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Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Today, the garden stones, which affects not only its beauty, but also a large variety of flowers and plants, became a common element of landscape design. This popularity is due not only unusual and very beautiful appearance, but rather simply care. Plants for the Alpine slide, visually enliven the stone surface, while maintaining the effect of the wild mountain nature.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

The basic rules of selection of plants ↑

Create your own hands Alpine slide, which will be a highlight, stylish element of your plot is quite simple. For that, you should choose only those plants that meet the following criteria:

  • furnishing the Alpine slide is better to choose small, low-growing plants that will harmoniously look at the background of stones;
  • selection of plants should take place only when the resistance characteristics of the soil and climate of the area where the Alpine slide is located;
  • picking a place for planting a flower or shrub, be sure to consider the necessary amount of sun to allow the plant to thrive. So for light colors fit the territory, which is completely open for sun and for shade is to look for places, darkened the trees;
  • wanting to create a single harmonious composition, pick single plants in growth rate. Whereas this feature can avoid the unpleasant situation when a very fast-growing flowers and shrubs do not allow to break through and grow less active species;
  • creating an Alpine slide, it is important to adhere to the combinations of plants with each other. They must be similar not only in appearance but also to match the growing conditions, irrigation, rhythm of flowering.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Types of plants for the Alpine slide ↑

Flowers and shrubs suitable for the Alpine slide arrangement in the existing landscape design very much, however, you should select the types that are most suitable for such purposes more than anything. As a rule, it is undemanding, beautiful and abundantly flowering plants, able to create a unique charm inherent in the Alpine hill.

Experts advise first of all to pay attention to the following types of plants.

Brachicoma ibereolica ↑

An annual plant with bright, attractive color and good resistance to low temperatures and long absence of moisture. Height of adult plant reaches 25cm. To brachicoma better root and grow well, choose her a Sunny area with soft soil. It is better to plant in early spring, waseela seeds directly in the ground. First brachycome flowering begins in early summer, and delight in its beauty to the month of August.

Wanting to prolong flowering until late autumn, the plant should be planted later, in late may. Don’t forget about a good watering young plants. With the growth of plants, the amount of moisture needed to significantly reduce, watering brachycome only in very hot, dry days.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Dimorphoteca smoky ↑

This flower is native to South Africa. So it is very important to have a large number of bright sunshine. However, it should be noted good tolerance of low temperatures. The adult plant reaches a height of 35 cm Flowering dimorphotheca the large beautiful flowers of yellow or orange that allows it to be very noticeable on the General background of the Alpine slide.

Ready the seedlings must be planted in open ground in late spring. Some initial results can already be seen in seven days, but active flowering will begin not earlier than in two months. Depending on the surrounding climate, the shrub can delight flowers until late summer.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Feather the thinnest ↑

It is representative of Meksikanskaja. Well tolerate harsh winters. In the wild grass begins to bloom only in the third year, but the cultivated plant is planted on the Alpine slide, happy flowers in the first year of landing. Blooming feather usually all summer. This type of plant best grows and develops in acidic soils, in Sunny areas with good drainage system. To plant flowers for the Alpine slide entitled feather by dividing the already adult plants or sowing seeds.

Attention! Choosing a grass for the Alpine slide, remember that this is a fairly large plant, reaching a height of half a meter and the diameter is 30cm.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Viola cornuta ↑

This is an amazingly beautiful flowers for the Alpine slide, which attracts with its two-tone color. Also worth noting is the simplicity of the plant. The violet grows well in any soil, in shade and in the sun. Violet planted the seeds in early summer. It blooms a very long time, since the first months of summer until late autumn.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Nolan strange ↑

This creeping flower, creates a beautiful carpet, which can be a decoration of any garden. Put it in the middle of spring, when the soil is already heated. The plant is not very tolerant to high humidity, so you need to be very careful in watering. The best environment for active and healthy growth is moderately moist soil and bright sun. Also will not be superfluous to conduct periodic fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers flower.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Thrift seaside ↑

The flower stands out against a background of exquisite flowers of red, pink or white. The plant is fairly low maintenance, does not require annual planting and any special conditions for growth. The best option for Armeria municipality soil – sandy or rocky soil with the acidic environment. As a rule, bloom thrift begins only in the second year after planting.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Alpine forget-me-not ^ the

A short, two-year plant for the Alpine slide called «Forget-me-not Alpine» has a very active and early flowering. The first blossoms can be seen in early may. Forget-me-not has many varieties. Among them you can choose the plant, the color of which you would like to see on their Alpine slide. This flower loves the sun, but it is very resistant to winter frosts. Flower best planted in small groups. Planted forget-me-not seeds in mid or late autumn. So the first flowers will bloom in the spring.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Edelweiss Alpine ↑

It is a true representative of the flora of mountain regions. Loves the sun and abundant watering. This perennial flower for the rockery, can reach a height of 30 cm Sown with samename. The first flowers appear in late summer and hit their soft fuzzy leaves gently beige color. Given that the leaves of the Edelweiss are a light silver colour, then this combination gives a very beautiful result.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Obrieta cultural ↑

Rastenievodstvo, perennial, grows well and develops on sandy soils. Even without bright colors pink, lilac, purple, obrieta looks like a decorative plant. Flowering lasts long, for about a month, after which obriety cut. It should be noted that planted seeds do not need to cover with earth. For the growth they needed solar energy. Traditionally, aubrieta are planted around the perimeter of the Alpine slide, or use as a decorative element for rock slides.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Alpine Aster ↑

This American flower feels great on stony ground under the bright sun. It is quite unpretentious, blooms from may to June. Flowers of medium size, purple, pink or white. The plant is propagated by cuttings or by dividing the Bush. To thrust new shoots of asters should be spaced 20cm from each other.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Geyhera ↑

Despite the fact that this species has a great diversity of representatives, not with flowers, but it leaves many different colors, it attracts gardeners. Geyhera gets on well with different kinds of flowers and shrubs. It does not require special conditions for growth.

Flow plant is a variety of colors and shades. They are attracted by its appearance, as flowers are not very large in size and have featureless white. The flower reproduces by seeds or division of rhizomes. To grow gaharu simple and easy. It grows on any soil, requires frequent watering and can tolerate temperature extremes.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Tips on arrangement of the Alpine slide ↑

Professional gardeners and designers recommend to use the following tips when creating and caring for a slide:

  • Alpine slide should build on a hill slope which is located in the South-East or South-West side;
  • the altitude Alpine slides should be commensurate of its area;
  • be sure to arrange the drainage system. For this purpose the top layer of soil shall be removed to a depth of not less than 25 cm Hole covered with gravel or slag, which forms a drainage layer;
  • soil for planting shall be fertile. This removed the wound the earth must be mixed with clay and fertilizer;
  • large stones are best to place in the center and small on the perimeter;
  • don’t ignore the weeds, they must be timely and immediately remove. For this conduct manual weeding or the weeds are treated with special solutions of the herbicide.

Plants and flowers for the Alpine slide

Conclusion ↑

Alpine gardens need care and correct approach to the arrangement. Only in this way, Alpine slide will delight you and your loved ones with beautiful flowers almost all year round. Don’t be afraid to show imagination, sometimes the results can be surprisingly pleasant.

Detailed video tutorial on creating the rockery you can see in the video

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