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Decorations for garden with your own hands: a collection of 18 interesting ideas

Decorations for garden with your own hands: a collection of 18 interesting ideas

Built country house with a bathhouse and fence, the garden and greenhouse in order, pleases the eye, a small wooden gazebo near the gate, but still something is missing. What we put our heart and soul and imagination that makes our world the individual that creates the mood and atmosphere — the decor, the jewelry, without which the outside world seems dull and boring. And the author’s the decoration of the garden with his own hands – is the height of creativity and skill.

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The original flower beds instead of the usual flower beds

Better to start with what is clear and known from childhood. Flowerbeds with peonies, roses, asters in every country, where families not only grow crops, but also rest. What if instead of the usual flower beds to make a small flower garden? The fact that it does not need any expensive purchases or exotic plants. Some of my old utensils, furniture, utensils – and the familiar picture come to life.

Should put the land in any unnecessary capacity, as it becomes a place for flower garden. The old trough, a wooden cart, a broken wheelbarrow, full of holes large saucepan, worn-out Shoe – before throwing away old stuff, you need to think not whether they will be useful for the miracle of the flower beds?

Flowerbed in tubs

Old tubs got second life and turned into a small flower garden. A bit of paint or varnish, a new steel ring and you can plant flowers

Flower garden in a trough

The lawn will come to life if it is decorated with decorative flower bed in wooden «antique» the trough on legs

Unusual decorations for the garden are around, if you just look. If space allows, for the flower garden will suit even the old bed.

Bed with flowers

Every woman’s dream bed, strewn with flowers. Looks bold and original

You can not move away from the traditional design of flower beds, and decorate their fence from any natural material: picket, chocks, stone, artificial stone. A lot of debris left after construction of the house, pool or sauna – it is also useful for edging flower beds.

Stone bed

Framing beds of stone is simple, but looks great

Arranging the original flower beds, we should not forget the unity of style: for example, stone edging flower beds combines well with the stone facade.

Here are some ideas that have been considered in the Internet:

Popular methods of decorating ponds

The traditional technique of decoration of garden ponds is the use of water fountains and waterfalls. Nothing natural can not be than the foaming, bubbling, intersecting jet and rainbow created the smallest drops. Lucky owners of plots through which flows a stream: with the help of artificial rapids, you can arrange a cascade of waterfalls. By the way. Such a stream is easy to organize if the house has water system.

A stream with a waterfall

For the device of an artificial stream with a waterfall you need to prepare the stones, put the tube for supplying water and plant the plants

Using various nozzles for fountains, you can create a small composition from a beating from the water jets.

Fountain in the country

A small pond with fountain, picturesque look at the background of the surrounding vegetation

Often use backlighting to the reservoir, and the lights can be floating and underwater. In the dark pond, shimmering in different colors, looks pretty impressive. Inexpensive fixtures can be purchased in store for 1,500 rubles, more serious sets – from 5000 rubles.

Illumination of the reservoir

Multicolored lights for the pond, you can install it yourself, purchase a ready-made kit at the store

Applying figures or other items for decorating the pond, remember: the more natural looking ornaments for the garden, the better.

Pitcher pond

The water in the pond flowing from a ceramic pitcher that inadvertently overturned on the shore. Looks natural and vividly

Wood decor in rustic style

Tree – available and easy to process material. Using modern primers, paints, lacquers and remedies against fungus, as well as having sufficient skill and patience, you can create real masterpieces.

Retro car made of wood

Expertly made vintage car made of wood, the present author’s work — an exquisite decoration for a suburban area

Interesting wooden decorations for the garden are divided into 2 groups:

  • functional;
  • decorative.

The first group includes carved gazebos, fences, benches, bridges over the pond – that is all that daily active use. The second group, decorations for villas and gardens, quickening lawns, flower beds and playgrounds. The majority of products combines both functions.

Wooden decor refer more to the Russian village style. It is ideal for a country house, built of timber or logs. Next to the Banya, you can install a carved bench to rest or set: table and stool-the wood, deliberately rude and massive.

Donkey with cart

Carved wooden donkey with a cart full of flowers — a symbol of diligence and perseverance

Wooden well

The frame is well made of conventional logs, cover boards, but the unexpected combination of colors turns it into a decent garden decoration

You can install a wooden well – a symbol of Russian antiquity. It can be effective and decorative.

The use of stones in garden decoration

Stones, and wood is a natural material, but most often they are used in their natural, unprocessed form. They are beautiful in themselves and symbolize the power of nature and the passage of time, that’s why philosophers-the Japanese do like to have stone gardens. Meet Japanese philosophy in Russian reality it is difficult, therefore, in our suburban areas can meet soon a hybrid of rock garden, Alpine gardens and more simple solutions – borders for flower beds, walkways.

Stone beds

Several stones of various shapes and low green bushes create a composition that looks great and does not require constant care

In any case, the stone is a noble material in any form. Even a handful of gravel in combination with water or a flower looks elegant, not to mention the specially prepared plates, pieces of granite or marble.

Stone hill

Raised bumps in a suburban area can be used for landscape decoration, this will need some rocks and bushy flowers

Rockeries, dry Creek, stone path across the pond any garden decoration stones looks appropriate and harmonious. And most importantly, that the device compositions requires only the imagination and the availability of natural resources. In the highlands no problem to find a stone Deposit, and the plains, unfortunately, does not spoil the available material. In this case, you can buy a stone, as many firms are engaged in its implementation. They offer a choice of:

  • quarry stone;
  • boulders;
  • blocks;
  • crushed stone;
  • gravel;
  • decorative dumping;
  • granite, marble crumb;
  • masonry stone.

A ton is an average of from 5000 to 10000 rubles.

Dry Creek

If you have the square footage, you can create a successful composition of dry Creek, bridge, flowers and decorative figurines

Fun crafts made from plastic with your own hands

Thousands of plastic bottles thrown away as useless, although they can become funny figures and decorative elements. Of course, garden decoration from plastic bottles is not such a pompous and presentable, like a stone slide with the rose bushes, but it’s made with your own hands and creates their summer cottage home atmosphere and comfort.

Flowerbed of bottles

Framing flower beds plastic bottles, buried in the earth, option for budget decor

Six months to save the bottles and make them an artificial garden of cacti and palm trees, adding an unexpected element of exotic.

Palm trees made of bottles

Several hundred plastic bottles of different colors you will need to create a tree similar to the present

But a better option is to take a few plastic bottles and make fun of penguin that only one its kind lift your spirits. If the family has children, they are happy to take part in this fun.

Penguins of bottles

Funny penguins from plastic bottles — any decoration under a Christmas tree, installed in the garden

Work order:

  1. Take two plastic bottles and cut the bottom length of 10 cm.
  2. To connect two received item parties empty inside, blank outside.
  3. Cover «kegs» white acrylic paint – to get the billet.
  4. To draw traditional black «coat», beanie, scarf, beak and eyes.
  5. On top to attach a pompom.

The same repeat several times to penguin was boring. All the penguin family is ready to go out to the garden.

Plastic spoons

To create these fabulous flowers on the lawn it took only the plastic spoons, knives and forks stuck in the ground

Plastic – a pliable and flexible material, so it can be used to create a variety of decorative ornaments for the garden.

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