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How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

At first glance, the garden at the cottage do not require decorations, but in fact they play an important role not only in productivity but also in the appearance of garden. While working in the garden almost every one of us would like to see your site the maximum well-groomed and pleasing to the eye.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Form ↑

Form the raised beds at the site in the first place depends on your fantasies and what you want to see them eventually. Options of decoration of a great variety: the garden square, rounded, in the form of animals, various objects and things. At desire it is possible even not to adhere to the standard rules for the construction of the beds, and to come up with something new and unusual. Positioning the beds in the garden area is recommended, given the topography.

As a rule, strict recommendations on size no, but there is one caveat that should be taken into consideration in the calculations. The size of the ridge should be such that either side could reach her means without any inconvenience. If the bed must be dug near a fence or wall, to begin with think about whether you will be able without difficulties to reach the opposite side.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Attention! The width of the wall the beds should be between 70 – 80 centimeters. The width of the beds located directly on the site and not adjacent to a wall or fence, varies from 1 meter in width, 2.5 meters in length, and the depth is from 20 to 50 centimeters. The distance between two beds is recommended from 50 to 70 centimeters. Walkways and paths between them should be below the surface layer of the beds by about 20-50 centimeters.

Organization ↑

If a suburban area is located in the lowlands and places where dampness prevails, that ridges are best to build in the autumn. The size is recommended to choose a small (1 by 1 meter) and the height shall be not more than 30 inches. Thus, the soil will warm up much better and the snow cover in the spring will go much faster.

The process of construction as follows:

  • to start, take four wooden planks;
  • then build a square 1 by 1 meter;
  • after the base is ready, mount the design on a horizontal surface and fill it with soil mixed with fertilizer. If you need an early and abundant harvest, in this case, it is best to build raised beds.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his handsHow to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

The process of construction as follows:

  • at a suitable site to dig a hole depth of 40-50 cm. The length of the pits choose from your preferences. With regard to its width, then the recommended width is 1 to 1.2 meters;
  • further along the perimeter of the excavated pit must establish some kind of frame. The material for the frame, you can choose according to their own preferences, for example, stones, bricks, small logs, and others. Frame, the height of which should be from 40 to 50 inches, with the inner side must be closed with plastic film;
  • next on the bottom of the pit, you need to install an iron grid that will protect the harvest from rodents;
  • then carefully fill the pit. For starters, its bottom is filled with a layer of sawdust, shavings, cardboard, and other similar Dolgorukogo material (height in 1/3 of the pit). Layer a little sprinkle the ground and pour water;
  • in the end, fall asleep soil, which should be mixed with manure and mineral fertilizers.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Location ↑

If the area is small, with location of beds may occur some problems. To place the beds in a small area as efficiently as possible, should adhere to the following rules:

  • you must first use any horizontal surface and suspension structures;
  • the second option could be the combination of a beautifully designed garden with recreation zone;
  • also pay attention to various items on your site (unnecessary barrels, old wagon, etc.), which can be used for planting vegetables.
Attention! Remember that camping beds are required on a horizontal surface, so you can avoid a possible accumulation of excess moisture.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Tillage ↑

As a rule, the beds dug over twice a year, in spring and autumn period, adding all the necessary mineral and organic fertilizers. If the digging takes place in autumn, it is best to leave the soil glinistoi that will help to retain moisture. In addition, if the land remains glinistoi, the larvae of the pests it will freeze and die. Also, instead of autumn digging can produce mulching. For this you will need to fill up soil large enough layer consisting of peat, sawdust, and rotted compost. Spring neterprise layer must be removed with a rake, and then dig over the soil.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Bumpers ↑

Many people often do not pay enough attention to the design of the sides of the beds. As a rule, between them make a simple track or stud them on the perimeter boards. But some want to create a view of the entire site, including the garden. To make the bumpers of a variety of ways, from scrap or purchased materials such as ready-boards, store-bought, the sides of the bricks or slate. It all depends on your imagination.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

The types ↑

Vertical ↑

A vertical garden would be a good solution for a small area. To build it from scrap materials such as boxes. But it is worth remembering that not all types of vegetable crops suitable for growing in a flower bed. Will fit the following species: strawberries, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

From tires ↑

For this we need some rubber tires from the wheels of the car. For a start they need to prepare: to clean dirt and stain. Then the tyre is filled the soil with organic and mineral fertilizers. For cultivation fit the following crops: parsley, dill, radish.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Green wall ↑

If your yard has a fence or other buildings, to give them an attractive appearance, you can try to build a so-called green wall. Nothing complicated about it, it is only necessary to attach the boxes to the fence or wall construction, fill them with soil and plant the plants.

You can also go a more original way and instead of boxes to use simple plastic bottles. To do this, fasten the plastic bottle to the surface, then at the top of the bottle through the hole and fall asleep there land. You can then drop the necessary culture.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Trudging arch ↑

On a country site it is possible to build the arch of trudging kinds of crops, such as cucumbers. For this we need a few boxes where we put soil and planted cucumber seedlings. Then small tubes, it is necessary to construct the arch (if you do the arch alone, without the ability to work with welding here not to do). Once the arch is ready, the boxes of seedlings must be supplied to the lower part of the structure. As soon as the cucumbers will grow, they need to be tied up.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Spicy ↑

Spicy garden in the country has a special role, because culture growing on it, can be used as medicinal, seasoning to dishes or just playing the role of ornamental plants.

Attention! Spicy garden is best placed in those areas where the prevailing sunlight.

Herbs are the perfect solution to create an original landscape design. Spicy culture does not require the cottagers careful care, will also help to protect the garden from various pests:

  • lavender will help to prevent the spread of aphids on the flowers of roses;
  • a border of thyme around the perimeter of the beds will prevent the spread of pests on vegetable crops;
  • tysyacelistnik will give the carrots more sweet and full-bodied taste.

How to do a proper patch at the dacha with his hands

Suitable plants

  • Melissa;
  • thyme;
  • tysyacelistnik;
  • sage;
  • fennel.

Ornamental plants

  • Basil ordinary;
  • Melissa officinalis;
  • mint;
  • parsley;
  • Rosmarinus officinalis;
  • thyme;
  • cumin;
  • Salvia officinalis;
  • coriander;
  • bow fragrant.

Should pay attention to ↑

When the device of the spicy beds should take into account the fact that certain crops (such as Melissa or thyme) can grow to an impressive size, thus displacing other crops. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully monitor the growth of plants and to control it.

Monitoring of growth is as follows: plants need time to cut, highlight the area for future growth or limit it, make the sides of the tiles or bricks. So the site where you plan to plant the plants, divided into squares in a checkerboard pattern laid with the slabs or bricks. Free squares plant culture.

It is important

  • when planting herbal and medicinal plants need to pay special attention to their ecological requirements;
  • for spice and medicinal garden beds need to choose species and planting material.

If you follow these simple rules and use creative ideas, you can give your site a nice look.

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