arches wedding ceremony arches create a wonderful festive atmosphere, showing the beauty of nature and the skill of human hands.

Arches of roses

Arches of roses — some of the most beautiful. You can mix varieties of roses such as in this case, climbing roses adorn the arch and the other varieties planted in alternation with groundcover, forming a luxurious carpet downstairs

Video demonstrates how to create fancy archways and decorating her basket plants:

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