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The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Not everybody gets a unique opportunity to acquire their personal piece of land. But those who became happy owners of the villas are striving all the time to improve and decorate your house. From this creative process can be great fun, and pleases not only the process of creating, but the end result.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Giving in the right hands is not only a place where you want to work the land and grow organic foods, and is encouraged to relax. For someone the work on the cottage is a restaurant and someone tries to equip his country so that, admiring the beauty, was the possibility of moral rest.

Depending on the imagination is so developed in the suburban area can be the most original flower beds with fancy shapes, various figures from scrap materials. Very beautifully among the flowers and greenery in the landscape design look bridges.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

What is the garden bridge ↑

Many bridge evokes associations connected with the river flowing between two banks. Where from one coast to the other is a bridge that you can go to one side or the other. Every people have a definite opinion on the bridges. For some, this transition from one world to another, and for some a symbol of spirituality.

Especially beautiful and original bridge in the country will look next to a small lake or stream. Nowadays the bridge at the cottage may be located and without the reservoir. He acts as an independent element of decor. If you don’t want to deviate from the principles the fact that the bridge should be in harmony with water, in this case, it is possible to arrange your own artificial pond, which actually place the bridge.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

The location of the garden bridge ↑

If you really think about how to make a bridge on the pond with his own hands, you must carefully consider where it will be in this composition.

In the case where you have a plot a natural pond, you need to place the bridge in the place where the riverbed width is the smallest. This will allow for a more compact and resistant design.

If the reservoir is not and you have no desire to do an artificial stream or pond, it is necessary to think, where else can you make a bridge in the country. It is quite possible to put over a small flowerbed in the garden or over a ravine. To put it in any suitable for you place. The main thing here is that it fits perfectly into the overall picture.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Define the shape of the bridge ↑

In order to move on to radical actions and to make a bridge in the country, you need to consider exactly what kind of shape it needs to be. Of course, you can come up with anything, it all depends on the imagination. Most importantly, choose a form design that will really make your own. The simplest bridges to give those that have smooth shape. To make such a design will be even those people who do not have the skills of the building trades.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Fans of the Oriental culture can look and feel of form design in the form of a zigzag. Since ancient times it was believed that this form helps protect against the evil spirits that were walking around the corners of the zigzag and couldn’t find the exit.

Will look great bridges in the country in the form of an arch. Despite the simple design, arched bridges never lose their relevance. They can be very good to decorate. For example, to make the edge of the bridge railing on which to place hanging pots of flowering plants. In reality it looks very nice and original.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

It should also be noted bridges step type. This design for the garden has managed to combine all the usual staircase and the bridge.

Withonvet! If you approach the process of creating this type of bridge is not standard and implement it in the form of observation deck, you can admire the beauty of your garden.

This option is relevant only when the country house is a sublime place where actually you can make the bridge. Also this bridge is suitable for a large garden because on small plots is not much to admire.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Select building material ↑

For the bridge it is necessary to choose only high quality materials.

Very pretty and natural look of the bridges in the country of wood. Since nowadays there is no shortage of building materials, it is always possible to choose the most suitable option of material. You can take the fallen trees, logs and finished boards.

For piles you need to use only those trees which have the opportunity for a very long time to stand in the ground and it does not lose its structure and strength. Good types of wood for decking.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

It is not enough just to do the bridge and admire them. You must systematically carry out the procedure using special tools that prevent loss of the structure and development of surface fungal infections. If you want, then the tree can be given a variety of style, color with the right shade nail Polish.

Attention! If you plan to regularly use the bridge, in this case, it is necessary to equip it with special pads that will prevent slipping and falling.

It is worth noting that working with wooden materials is very simple and easy, it allows you to make a bridge of any shape.

If the task to organize the landscaping of the yard of a private house with bridges in a classic style, you can use concrete bridges.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Bamboo bridges will look great, if in the country there are additional elements and details decorated in the Japanese style.

The construction of the bridge of stone gives a unique and majestic look to the landscape. Here in a greater degree all depends on the type of stone used, whether it’s marble, granite or any other stone. But in this case it will look beautiful when in the country there will be a large pond.

Quite often you can find bridges made of metal and it is not surprising, because the metal is very durable and practical material.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Begin construction ↑

Before the bridge at the dacha with his hands must first worry about preparing the space where it will be located.

If you plan to make a bridge over the pond, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of strengthening of the banks. Then fit the two beams, the distance between them will determine the width of the bridge.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Attention! The entire surface of the bars, which will come into contact with soil should be treated with special antiseptic substances, and also this part need to be insulated with roofing felt or similar materials.

When the bars are put in their place, they should better be secured with metal bars.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

After fixing the bars, you can safely begin to mount the cross boards. Their thickness should be not less than 3 cm do Not forget that you need to take all measures in order to reduce the level of slipperiness of the boards, as it is very unsafe.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

Once the process of fixing boards is fully completed, you must proceed to the phase of the railing. The design of the railings you can choose based on their personal considerations. They can be made of several longitudinal bars or the little components that will be attached between the bottom of bridge and top bar. For greater security, it is important that the railing had a high level of strength.

The bridge as a decoration in landscape design

The finished bridge design need to decorate with various decorative elements, painted or just left in its natural form. In this case, everything depends on your imagination and what style you are trying to maintain.

Conclusion ↑

If you have dream to do on your summer cottage bridge, it is not worth it to be postponed due to his anxiety about what to do bridge on the pond with your hands you will not succeed. Everything is very easy. The main thing to follow a specific algorithm and succeed.

For those areas where there is no artificial reservoir, it is possible to do a dry river. What is a dry river and how to make it find out in the next video

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