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Fences and fences for flower beds: top 9 best design options

Fences and fences for flower beds: top 9 best design options

When you create flower beds on his own land the question arises: how to unite all the beds in the overall composition. You want to plant different flowers and in large quantities, but there is fear that they will not create the overall landscape. Do not be afraid. If you install the same fencing for flower beds, the landscape will have the effect of completion. That is the fence or fences to emphasize the unity of style, linking all parts of the flower beds in a single chain. Consider the most interesting options of their registration.

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Select the height and type of fencing

First of all, decide why you need the fence. If his task is just to separate the flower bed from the lawn or carpet, then it is sufficient to supply light low fences for flower beds. If the flowers need protection from Pets or toddlers, which can, for example, injury from the thorns of the roses or cut the buds, then the fence is necessary to choose higher that it did not want to jump: about 40 cm.

Plastic fence

Finished plastic fences are used only for decorative purposes — to emphasize the boundary of the flower garden. They can keep bulk soil in high beds

Another job of fencing for flower beds, raised above the ground. They should hold the edge of the flower bed so the soil was sprinkled. In this case, the lightweight design will not help because they themselves need to be strengthened, in order not swayed from the wind. For such purposes it is better to choose stone, brick, concrete or glass bottles of fencing that are easy to install with their hands, ideal for beds of any geometry and height.

Another problem, which can solve the fence – lock the roots of perennials. There are plants, for example ferns, whose roots are so spread beyond the flower bed that they have to stop in time. For this there are protective plastic tape, which is buried at depth 2/3 deep into the soil and there build an impenetrable wall. On top of the ribbon look light miniature borders and will become a beautiful outline for flower beds.

Border tape

Border tape is often used as fencing flower beds from the lawn, because it does not let the grass roots’s flower garden

Any fence can be made of wood?

A fence made of driftwood

Wood as a natural material, looks natural for the flower beds in rustic style, where the landscape are wooden benches, carved figures, or objects of rural life (well, decorative cart, etc.). The easiest option decorative fencing for flower beds, paving on its edge curved tree trunks. In this case, a first piping, and after the poured earth and planted plants. Will clear the tree from the bark to not spoil the beetles.

A fence made of driftwood

From the trunks of trees form the geometry of the future flower bed and then fill it with soil and planted plants

A border of chocks

Often edging flower beds with wood blocks. To do this, cut the same logs, assessing the height to 20 cm to dig deeper. Then each churbachka free from bark and treated with antiseptic so that wasn’t rotting. A good option is to wrap the bottom of the log to the roofing material, which will not allow moisture from the soil to ruin the fence. Below the fence was smooth, dig a groove depth of 20 cm along the perimeter of the flower bed, put her tightly in a log and covered with soil, tamping well. Such a fence can stand for a dozen years, if the chocks protect from moisture.

A border of chocks

Wooden chocks must be of the same diameter. Then the fence will look monolithic and tidy. But height can be different

Fence from boards

Instead of the sticks can be made from boards decorative fences for flower beds. In the sale they have almost none, because replaced the plastic models with simulated wood texture.

A kind of fence

Usually, when building a house the owners often are all kinds of cutting boards, from which you can make a kind of fence

Very impressive looks the fencing of remnants of lining. The threaded shape of her put on the flowerbeds, and the top edge draw a triangle.

Willow fence

Very delicate and elegant fencing is the fence made from willow branches. To create it, you must first prepare the rods. Willows grow near many reservoirs, but to cut branches is better in early spring. At this time it is easier to clean off the bark and twigs are quite mobile. Prepared an armful of branches, she was brought to the site, free from bark and proceed to the installation, while the willow pliable.

Willow fence

The simplicity of weaving willow fences allows you to raise them to any height to shield the flower garden from the attacks of animals or children

The installation looks like this:

  1. Around the perimeter of the flower bed are driven pegs of the same diameter and height, which will serve as a support for the fence. Try to put them close to the fence has turned out a strong.
  2. Begin braiding from the edge of flower beds, which are invisible from the front side.
  3. Each branch needs to spin the pegs so that the alternation of single peg vine will go around front, second – back, etc. the ends of the branches nailed studs to the pegs, so they are not sticking.
  4.  Each row producivity hammer to the branches tightly lay each other. Then after drying your fence will not show through the large holes.

There is an interesting video on the topic:

Options for fences of stone and brick

Device stone border

A stone fence can make every vacationer because the material is in the garden, in the fields and even near the forest. Installation will depend on the size and shape of the raised stones. If you wish to make an edging of large stones, and built them in a row, it is enough to dig a trench, fill it with concrete and it put all the stones, holding tightly to each other. If you need a fence higher, it is best to gather flat stones. The first row is put on a concrete pad, and the remainder is put through a concrete solution, which is to add strength construction adhesive for outdoor use.

A fence of flat rocks

Flat stones fastened together with cement mortar, although if the fence is low, then you can just lay them on top of each other

Glowing stones

Latest fashion «the trick» — the glowing stones. There are commercially available fluorescent paint that covers the fence, and the day it collects from the sun energy. In the evening, all the beds will be highlighted with discreet subdued light, causing the area will have a special mystique.

Glowing stones

Glowing stones can be created from natural stones, promazyvaya special paint or plaster, which includes a luminous substance

Brick fencing

If you create a brick fence, then simply dig the bricks angle into the ground. Due to the smooth edges they will tightly hold each other without any cords.

Brick fence

Built under the corner bricks create a strong and solid fence, but require a periodic touch-up or whitewash for greater aesthetics

For higher fences lay bricks in several rows on the same principle as in the construction of buildings: dig the groove in it pour the concrete, put the first row of bricks, connecting the sides with cement mortar. Next row begin to put so that the joints of the bricks were in the middle of the bricks of the previous row. The seams are pointing to give a nice view.

Fence made from brick

Brick fencing in several rows is executed according to the principle of the chessboard: the joints between the bricks in different rows do not need to match

The use of improvised materials in the work

Glass bottle

With your hands, you can create a fence for flower beds, which will cost inexpensive, and will look very peculiar. You need to not be afraid to experiment with materials that are at hand. For example, with glass bottles. Despite the apparent fragility of glass, this material can withstand frosts and scorching heat, which is not true of thin plastic. If you create a bed for one year, it is better to not use plastic and glass bottles. For strength fill the interior with sand. You can also paint small gravel and cover it, especially if the bottles are out of the ordinary, not colored glass. The gravel will give your fence the desired color, and outside this flowerbed will look unusual.

Poured into a transparent glass bottle colored sand or gravel, you will give the fence a specific color to greater effect

Technology installation for all bottles same: their half-digged in the ground. Often gOriskany down. If you conceive installation with their necks up, then by all means close them with the same tubes and place under bias. This will give the flower garden a special charm. On top of all the necks entwine to striking with a rope or chain.

That’s about how it all looks:

Music CDs

Easy to mount with their hands, a most unusual fence for flower beds with music CDs. In every house over time accumulate mountains of ruined disks, and if you connect to collect their own children, they will cause a material and from their friends. All discs should be linked to become links in a chain. Assume that each chain should have about 6 CDs. A larger number will SAG. The finished parts are fixed on dug along the perimeter of the flower garden pegs. You can do in a row, but if fantasy is not appeased – and then in 2-3 rows. This fence shines from afar, and all the passers-by will necessarily turn your flowerbeds.

The fence was made out of plates

To create a fence does not need to look for ready-made forms. The farm is always available materials and items that can be used in the decoration of flower beds

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Even if the first time your fence will not seem very impressive, you can always correct or complete. But the landscape immediately acquire the features of a single style, perfection and harmony. 

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