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The lawns at the dacha with his hands

Most people with a neat green lawn appears irresistible desire to walk barefoot on soft cool grass, or just lie on it. In addition to these desires creates an atmosphere of comfort and cleanliness at home.

A beautiful lawn can transform the mansion into a place where you can not only enjoy the fresh air, but also receive aesthetic pleasure from a beautiful view. Therefore, many owners of cottages and country houses decide to Refine your site with the help of green leaf.

To create it you can use the services of companies that provide such services. But many get more pleasure from hand made. However, we must note that the arrangement of the lawn is not very fast process that requires a lot of physical strength.

To understand how to plant a lawn with their hands to determine interest and decide how it will be used. It depends on the way of creating.

Some types of lawns:

  • gardening;
  • sports;
  • floral;
  • English or parterre.

To understand how to make a lawn with their hands to pay attention to a few basic steps:

  1. Choose a time of the year.
  2. To pick out a plot.
  3. To prepare the ground.
  4. To equip watering.
  5. To sow the seeds.
  6. To provide watering and care.

When to start work ↑

With respect to the choice of the time of year opinions often diverge. But as practice shows the work on the creation of a lawn is best done in autumn, but not later, for the following reasons:

  • First, the autumn the soil more pliable for processing unlike compacted over the winter.
  • Second, a high percentage of seed germination due to warmer after the summer soil temperature.
  • Thirdly, the ability to doceat in the spring in those areas where the grass has not germinated. This will allow for the start of the summer season to get a full lawn.

Not suitable as a late fall or early spring, as the earth is a large number of non-germinated weed seeds that are impossible to remove. Subsequently, they are able to drown out cultivated plants.

Where to start ↑

The life of a green lawn near the country house is usually calculated for a long time. So we need a responsible approach to the choice of the land.

Not good for the lawn the following areas:

Too shady, as plants need enough sunlight. Only special varieties are able to take root in the sparse shade from trees or bushes.

Too wet. Common lawn culture suffer painful excessive moisture. Although there are a mixture of herbs is able to develop normally even with a small water stagnation.

With a sloping surface. With abundant rainfall, the soil layer located at a height, it washed away along with germinated lawn. If necessary, plantings on such sites, it is recommended to lay a special grid.

Soil preparation ↑

Due attention should be taken to prepare the soil, as this step will depend on the quality of the germination of grass and ease of care.

How to prepare the soil ↑

First you need to pay special attention to the presence of fertile soil land at least 10-15 cm in the absence of the soil layer must be put either on top, or to remove infertile and put instead of it good land. While there should be extra for dusting seed and turf lawn.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands

Clear the area from all that can hinder the germination of the young shoots: rocks, weeds, stumps, snags, and other debris. Quality weed control should be given special attention, as they can choke the grass. If it is impossible to do manually, commercially available herbicides, can completely remove harmful plants.

Carefully loosen the ground by digging to a depth of 20-30 cm In the process, special attention should be paid to the purity of the soil: choose stones, debris, old roots.

As best as possible level the surface, as this will depend on the uniformity of growth of the grass. In the lower areas will accumulate moisture, and the hills dry up. And mowing over rough terrain would be uncomfortable.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands

To make fertilizer. The choice of tool depends on the type of soil. The easiest option – is a universal fertilizer. But if the predominant clay or sandy soil, the humus or peat will make it more fertile.

To perform the seal or compacted earth. If you skip this step, then later can appear uneven and when it rains the soil to turn into a swamp that will be detrimental to the developing plants. The ideal option would be sealing a special hand roller. To do this job you can make roller for lawn with their hands or to use the means at hand – sheets of plywood or metal. Under the weight of a man, they make the soil more even and dense.

The lawns at the dacha with his handsThe lawns at the dacha with his hands

The watering device will make it easier to care ↑

Depending on the watering system this step can be done either before or after preparation of the soil. To ensure watering is possible in different ways:

  • manual;
    The lawns at the dacha with his hands
  • automatic.

How to choose a watering system? ↑

For more convenient care for the future of lawn it is recommended to make an automatic watering the lawn with their hands. Before its development, you need to choose a system that is appropriate for a specific area:

  • if the lawn area is small, it will be effective drip system;
    The lawns at the dacha with his hands
  • for medium size it is better to use irrigation using sprinklers;
    The lawns at the dacha with his hands
  • for big – optimal retractable sprinklers.
    The lawns at the dacha with his hands

If the first two options, you can use the hoses located on the surface, it is necessary for the third underground pipes and sprinklers. Therefore, its use is necessary to carry out excavation work.

