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How to make a tire pond

That will help to transform the landscape design in the garden? The pond is not only a way to create a certain style and beauty, but also the opportunity to feel cool on a hot summer day. Not necessarily to create a complex of hidroconstructia. Sometimes it is enough presence of even a very small pond made from tires.

How to make a tire pond

How to make a pond from tires with their hands ↑

To make a pond from tires, to begin to determine its location. The best option would be a flat area without rocks, bushes, pits and mounds.

How to make a tire pond

It is important! If such a free area for installation of the pond on the site not, you will have to start clearing the plot of land that is available.

Also you need to consider what size should the pond be. Depending on this, you will need to pick up a tire of the corresponding parameters. An interesting idea is to make the complex of small ponds, which are located consecutively on the same area.

How to make a tire pond

Is to determine the future design of the reservoir, and also how exactly it will be located on the site. Perhaps the pond of tires will be deepened in the soil, and may be it will ground the design. In any case, these nuances must be carefully addressed in order to make choosing the right décor and carefully prepare all the necessary materials for work.

The correct location of the pond on the site ↑

The creation of a pond must have some reason. Irrational and even a bit silly to make a pond for no reason. Much better and more practical, if an artificial reservoir carries not only decorative function, but also has practical value.

How to make a tire pond

Water can become not just a garden decoration, but also to create around themselves a comfortable area for recreation and children’s entertainment. Decorated decorative pond is the highlight in your garden that can accentuate a certain style of the surrounding landscape.

How to make a tire pond

Pond of tires must be placed in such a position that the view of it opened from anywhere in the area.

How to make a tire pond

In order to make the right choice of the location of the reservoir, it is necessary to consider some nuances:

  • the dimensions of the site;
  • the topography of the landscape;
  • the shape and size of pond;
  • soil structure and the presence of groundwater.

A significant impact on the size of the reservoir can have a need for additional materials and labor, for example, the arrangement of the fountain or the backlight.

How to make a tire pond

As practice shows, the pond is better to choose a place shaded so that direct sunlight cannot cause a multiplication of the water bacteria and microorganisms. It is also worth considering the fact that if an artificial pond to reside directly under the sun, in the outdoor area, the water will start to evaporate and the base will luschitsya and crack.

How to make a tire pond

The Council! Before choosing a place for installation of the pond, watch the solar activity during the day to understand exactly where direct sunlight during the day are less likely.

Good location for a pond when it is viewed from all corners of the land, the house or gazebo. This is very important when a family has small children, so you can easily keep track of how kids play by the pond.

How to make a tire pond

If the installation of the pond provides hidden lighting or a fountain, you should be warned beforehand that the electricity connection was not too far from the pond.

What kind of tire is needed for the pond ↑

To choose the right tyre need to know the exact dimensions of the future reservoir. If you plan on mounting a small pond, it is enough to use the tires from the car. If you allow the site, then using a tire from a KAMAZ truck, tractor or bus, you can build a pond large enough.

How to make a tire pond

Where to buy tires to create a pond ↑

The easiest way to go to repair shop, where we have used tires from cars can be bought for a penny. Another place where you can for little money to purchase a tyre – repair shops of any enterprise. You can also find suitable option through ads individuals.

Tools for decorating the pond ↑

To work was easy and simple, you should prepare the necessary tools:

  • hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • roulette;
  • shovel;
  • level.

Available lid carefully cleaned from dirt, wash. A sharp saw or jigsaw, cut off the top part of the tyre. Then measure the height and diameter of the tyre to determine how deep it can dig into the ground. The excavated pit must be slightly wider than the tyre sizes. This allows you to firmly pack and fasten waterproofing.

How to make a tire pond

Another important condition of quality is perfectly smooth bottom. These indicators are checked with a level gauge. If you ignore this condition, the water in the tire will be filled with uneven.

The Council! To avoid contamination of the reservoir, the lid must be positioned slightly higher than ground level.

Carry out waterproofing of the tyre ↑

Prevent water from leaking into the ground, follows with special attention to the laying of the waterproofing layer at the bottom of the future pond. The easiest and most affordable way is the use of plastic film. Despite its availability, the film is a very unreliable material, as it is very easily torn and badly overloading. In a pinch, you can use the polyethylene in multiple layers, but still, if possible, it is better to use a different material for waterproofing.

How to make a tire pond

In the shops and markets to buy modern waterproofing material for swimming pools. He’s much stronger, more durable and more practical to use. A protective layer is placed on the bottom and the walls of tyre, after it will be placed in the prepared hole. Waterproofing material shall extend beyond the future of the pond about 50 cm, it will prevent its slipping after filling the reservoir with water.

After the reservoir is filled with bude, waterproofing will finally gain their form, excess can be neatly wrapped.

How to make a tire pond

Strengthen the pond ↑

So the tire did not move, and the film is not unfolded, the edges of the hole be backfilled with sand or fine gravel. This technique will be a good tool in the fight against weeds that grow near the pond. If you don’t have sand or gravel you can use the land that was left after digging deeper under the tire.

How to make a tire pond

Decorating the pond ↑

To an artificial pond not only successfully blended into the existing landscape, but also became a decoration of the infield, it must be a decorative issue. Used for this purpose:

  • planting plants on the bottom of the reservoir. To do this, special containers with flowers put on the supply, located at the base of the reservoir;
  • plants in pots and tubs, set on the shore of the pond. The advantage of this method of decorating is the ability to constantly change the surrounding area around the pond, setting alternately tubs with a variety of exotic plants;
  • the presence of bright ornamental fish in the pond;
  • to make a beautiful composition of natural stones.
The Council! To make the composition of the stones more harmonious, is to alternate stones of different sizes and shapes.

How to make a tire pond

Can I use a pond from tires for bathing ↑

Very often as a mini pool for swimming used tires from trucks BelAZ. Bottom of tires filled with sand and a ladder to climb and the surface near the tire equipped with wooden planks.

That the water was suitable for bathing and does not stagnate, the use of a special chemicals for water purification. Such a pond can be a place for the whole family.

How to make a tire pond

Conclusion ↑

As practice shows, the pond from tires is not only very original, but simple enough in execution. Using, seemed to have the element, you can make not just beautiful, but it is a very useful thing for your infield.

Some useful tips about how to make a pond from tires, find out in the next video

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