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How to make an Alpine slide their hands

To make plot original and with a touch of personality, to help Alpine slide created with your own hands. Traditionally it is shaped like a small hill made of rocks, hillside or ravine, covered with a variety of colors. It should be noted that such a composition of stones and flowers would be enough on their own, choosing the form of the Alpine slides according to your taste.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

The history of Alpine ↑

The origins of rock are in Japan. It was there, a few thousand years ago, began to appear beautiful gardens on the rocks. The Japanese, who are always very keenly felt the shortage of space, wanting to surround yourself with beautiful flowers, decided to plant them on any free sites. Japanese canons beautiful, talking about what true beauty is visible only in natural phenomena. So amazing combination of dead, cold stone and soft, live plants helps to create true harmony beauty.

In Europe, Alpine hills began to appear only in the sixteenth century. At that time, they represented a certain territory, which was sacagaweas wild flowers, brought from the mountain areas.

Today, the fashion for the creation of the Alpine hills, covered a large number of countries. And many are thinking about how to do the Alpine slide their hands on the plot.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Rock garden and rockery. The main similarities and differences ↑

Quite often, even experienced growers are confusing the concept of rock gardens and rockeries. This is not surprising. Having a relatively large number of common characteristics, they are not hard to confuse.

The rock garden, and rockeries are a way of a flower garden, which is based on the use of stones and flowers.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

But at the same time, rockeries – the classic version of the garden stones in the creation of which used only one stone breed. The stones spread chaotically or parallel stripes. This approach helps to create the visual effect of wild nature. Rockery planting a variety of flowers, but in this case they act as a secondary element, forming a natural floral background.

Rock garden – a garden on the stones where flowers and plants play a major role. The diversity of species of plants, a riot of colors and unusual color combinations are dazzling and make you enjoy the Alpine slide for a long time.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

The creation of the Alpine slides ↑

With the right approach to the planning and implementation of all measures on creation of the Alpine hill at the dacha with his hands, construction will take just one day. To create beauty did not have to alter or even dismantle, it is very important to adhere to certain rules when creating Alpine.

The whole process step-by-step of creating the rockery with their hands can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Choose a location for a rock garden.
  2. Proceed to the creation of the drainage system.
  3. Select stones of the right size and proceed to their installation.
  4. Prepare the soil for planting.
  5. In conclusion, planted plants and flowers.

Consider the basic steps of creating the rockery with their hands more.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

The choice of location ↑

Taking the decision about creating the rockery with their hands, the beginner should be very carefully and very critically examine the selected area. Of course, you can choose the right plants for every soil type and location of the site. But it would be better if for a future rock garden will be chosen spacious, well-lit territory.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

It is also very important to think in advance what angle is clear Alpine slide. After all, this beauty will want to show friends and family.

Choosing the location to create a rock garden, pay attention to the type of soil. Sandy soil is the least problematic option to create the Alpine slide. Or fat clay soil requires a mandatory additional measures before planting plants. As a rule, they are to create a drainage system.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

The creation of a drainage system ↑

The indication for the creation of a drainage system is not only the type of soil. There are certain types of plants, which is also not desirable to allow water to stagnate in the soil. For example, these include flowers grown in the highlands. To prepare the ground and to avoid problems of water stagnation, experts recommend to be sure to lay some basis.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

To do this, remove the top layer of soil. Then the recess is filled with gravel, or as an economy option – small debris or fragments of brick. Filling covered with a layer of sand and then ground. Once covered with the last layer of the earth, the entire drainage system the water is poured out and left alone for a certain time for drying.

The Council! For best results the efficiency of the drainage system, good use of the lime stones, which have excellent ability to pass air.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Paving stones ↑

Once constructed, a drainage system, it begins the process of laying stones.

Choosing the size of the stones, we must remember that the more compact will be the future rock garden, the smaller the size of the stone should be. For the Alpine slide big size are ideal boulders and a small rock garden – a flagstone of small dimensions.

