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A children’s Playground on the dacha with his hands

Dacha is the place where rest the whole soul. Beautiful views, clean air, vegetables from our own garden and fruit make the country indispensable to every inhabitant of the metropolis. The opportunity after a hard working week to go to the nature and to relax with the family — priceless.

Especially you start to appreciate a house outside the city when you have kids. Here the present expanse. And the bike is ready to roll, and in the woods for mushrooms to go, and the river. There is only one small caveat. Adults, too, need time to relax, and what better way to distract a toddler than the Playground at the cottage?

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Make a Playground with his own hands ^ a

If you think to build a Playground at the dacha with his hands is easy, then you are mistaken. You need to consider a lot of nuances, to create a project, do the layout and only after you put the shells, fill the sandbox with sand and a swing set. The main thing is to adhere to the standards, which ensure your baby is safe pastime.

How to make a Playground safe ↑

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

There is a quite simple and effective rules that ensure children’s safety. First and foremost, a Playground for the garden should be placed at a good distance from dangerous places, these include:

  • decorative lamps,
  • the thorns,
  • a deep pond or pool,
  • greenhouse,
  • well and so on.

Special attention should be paid to the location of the Playground in the country. For a start, children should have the opportunity to play whenever you want, therefore it is necessary that the sun illuminated the area only in the morning and evening.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Attention! It is impossible to let in the afternoon rays of the sun illuminated the Playground for the garden. This can cause the child heat stroke.

Need to calculate the location of the object to at noon his shadow. And the unobscured part of the site, it is possible to install a swimming pool. This will help to maximize the rapid heating of water.

Attention! Playground should be placed in such a way that a parent with any point on the site could see the children.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Builders of playgrounds for the garden in the course of their work resulted in a set of rules that should be followed and not to worry about the health of their babies:

  1. The territory of the future area should be carefully aligned. Remove bumps, large rocks, take care to avoid large roots.
  2. The main structural elements should be recessed into the ground at least 50 cm. These include support for slides, houses, swings and so on. Also they need to be concreted.
  3. The swing front and rear must be safety zone. This is approximately two meters free space.
  4. Each wooden element of the structure should be well polished.
  5. The paint used for coating must be non-toxic.
  6. The condition of the rifle, which the swings are attached to the hook must be checked every six months.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Separately need to talk about coverage of the Playground to give. It needs to be made soft. During play children often fall. And this should be considered. Also the surface must be rapid drying, since excessive moisture can cause the baby a cold.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Best suited cover for playgrounds, rubber based. They guarantee complete security even in the fall. In addition, this coating minimizes the risk of slipping.

The only disadvantage of rubber flooring for children’s Playground in the country — is its cost. Moreover, in nature, you want something more natural and authentic, and the rubber pad will look very harmoniously on a background of trees and tomatoes.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Much cheaper and more practical to lay a lawn of the resistant varieties of grass. Its cushioning effect sufficient to protect children from skinned knees. It is also possible to use a combination coating for children’s playgrounds in the country.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

The Council! Near slides, climbing walls and other gymnastics apparatus you can also pour the sand. It perfectly softens the blows in the fall.

Very popular now enjoys self-leveling seamless floor are made of colored crumb rubber. It can have any configuration and fit on any terrain. The coating has a long service life, besides hardware stores you can get any color scheme.

The thickness of the liquid coating for the Playground should be at least 1-2 cm In areas with high traumatic it is recommended to increase this parameter up to 10 inches. Thus, you will create a pillow of safety for the children.

Additional benefits of crumb rubber for Playground in the country, could be considered elastic surface and absence of seams. For such a coating requires additional care. Enough to sweep away the sand and rinse the surface with water from a hose.

It is important! Because the coating is porous, it lets water through, and it means that children can play immediately after rain.

The size of the Playground to give ↑

When the area calculation takes into account the number and size of play equipment. Particular importance should be paid to the distance between them. You must make sure that the children were easy to move around.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

There is a quite simple and efficient form that allows you to calculate the area of the Playground for the garden. For each child under 7 years must be at least 8-9 square meters, from 7 to 12 13-15 mTwo.

When calculating space required in the project to provide a strip for the free race. Around the swing and rocking chairs should be safe area of not less than two meters.

To install the swings in the Playground to give you need a minimum of fifteen square meters. For spring system, this parameter can be reduced to 10. Hill also takes at least 15 mTwo. Provided that it is not an element of the overall design.

Do hill ↑

Slide for children’s Playground in the country — quite a complex product. To produce it according to standards need to take into account many nuances. A huge role plays the age of the baby. If it is from two to five years, the height of the hill may not exceed five feet. For elementary school students, this option is not more than 3.5 m. the Stairs should have wider steps. They should be located close to each other.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

It is important! Don’t forget to take care of the special anti-slip coating.

If the slide is a pool, stairs without special coating can cause injury. Besides, do not forget to changeable weather conditions. And because children want to walk always, and it doesn’t matter that it had just rained.

To the ladder on the Playground met all the standards, the design shall be attached to the handrails. Upper Playground, in turn, is secured handrails on each side. Also it is necessary to create enough space for games.

Of course, there are quite unusual options ladders for playgrounds in the country. As an example, look at the photo below. In the first embodiment, as railing supports the basis of the design. In the second instead of the usual wooden rope ladder design.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

The Council! Design innovations are very popular with children.

Most of the difficulties occur if you create a slope for the hill in the Playground. The fact that the design options, there are many, and choosing the best is really a difficult task.

You should start with the selection of material. It is more practical to use a special plastic. It is easy to mount, it is resistant to any climatic conditions and has a nice appearance.

As an alternative material for the ramp of the Playground, you can apply the plywood. But it must pre-varnish. However, ergonomic properties, it is much inferior plastic.

Attention! Buying plastic SKAT, you can choose as a screw, and a straight shape.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Do sandbox ↑

On the Playground to give the sandbox plays a very important role. This is the place where the child will spend a lot of time creating high locks or creating cakes. That is why the planning of the facility should be treated as responsibly as possible.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

First install the sandbox for the Playground at the cottage need to remove the soil at 30 cm. Then you need to fill drainage material, for example, pebbles or gravel. For children from two to five years, the size of the arena should be not less than 1700х1700 mm.

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

Tip! Now very popular closed sandbox. Such a precaution will not allow Pets or stray animals to do a toilet.

Additional elements ↑

A children's Playground on the dacha with his hands

On your Playground in the country you can recreate some of the fabulous scene. This can help you with ornamental houses in which children will love to play. Interesting ideas can also be considered a crafts table and a toy car in the sand.

The results ↑

Children’s Playground in the country allows you to organize the baby a normal healthy outdoor life. The main thing to do everything according to the norms to ensure complete safety.

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