The correct seeding ↑

How to select seeds? ↑

Lawn to have really attractive look and perform their functions it is necessary to find the right mixture of herbs. Their choice depends on:

  • the type of lawn;
  • operating conditions;
  • the location of the site.

Given this you can choose the appropriate seeds in specialized stores. Or make the mixture yourself. For example, a decorative lawn to 70% fescue need to add 20% bluegrass and 10% bent grass. In the composition of grasses for landscape – to make ragas and red fescue.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands

How to calculate the number of seeds ↑

Then you need to correctly calculate the required number of seeds. To do this, specified on the packaging the amount of seed multiplied by square footage. Usually it is about 40 g/m2. If you save the seed, it will affected the quality of green leaf. In another case an excess will prevent normal growth from lack of nutrients.

In what weather to plant? ↑

For planting is best to choose dry and windless weather. Otherwise, when heavy rain or excess moisture it is difficult to evenly bring the soil inoculum. And the wind will scatter seeds in inappropriate places.

Landing sequence ↑

To perform work on landing you need to perform the following steps:

  • slightly loosen the top layer of the earth conventional rake;
  • evenly distribute the seeds over the surface;
  • the same rake to cover the seeds with a soil layer of 2 cm;
  • with the help of spray to shed water the planted area.

It is best to plant strips of width about 1 m from the most distant station. Prisypaya seeded, one edge should be left open. And after the sowing of the following strips – sprinkle with her.

For a more uniform seeding is convenient to use hand or power drill, especially on large areas. If necessary, you can make a planter for the lawn with their hands.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands
The lawns at the dacha with his hands

In the absence of the seeder sowing is done manually. Seeds are scattered by hand along the first area, and then across.

To perform seeding can be more simple way, where the seeds are pressed into the soil with a rake. This method, though less time-consuming, inefficient, because a lot remains planted on the surface.

How to water after planting ↑

Attention! When watering seeded the surface should not be water power. If you pour from a bucket or hose without a nozzle, the seeds washed out of the ground. Therefore, in the absence of the atomizer, you can use a watering can with a fine nozzle.

Proper care is the key to a beautiful lawn

In proper lawn care includes:

  • regular watering;
  • trimming;
  • fertilizer;
  • if needed, treatment chemicals;
  • aeration.

Watering rules ↑

The first seedlings usually appear within a week. It was during this period need to pay special attention to the young grass.

It is important! It is impossible to prevent drying of the shoots especially during the first two weeks.

Young plants need adequate moisture. If it dries out, the death of germs is inevitable. The same consequences will be and excessive watering. With the aim of measuring soil moisture it is advisable to purchase a meter, which is enough to put in the ground and to follow the indications.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands

About 3-4 weeks is the formation of a full lawn. But this does not mean that he does not need the full care.

In the future, the principles of irrigation did not differ from the care of a young lawn. It is impossible to prevent dryness of the land, but to water at every opportunity also unacceptable. Waterlogging also harmful to turf grasses as dry, because it leads to decay of the root system. Despite the hot summer weather enough to water once a day. In exceptional cases two.

If in the dry season to miss at least one day of watering, this may be followed by plant death.

In the summer to water the lawn most favorably in the evening. This will prevent loss of moisture and heat escapes by evaporation in the scorching sun.

Fertilizer ↑

Monthly fertilizer to the soil will benefit the plant condition. To this end, in commercially available special liquid fertilizers.

Like all plants, turf grass susceptible to disease. Therefore, if you notice mildew or mold is required as soon as possible to carry out processing by fungicides.

Trimming ↑

After the leaves of grass about 5 cm must be regularly cut. This should be done on average once a week. If you run a haircut late, the lawn will be unattractive. The reason is that the cut sheets may not exceed one-third. And in the case of overdue haircut, cut to have a sheet. A special feature of this lawn are slick, and the rest of the grass becomes coarse and prickly.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands

Aeration ↑

Over time, the process of packing the top layer of soil is getting worse passes oxygen and water to the root system. As a result, the grass turns yellow, becomes vulnerable to disease, pests, and does not tolerate temperature changes. In order to avoid adverse effects it is necessary to carry out aeration or «airing».

It is performed using special instruments. You can make an aerator for the lawn with their hands. Regardless of the design tool needs to achieve the goal – to create holes in the soil to bring oxygen and nutrients to the roots.

The lawns at the dacha with his hands
The lawns at the dacha with his hands
The lawns at the dacha with his hands

Although lawn care requires some time and effort, but it is not a reason to abandon a beautiful green carpet. In fact, such efforts are quite nice knowing that such a beauty made with your own hands.

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