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Modern landscape design of a country house

To the site, which is a country house, was not gray, it must be modified according to the particular style. For this purpose we consider several common types of execution and choose more suitable and attractive. But you also need to know the basics of landscape design.

Modern landscape design of a country house

Where to start ↑

To create a beautiful site of a country house is 3 stages:

  • design design;
  • the selection of certain types of plants;
  • the creation of the area landscape designs.

During planning identify places where there will be buildings on the property, as well as the procedure throughout. It is at this stage is the division of land into several zones.

Modern landscape design of a country house

An important element of the design are plants, therefore they must be made after careful consideration of different styles. When considering different options for landscape design of a country house should pay attention to the form of plants and colors. Take into account the change of the colors at the change of seasons. For example, many people choose conifers that do not change color throughout the year.

Landscape designs are created to provide more comfort and improve the appearance of the site. To choose the architectural form should be in accordance with the overall style. In an example, the wrought-iron gazebo or a pond from a stone.

Modern landscape design of a country house

The rules of the design of the site ↑

To create an attractive countryside area, even people who are not doing it professionally. The only condition is that he should know the basic rules of design area and consider important components of a good design:

  1. Design style. Some owners of country houses decorate the area at their own discretion, having around the house any plants and sculptures. But the result of these actions, it is only chaos in the area. In order not to repeat the mistakes of such people, you need to choose a certain style and select the design elements only according to him.
  2. The unity of the composition. When choosing plants and other elements of registration need to be sure that they are combined at the location on the plot. In an example, a large fountain, which is small, the plot will look repulsive rather than attractive. You should pay attention to the color and texture of the materials used and their compatibility.
    Modern landscape design of a country house
  3. Simplicity of design. If you want you can find a variety of styles, but it is not necessary to build on the land piles of any architectural forms and plants, even if they are combined with each other. With the abundance of colours and decorative elements a suburban area turn into a place that is repulsive to affect guests.

Styles of landscape design ↑

The first thing you need to do in the suburban area is to create a well-groomed lawn and walkways. But to find certain plants and decorative elements is in accordance with that particular style. Before a wooden house, for example, you can plant lilacs and honeysuckle combined with the juniper. In some cases it would be appropriate lamps to the plants from below.

To determine the choice, you should consider several styles and stay on one of them. But this should be done on the basis of the appearance of a country house. If it is a small wooden structure, then you should not choose a style of landscape design that looks good around a large stone house.

Modern landscape design of a country house

Classic style ↑

This style implies the presence on the portion of a building made in accordance with the characteristics of classic design. In the design of the project particular attention is drawn to underline the solemnity of the main entrance. Integral to this style is the pond. The main feature of the classics is the geometric order and symmetry.

Landscape design of a country house is based on the rule that it needs to stand out against the background of nature. Elegance of style can be accented with round pond with a fountain located in the center of the garden.

Modern landscape design of a country house

All trees and shrubs shall be planted in accordance with a symmetrical scheme of their location. All crowns are trimmed to give them geometric forms.

It is important! When making a suburban area uses natural materials such as wood, natural stone and plaster.

One of the basic elements of the classical style include:

  • one or more reservoirs of regular shape
  • smooth lawn;
  • shrubs that are shaped like geometric figures;
  • gazebos;
  • massive benches;
  • arch;
  • vases;
  • columns.

When choosing plants preference is given to roses, the begonias, the wild rose and grapes. Also often used honeysuckle, lilac and Jasmine. Of more suitable trees will be blue spruce.

The English garden style ↑

This style is also called infinity, since it implies underlining the natural beauty of nature. Every corner of the English garden, is manicured and, at the same time, go to the location where you saved the natural shape of the plant.

In the suburban area, decorated in this style, you will notice the arched passages with twine roses and hedges of shrubs and trees and bodies of water of irregular shape. To organize such a garden even in a small area with a country house.

Modern landscape design of a country house

It is important! When choosing plants and flowers for an English garden preference should be given to low-growing species.

If there is a garden with gazebos, they wrap white or red roses. Another feature of the English garden provides flower beds called flower carpet, which is commonly used:

  • Begonia;
  • Scarlet sage;
  • Indian Canna;
  • Summer cypress.

Around the facade of a country house in the English style needs to be large flowers of different shades.

Paths in landscape style ↑

All of the tracks at a suburban area in the English style must be groomed and neat, but they should be placed so that they connect in one place. If the plot has an uneven surface, then the tracks should be placed steps.

Modern landscape design of a country house

The shape of the paths is made winding so that the garden look more natural. When choosing the material for them should remember that it should not be contrasted with plants.

The Japanese-style garden ↑

Japanese style landscape design was influenced by the culture, so when you create this design in the suburban area should pay attention on each feature peculiar to the gardens of Japan. Considering their features, you can create a landscape design of a country house with his own hands.

This style embodies the worldview of Eastern residents, who are able to appreciate the beauty of nature and calm to enjoy it. The peculiarities of the Japanese style, you can include:

  1. Minimalism. In the opinion of the Japanese garden can consist of only a single tree or even a few stones. Therefore, this style is suitable for the country houses that are located on a small plot of land.
  2. Symbolism. He traced due to the presence in the gardens round elements. These include the Windows of the pavilions, stones and ponds.

An example of symbolism is the bridge Yatsuhashi that has broken form. Some elements of this design can not be fixed, which contributes to a more cautious movement. The bridge symbolizes the difficult path of understanding the truth.

Modern landscape design of a country house

It is important! If the bridge is being built near the largest reservoir in the suburban area, to adhere to such rules is not necessarily to avoid dangerous situations.

The Japanese-style garden should be decorated with:

  • stones;
  • water;
  • architectural elements;
  • plants.

Feature of Japanese gardens is asymmetric and lack the same elements. Each of them should complement each other, so the result was a finished picture. In this garden are definitely the bonsai (dwarf trees).

In this case, the area around a country house should be placed green plants, and the old snags that remind us that nothing is forever. All trees and shrubs are selected based on seasonal transformation, through which you can see the change of seasons.

Chinese style ↑

The design of the site in accordance with the Chinese style produced in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui, according to which everything in space should be placed according to the flow of energy. That is why the main feature of the Chinese landscape design you can call the placement of each element.

Unlike Japanese gardens, such parts allow the wearer to Express themselves. But you need to remember about the connection of man with nature and the proper arrangement of elements. The beauty of nature in the Chinese garden combines the traditional buildings.

Modern landscape design of a country house

Basic principles of arrangement of elements in a Chinese garden:

  1. The combination of light and dark beginning. According to tradition, every design element of the site of a country house should be located according to the principle «Yin – Yang». In an example, the contrast arising from the combination of water and stone, light and shadow, and colors and textures.
  2. The presence of key elements. More attention should attract the structure, located in the garden.

To create a design in the style of a Chinese garden, it is only necessary to arrange all its elements in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. Some owners of country houses create a garden inside their own area, enclosing it with a wall. To create this style may also need a light and architectural forms, which are used in China.

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