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Repair benzonase their hands: analysis of malfunctions and methods of their elimination

Repair benzonase their hands: analysis of malfunctions and methods of their elimination

Benzonase is one of the main tools of the cottager used to quickly adapt the land in order. Acquire this instrument for mowing grass on private site and the owners of private houses. The period of active use benzols and electric trimmers summer time. Before operating the tool is shown in working condition: lubricated friction parts, changing the cutting headset, is poured into the tank the fuel mixture. If the engine does not start or fast stop without gaining sufficient momentum, you have to find the root cause and eliminate the detected faults. To carry out repairs benzonase their hands, it is necessary to understand its structure and working principle of main components. This information can be found in the instruction manual, which the manufacturer applies to the garden equipment mandatory. Check this guide to buying a chainsaw. The import tool must be accompanied by a user manual written in Russian.

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How does domestic brushcutters?

Long tubular rod is attached to the reducer of two-stroke internal combustion engine. Inside the bar is the shaft that transmits torque from the petrol engine to the cutting mechanism. Fishing line or the knives rotate with a frequency of from 10000 to 13000 rpm. In the protective housing is provided having openings, in which a syringe is injected the grease. For ease of use of the tool manufacturer equips its special adjustable strap, toss over the shoulder.

Bentoquatam attached to the cutting headset:

  • Fishing line, thickness of which varies from 1.6 to 3 mm, located in the trimmer head. While mowing grass the fishing line is subjected to wear. Replace the line is quick and easy in two ways: by winding the fishing line of the same diameter on the bobbin or by installing a new spool already spooled with fishing line.
  • Steel knives with double-sided sharpening benzols to cleanse the area from weeds, small shrubs, coarse grasses. Knives can be distinguished by shape and number of cutting surfaces.

On a U-shaped, D-shaped or T-shaped handle attached to the rod, positioned controls benzoxazol. The cutting mechanism is shielded with a special cover. Made of household leather accessories with a mixture prepared from gasoline and oil, which is poured into the fuel tank. The device is semi-professional and domestic brushcutters equipped with a four-time a petrol engine is slightly different. Diagram of the filling is also different: the oil is poured into the crankcase and gasoline in the tank.

Filling the fishing line to the spool

A measured piece of twine is folded so that one end was longer than the second 15 cm Loop set up in the slot on the reel and begin to wind in the direction shown by arrow

What to do if you do not start the engine?

If you are unable to make benzols, the first thing you need to check the presence of fuel in the tank and its quality. For the filling tool it is recommended to use high-quality gasoline purchased at gas stations, the brand which should not be below a-92. Savings on cheap fuel can cause damage to the cylinder group, the repair, which can take a third of the cost of most trimmers. No less important is to properly prepare the fuel mixture of gasoline and oil. The proportion of these components of the mixture specified by the manufacturer in the manual. It is not necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in large volumes, since long storage lose its properties. It is better to use freshly prepared mixture.

Preparation of the fuel mixture

In the preparation of the fuel mixture pour oil into gasoline using a medical syringe to accurately comply with the required proportion of the components

Contaminated fuel filter in the tank may prevent the engine benzonase. Therefore, if you encounter problems starting the motor check the condition of the filter. If necessary, replace filter. The incoming pipe is prohibited to leave without the fuel filter.

Also check the needs and air filter. If contaminated item is removed in the field, washed in petrol and put back on. At the cottage or home the filter can be rinsed in water, using detergent. After that, the filter propulsives, pressed and dried. The dried filter moistened with a small amount of oil used to prepare fuel mixture. Excess oil is removed by compressing the filter with your hands. Then detail is set in place. Beveled lid is put back and screwed.

Installation washed the air filter in place

Air filter, flushed the fuel mixture, pressed and dried, set in place in the plastic box and close the lid

How is this procedure in more detail you can see in the video:

If all the above treatments carried out, and the engine does not start, then adjust the idle speed, turning the screw of the carburettor. In the video, posted at the beginning of the article, the issue has received attention.

Tips for quick start units

So, in order:

  1. Tool put on its side so that the air filter was at the top. With this arrangement, the chainsaw is provided the ingress of the fuel mixture accurately to the bottom of the carb. The first attempt will start the engine if you before you start remove the air filter and poured in the carb a few drops of the mixture, then install the disassembled parts back in place. Method proven.
  2. If the first tip does not work, then most likely the problem is the spark plug. In this case, remove the glow plug and check its efficiency and dry the combustion chamber. Candle, signs of life, replace new.
  3. If the spark plug is in good condition, filters clean and fuel mixture is fresh, you can use universal method of starting the engine. Close the choke the carburetor and pull the starter handle once. Then open the choke and pull the starter 2-3 times. Repeat the procedure three to five times. The engine will start.

Some with more power to pull the handle that you have to repair starter benzonase their hands. This is only possible in case of an impulse of a cable breakage or cable handle. In other cases, it is recommended to replace the starter. This unit is sold in fee.

How to replace the spark plug?

The procedure works the following:

  • Stop the engine and wait until it cools down.
  • Disconnect high voltage wire from the spark plug.
  • Remove the part using a special key.
  • Inspect the spark plug to replace. Detail changing, if it is faulty, very dirty, has a crack on the case.
  • Check the gap between the electrodes. Its value should be 0.6 mm.
  • A new candle is inserted into the engine, tighten the key.
  • Guide install high-voltage wire to the Central electrode of a candle.

As you can see, nothing complicated in this procedure, no.

New spark plug for the engine benzonase

New spark plug for two-stroke gasoline combustion engine of a braid is installed to replace the old parts from the failed

Why benzonase stalls after starting?

After starting the motor can stall in the event, if properly tuned carb or it disajustment. On what grounds can understand that the reason really is it? Very simple, the vibrations which are distinctly felt when benzokolonki. To hold adjustment of fuel you can with your hands, doing all that is written in the instruction manual of the instrument.

The motor can stall because of a clogged fuel valve. The reason is eliminated by his tassel. If benzonase start, and then abruptly stalled, then, hampered the fuel supply to the carb. Loosen the valves of the carburetor to provide easy fuel to it in the right quantity.

If excessive air suction also may stall the engine. Start rpm of the engine to the air bubbles came out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Even verifying the integrity of the standpipe hose. In the case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.), replace the part.

How to clean and store the tool?

During operation benzonase follow the state of the engine cooling system. Channels available in the starter housing and ribs of the cylinder, should always be clean. If you ignore this requirement and continue to operate motokazu it is possible to withdraw the motor from burning out due to overheating.

Care brushcutters during operation

Proper care petrol scythe in the period of operation allows the use of several seasons without a major repair

Before cleaning allow the engine to cool. Take a brush with soft bristles and clean the outer surface. Cleaning of plastic parts is produced by solvents, including kerosene, or special detergent.

After the summer season benzonase should be prepared for long-term storage. This tank is drained fuel mixture. Then start the motor in order to develop a residue of fuel in the carb. The whole tool is well cleaned of contaminants and sent to «hibernation».

As you can see, to repair the faults of home benzonase can be completely on their own. In service should apply in the case of serious breakdowns. Thus it is necessary to relate the cost of repairs with the price of new benzonase. Perhaps it will be better to buy a new tool.

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