In creating the rock garden has no definite scheme of laying stones. The only thing to be followed by the designer – is the principle of naturalness and natural disposition.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Attention! No need to stick to any plans or drawings when creating a rock garden. Slight negligence will do the Alpine slide is the most close to the natural wild mind.

One more thing that you need to consider when choosing and laying the stones – should not be used on a single slide, several types of rocks boulders. As a rule, in nature, rock gardens are composed of one rock. The advantage is to give only natural materials. Rock garden is usually several tiers. Order Alpine hill had a really nice view, it needs to attract a glance, even without flowers. Such rock gardens create a real masters-professionals.

Granite have very saturated colors and a bold pattern, because they need to be stored in such a way as to avoid the sense that instead of the roller coaster erected a granite memorial.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Sandstone is very easy to process. Therefore, using this feature you can give it the desired shape, according to your taste and idea.

Stacking tiers of the Alpine slide, do not forget that soon it will be planted with live plants. Therefore, each tier should have to sleep in layers of moist, fertile soil. The stones should not be Packed too tightly.

The Council! The naturalness and the greatest affinity with the wildlife, can be achieved if, when creating a rock garden is to alternate large and small stones.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Select the soil for plants ↑

It is quite difficult to imagine the Alpine slide without living plants. So their landing is to thoroughly prepare fertile soil. It is quite possible to do yourself. The composition of the soil for the plants of the rock garden includes: pure clay soil, peat and gravel. The ratio of clay soil and of peat is 3: 1.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

The ground laid only in the place where will be planted the flowers. As a rule, for these purposes, use crevices and gaps between boulders. Sometimes the soil pour directly on bare rock.

The Council! Moss and lichen do the Alpine slide closest in appearance to the wild. A favorable environment for the growth of these types of vegetation is limestone.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Choose plants for the rock garden ↑

Plants to create a rock garden are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Simplicity. This feature gives a guarantee for the owner of the future rock garden that they don’t have to treat diseased plants and plant new. Floral garden stones should look as close as possible to the wild, and this means that the human factor in the creation of the rock garden should be kept to a minimum.
  2. All plants must endure not only Sunny summers, but cold winters.
  3. Select the flowers so that they could grow next to each other.
  4. For the top of the rock garden are the most suitable small shrubs. As a rule, deciduous trees or needles. That Alpine slide was pleased with its beauty the whole year, it is desirable to use both the shrub.
    ?The Council! Softwood is the most suitable juniper, arborvitae and mountain pine. From hardwood, you can choose a cotoneaster.
  5. With regards to colors their selection the same selection of shrubs.

Planting vegetation, pay attention to their height. Not need to be placed on top of a mountain high bushes. Also, do not plant tall plants among small stones. The stones should be completely covered with plants.

Selection of assortment of plants depends entirely on what rocks used for the rock garden. For plants with light leaves are the best background will be dark stones, and for plants with dark green leaves stones bright colors.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Types of Alpine ↑

There are several types of Alpine, landscape design, created with your own hands that is very similar to different parts of highlands:

  • A rocky cliff. It is a mound of smooth, rather large boulders, at least of any colors in the niches and crevices.
  • The slope of the mountain. It’s a pretty complex composition, built of stones of various sizes, around which there are a lot of small plants.
  • Mountain valley. This is an area that is composed of the speakers from the ground stones surrounded by lots of flowering plants.
  • Gorge. This is the most difficult to implement, but perhaps the most beautiful view of the rock garden. It can be positioned in a natural excavation, surrounded by the slopes of stones and planted plants suitable for landscape design.

How to make an Alpine slide their hands

Conclusion ↑

Never add when creating Alpine artificial decor items. Thus, it is possible to ruin all that natural beauty, which is intended to create a mix of stone and living plants. After all, the Alpine slide is created precisely in order that the plot was present unique atmosphere of the mountains.

When you create the Alpine slide, one of the most important steps is the choice of plants. Which plants are best to use when you create the Alpine slide, we learn in the next video

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